World of Warships: Yamato SMASHES in Ranked Battles

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Season 10 of Ranked Battles is now live and we brought the out to get some games in and hit some ships hard and the did just that! I think the is going to be one of the stronger battleships this season and this game sure showed its strengths.


  1. Gotta love it when you get a game where the other team is always broadside by chance, and they don’t work together…

  2. Yammy is my favorite ship next to Republic and sharnhorst

  3. 40k damage on the Des Moines .. the Emperor approves!

  4. been playing Yamato(not very well) hehe… .des moines and gearing…. up to 12 now,, will make a push for 10, then we see how it goes. normally don’t try to go higher than 10 that’s about where my skill level is at.

  5. Any chance that you will play the Missouri with the new credit flags? The value of the Missouri just keeps going up every patch…i hope wg would re-release her.

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