World of Warships Yamato Space Battleship & Galaxy Star Cruiser Gameplay!

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World of Warships – Space Battleship Yamato & Galaxy Cruiser
WOWS Space Battleships – Tier XXX April Fools Joke 2015

About the Space Battles:
For a short period of time, we’re gifting all of our current Beta Test members with five tier XXX space themed ships: Flyfire, Galaxy, Enterprice, Zaya, and Yamato. Simply select one of these ships and enter the queue to access the space themed map!

We hope you enjoy blasting off to adventure in the uncharted reaches of distant space. As an added bonus, after the event ends and we remove the ships from your accounts, you’ll get to keep all five of the empty Port slots!

Event Starts: Saturday, April 11 at 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)
Event Stops: Tuesday, April 14 at 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)

Thanks for watching!


  1. A Space Battleship Yamato game would actually be amazing.

  2. Can you toggle on the map the range of your AA guns and the like?

  3. Legionaryeagle England

    Baron…are you doing some USSR ships ??

  4. Uchuu senkan yamato!!!!

  5. starblazers

  6. Now i want a game where all the space battleships, crusiers and so on from
    every scifi universe ever, just fuck each other up. Heads up for super star
    destroyer kicking some fantasy ass

  7. I think the enterprise should be the Blue Noah.

  8. Yo baron is this game on steam yet ? 

  9. Yamato, hashin!

  10. Two of the craziest torpedo dodges ever!

  11. wow that game is awsome but i can’t play that T-T

  12. Regular World of Warships instead of space battles. Thx

  13. The Zaya looks like it’s from the Fleet of Fog, got gotta love that anime.

  14. It’s not Yaw-mah-toe
    It’s Ya-mod-oh

  15. Estion Terrariagaming

    BARON !!! can you please do a custom battle where it is a smk versus 30
    t-60’s PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you do this?

  16. OnOneGaming/BlackSails57

    Yo if you get some spare time stop by NY channel and check my videos

  17. show some shimakaze destroyer action next

  18. It’s funny to see those rounds arc around. Because gravity in space doesn’t
    apply up down. LOL

  19. Keep an eye on your speeds, you weren’t full speed for a lot of the match.
    I think you could have maneuvered a lot quicker had you been at full when
    dodging. Love the vids and wake up every day to watch them first thing….
    Then eat lol. 

  20. Hey baron can you do a enterprise gameplay video? 

  21. zaya’s from archipelago of blue steel :)

  22. The purpose of the space battles is actually to gather data on tier 10
    matches without forcing players to grind for it. There’s been more players
    in space battles all day than any other battle. And we all get 5 free
    I’m honestly shocked I haven’t run into you yet baron, you can find me as
    Sledgehammer427. Keep up the awesome video man. 

  23. WT or WoT needs to make a space groundforces with battles on the Moon or on

  24. Looks so cool just don’t like the blue lines

  25. Y is there space battles? Isn’t it warSHIPS?

  26. Space is a vacuum remember lol 

  27. ITS A TRAP

  28. I want ships in war thunder so bad

  29. cant see why you would play world of warships, the game concept is boring..
    i wouldn’t waste a penny on it. its shallow, empty and the same thing over
    and over again. I suppose its ok for a month or so, but seems the game
    appeals to the low end of the gaming spectrum of players. hence the stupid
    space map. wargaming y u so silly

  30. What am I gonna do about it? Walk up to wargamings HQ and smack the person
    who’s bright idea it was to make this April fools joke

  31. Now this… this right here, this needs to be a permanent feature.

  32. Baron, just saying, those are most likely ion propelled and triggered
    torpedii c:

  33. Justin Vandenhouten

    Does anyone know how to get war thunder I can’t find it at all it would be
    appreciated if you told me 

  34. if this was a permanent game mode i would legitimately stop waiting for war
    thunder ships and play this game… but i’m patent and this sint.

  35. This is just my opinion, but I find World of Warships very boring to play
    and to watch, even on other gaming channels. Its just that there is pretty
    much no action, or is very rare, and its not like the heart-pounding action
    that War Thunder gives you. And there is little to no variation to the
    vehicles. Like in War Thunder you have the Su-122 or the Maus or other
    tanks that have some really cool designs or something unique, and with the
    planes like the B-15 or B-52 or the Jelly Welly or the Mig series, they ALL
    have unique things about them. For these ships, its just turrets and speed
    or class that make it unique. Baron, please give me your thoughts and/or
    opinions about it.

    Dork Squared gaming.

  36. you’d figure that future technology would would lower fixing repairs and
    reload rate

  37. baron can you play whit the enterprise

  38. okay NOW this game has my attention haha !

  39. Bloody brilliant m8 o7

  40. 20 bucks says next years April Fools is either gonna be an arpeggio of blue
    steel or kantai thing. Fingers crossed for Arpeggio.

  41. I make free intro templates u should check them out

  42. jaghatarhortuben lolfyhj


  43. Why is this called world of warships

  44. If Wargaming has the time and resources to do this, then TAKE IT OUT OF

  45. I tried it but I didn’t like it because there was no Wave Motion Gun to
    fire on the Yamato :(

  46. Why don’t they keep this stuff in the game.

    *Slightly cries*

  47. Moneyman2929 Gta 5

    Use the enterprize



  50. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    play the enterpirze plz

  51. No wave motion cannon? Thats not Yamato!

  52. Wow you really suck today

  53. have you heard about the anime series Space Battleship Yamato (also known
    as Star Blazers) ? amazing series

  54. Alexander Åström

    How do you access the beta?

  55. I love your videos, but I dont get why the volume on your voice is so
    goddamn loud o_0 Full volume videos on other channels are just fine, I have
    to turn you down 90% >.< Deafness ftl :(

  56. It’d be comedy gold if they had a Death Star in the background XD

  57. Wargaming is a thief! This map, and idea was stolled from star conflict!!!!

  58. well baron the conquer of the sea future darth vader of the space all i can
    say is keep it up…hope i stumble you on the game or we can play with you

  59. Space Yamato = Shogun Battleship from C&C Red Alert 3

  60. dyd you dont kidding me battleships in galaxy :D

  61. They could have done the anime ship and I would have rocked it 

  62. Which ship has the best torpedos in the game for now?

  63. I want an functional Wave Motion gun!

  64. wish they modeled it after the actual space battleship yamato. The anime
    only had one big thruster in the back instead of like 4. And the fighters
    should be modeled after the fighter too. That would be an amazing tribute

  65. Look fun but where is the epic space battleship Yamato music go?


  67. How do you get a key to play this game?

  68. 1st Comment Bitches !!

  69. Love it the idea is amazing and the way they use part already in game and
    adapts them to use for this

  70. Yamato in the space = Thunderstrike = Boum!!!!!!!!!!

  71. The actual Space Battleship Yamato and Galaxy Cruiser are awesome…

  72. Do you think this was a better (albeit belated) April Fools than War
    Thunder’s ST-1 and Unrealistic Battles? What’s your favorite ship…the
    Zaya, Galaxy, FlyFire, Space Battleship Yamato or Enterprice carrier?

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