World of Warships: Yamato – Well Played Ranked Match

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Ranked Season 9 gave me this great Yamato match. I hope you enjoy.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato in a ranked match.

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  1. Congratulations on becoming a host, Aerroon. i’ll be listening. I’m a subscriber and have found your thoughtful insights have been very helpful.

  2. LoL u are alive!!!!!!1

  3. Yay he is back! Hope to see many more clips coming 😉

  4. Aeroon is back 😀

  5. Re-Class Battleship


  6. I‘m a simple man, I see Aeroon, I press like;)

    Also seems you‘ve hit the octagon turret-citadel of the yama twice in a row, deadly aim :p

  7. heard the announcement on the last podcast and looking forward to hearing more of your views , congrats 🙂

  8. what is the health pool mod?

  9. Congratulations on the host thing.
    I am too agressive when I play Yamato >_<

  10. Is it Right that you dont have a Camo for your Yama? but why?!

  11. andreas pedersen

    Good to see u again!
    Just reached rank 1 in my conqueror, which is mostly speced for taking damage… fire prevention.. J-O-A-T… Superintendent… Usually i ended up With a dreadnaught/fireproof/unsinkable… or dead 🙂

  12. Dat kurfurst turret penetrations, dozen of shell eaten by her without damage.
    Upd.: Full zao gets one shoted volleyd. Detonations fixed, thx WG.

  13. Good to see u back, however this is not a good play, rank is similar to clan battle but u focus too much on your own survival instead of positioning and support to team, u win because u change your play in the middle of the game, but u should always be using that method at the very first. Your play style at the first half is one of the unwanted thing in rank battle, if this happens in Asia server, the game will go down immediately.

    • The point of doing this is precisely to change the way you play in the middle. You can’t be over aggressive, especially at the start. You need somebody to finish off the game too. You obviously fit your play to what’s happening with both teams.

  14. can you do a vid of the musashi?

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Still need 2 girls for haifuri collection Had 5 before your “break” Aerron God Fukin Dammit xD

  16. Destroyer Inazuma

    GG well played

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