World of Warships: Yashima – Super Yamato [WIP]

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Yashima is being tested right now. She’s basically super Yamato. Yashima is still WIP she was given to me by Wargaming for review purposes.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yashima on the map Trap.


  1. It should be coal ship. I hope she won’t be popular and wg exchange her for coal

  2. The Sea graphic is awesome
    What do you use mod for water?

  3. Off topic, I was wondering if 130 mm guns can pen armor that 128mm cant?

    • With HE? Yes. 130mm can pen 21mm, while 128mm can’t. Gearing has an armor plate in the middle of the ship that’s 21mm for example.
      This is simple to find out by the way: take the caliber and divide it by 6 then round it and this number has to be 1 bigger than the armor you want to penetrate.
      Eg 130 / 6 = 21.66666, which rounds to 22. 22 > 21, so you can pen 21mm. 128 / 6 = 21.3333, which rounds to 21. 21 > 20, so this can pen 20mm.

    • @Aerroon which will change btw in the next patch to be larger than or EQUAL which will make 128 pen 21 mm armor

  4. So its firing flying torpedoes pretty much lol

  5. The third match’s other Yashima was Twannieboy another WOWS Youtuber.

  6. The other Yashima was Twannieboy. His youtube can be found here:

  7. Quite off topic but I’ve always wondered what voice mod you use, if its a mod for starters because I haven’t heard the same from all the voices in the vanilla game

  8. “Ohio gozaimasu” killed me… 😂

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Heh Ohio vs Yashima
    is give or take Montana vs Yamato with bigger sticks.

  10. Aerroon is the kinda guy to put Yamamoto on a ship that can’t earn achievements 😀

  11. Yashima will probably be obtained through steel. Steel is something I never have and never will.

  12. I’d rather they add more sister ships in game than just paper ships

    • Maybe they add Ise class BBs and true light armor Japanese ship line and not that fake premium coffinship… Yahagi… shit that..

  13. I’m still trying to understand why they thought Smolensk was a good idea. Nice vid.

    • I think they just went a bit overboard with the ship. I think they added one thing too many to the ship (good ballistics, smoke), while at the same time one of the weaknesses of the ship turned out to be an advantage – the armor.

  14. Does this mean we’ll get H44

  15. This feels like a RB ship. It’s a worse Yamato for 30,000 steel.

  16. Me: Add the Shinano!

    WG: *add Yashima*


  17. Because In wargaming we don’t believe in customer’s satisfaction, we believe in money, pools of money.

  18. “Yamato will forever have the biggest guns in the game” -WG 2015

  19. RearAdmiralBIGCORE


  20. Damn I jumped to 4:10 thought WOW this ship is really fast and fires like a machine gun……. hahah 😉

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