World of Warships – Year 2016 in World of Warships

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Join us as we look back at what we’ve been through together during the past twelve months in Warships – enjoy the “2016 on the high seas” recap!

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  1. remove standard battle in the game it’s the least fun game mode and buff
    USN cruisers specifically the New Orleans and Baltimore

  2. UGHH
    *must* *download* *WoWS*

  3. It’s good game but, there isn’t 1 important thing… Italian tech tree ! So
    this year please make it

  4. Giorgos Chatziioannou (Lezantas)

    and best of all, you did not forget to fuck EU server at every chance this
    year too <3
    tell your retarded staff from Paris that this is not over, every misstep
    they do, we will welcome it the same way as we did with their "generocity"
    during xmas.

    happy new year, though its up to you if you will enjoy it ;)

  5. Why do you don’t make World of warships on xbox one ? There is World of
    Tanks on Pc, Xbox and smartphone, why not world of warships ?

  6. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Wows is Soo much better than wot. Like, I’m a new player and get in my T4
    light tank and meet T7 and even T8 Heavies? Well of course i don’t last
    even a minute. That’s very very rarely happened in wows, probably never
    happened. Keep it going guys..

  7. Pls remove DD aim mod!

  8. Yes, hottest year because of all the polluting smoke that came out of our
    ships the whole year…

  9. Dear Wargaming,
    please fix tier 5 matchmaking.
    Sincerely, a tier 5 sealclubber.

  10. Mercy for potato user ?

  11. Happy new year guys! :D


  13. who could dislike this video, stories like wargaming developing games are
    just cool

  14. Can arpeggio ships in WOWS please shoot lasers (only graphic effekts)?

  15. 8.5 million players, and almost all of them sucks.. “Almost”

  16. and I still need to download atleast 10 GB of it

  17. I was with you till you said you ‘improved match making for all tiers’ T5
    calls bullshit on that.

  18. when will the ranked battle be this year?

  19. I need bigger maps ,higher tier like 11,12,13 weather effect ,bigger waves
    on storms this game need a lot of things instead they bring a new line of
    russian vodka

  20. great year thx.
    can you pls do some kind of WOWS on android? pls.

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