World of Warships Year in Review and Top Five Premiums of 2018

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It’s time for a look back at the highs and lows of World of Warships during 2018 along with the top five premiums released this year. We saw changes and new lines, new game modes and crazy reward ships. What were your top moments?

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  1. I’m with you on Big Mamie. I adore mine. I even got the B version and I use both often. I’m currently saving up for the Jean Bart with coal. Wish I could get the Stalingrad but I don’t play clan battles and I don’t have enough snowflakes for them

  2. Given the announcement of british CV’s i think the one premium we should see is HMS Ark Royal, its just such an obvious candidate for a premium, not to mention with HMS Essex having been announced im banking on HMS Dorsetshire being revealed too

    • It doesn’t help WG are taking out the T5,7,9 CV’s so you’ll only have the T4,6,8,10s

    • That’s not a permanent situation. I am sure HMS Ark Royal will be in game within a year.

    • For what it’s worth, the one problem I see with premium carriers in the rework is that the carrier ships themselves seem barely irrelevant. It seems like carriers could work at this point as nothing more than an off map resource.

      Having said that, I agree that the HMS Ark Royal is an incredibly obvious choice for an RN premium CV.

    • +crucisnh I would agree that the CV could and maybe should be off map. But if it is, the plane limit should be reimposed. When your ship is sunk, you become a spectator. From what I have seen from the rework, CV’s look pretty cool. This is a ships game, and planes are the weapon of the CV. They are rightfully doing their best to avoid becoming World of Warplanes in Ships. I just wish I could have played the reworked CV’s on the TST server, but I couldn’t install it for some reason.

      I’m pulling for the Ark Royal too!

  3. Good picks. Just got Stalingrad… she’s a monster. The steel inflation is problematic and I think you’re only going to see more steel inflation because there are too many ships behind the steel wall now, and they want to put a couple more back there… so unless they pull some of those ships out from behind the wall (another controversial move if it were to happen) there will soon be too many back there.

    Looking forward to 2019. There will be plenty of goods and bad things this coming year…(CV rework and submarines being two of them) and hopefully lots more content. 2019 should be the year of the new player, adding tutorials and other things to help grow the player base… but WGing doesn’t usually make entry level stuff… so we’ll see.

    • I recently got my Stalingrad as well and she is def a monster. We will have to see how they handle the inflation of steel. I kind of enjoyed the system of only super rare being back there and then a majority of ships being available for coal or free xp.

  4. Thanks for all the videos this year Zoup. The Massachusetts looks like the most fun to play.

  5. So many ships sailing backwards. No wonder passive gameplay is ruining the game, all you ever show in your battleship and cruiser videos is bow-forward or reversing gameplay.

    • It’s not that ships are sailing backwards. The problem is the overmatching/autobounce mechanic. It encourages bow tanking. Some complain that removing autobounce would somehow prevent ships from pushing, to which I call BS. Just make your approaches at angles, instead of directly bow on. Problem solved, for the most part. Force ships to use (and angle) their forward citadel bulkhead armor to protect their bow, rather than a ridiculous autobounce mechanic where tinfoil bow armor works better than multiple inches of bulkhead armor.

    • Correct, I agree. It’s a game mechanic that encourages a playstyle and rewards it with less damage taken. Yes, the basics of it make some kind of sense, but when the players (all of us) figure out the mechanics we’ll use and abuse them really hard. I’m no exception to this, but I’m not a reverse-sailing bow-tanking island-firing cruiser player. I’ve had moments where I was in a cruiser not known for having good armor yet was able to go bow-forward and survive a battleship’s short-range shots. It seems as though overmatch plays a bigger part in determining penetration of armor rather than muzzle velocity and armor penetration itself.

    • It’s more then just the game mechanics… Warships is a “team” play game, only it’s a team play game that has no team captain or leader, and a real lack of understanding of basic tactics for the game very little understanding by the player base of the concept of time and distance, and a very erroneous and mistaken belief that a player can go pull a hero play and kill and entire opposing team by them selves (ala World of Tanks). Players that don’t understand that they need to use all of what their ships have and can do to consistently win. This games worst issues are not the ships, or the mechanics of play, or it’s reward systems and econ, it’s the players themselves.

      The game is freak’n awesome!

    • +Terrance Roff that’s exactly why I like playing in a division rather than solo. At least there is some form of teamwork that way.

  6. Just give me Spaghetti Meatball cruisers already. 🙁

    • Yes looking forward to the Italian cruisers too, hoping heavy cruiser Trento will be in the game.

    • Spaghetti: yes, Meatballs: may be: but please NEVER mix them up: any italian would punch you in the face harder then when you mention Pizza and Pinapples!!!!

    • You will have to wait till year end (2019) for Italian cruisers. They announced somewhere – British cv then Soviet bb then Italian cruiser line.

  7. Madaz75
    SEA Server..

    What do i want to see in 2019?
    How about a T7 Commonwealth Heavy Cruiser ‘HMAS Canberra’ or a T6 USN Heavy Cruiser ‘USS Houston’

    But I’ll settle for a Revision of some of your Reviews of the older Premiums.
    Especially since there’s been some major changes to the game since many were previously reviewed. Removal of Stealth Firing, Commander Skill Revamp, Smoke Firing Penalty, and soon The Carrier Rework.

  8. Personally, I’d have stuck the Stalingrad at the bottom of the list and reserved the top spots for premiums that were on the list for positive reasons, not for their controversy.

    • A troll ship for troll players.

    • +nnnn11112 You can get away with it in other cruisers with better mobility and maneuverability. Not in Stalingrad… Hindenburg and battleship HE also counter stalin.. They both pen 50mm armor. Its not the end all be all and not all of the top clans run them. It is not a direct replacement for moskva, considering you loose the DPM and hydro that moskva offers… If youve played both, you’d understand

    • +Supercharged1110
      >You can get away with it in other cruisers with better mobility and maneuverability
      H… Have you actually played high tiers at all? Wooster may have a bullshit citadel but dude, no fucking high tier cruiser CAN BOUNCE BB SHELLS LIKE STALINGRAD.
      >Its not the end all be all and not all of the top clans run them.
      But… but they fucking do. They literally fucking do.
      >considering you loose the DPM
      By this then Woocester is better than DM right? You loose DPM that DM has! Yueyang won’t be used as much as Gearing! OH WAIT DPM DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER IN A GAME THAT DOESN’T NEED IT!
      Yes, Hydro is really fucking useless in clan battles.
      Like extremely so.
      To the point that it’s only there if you don’t know where the other destroyer is.
      Even though Stalingrad also has a 11.5km Radar.
      So fucking useful right?
      Okay but lets use your own fucking argument against you. Stalingrad has better HE and AP DPM than any battleship. What now? They still counter it right?????

    • +nnnn11112 Uh yes I play high tier… I own Stalingrad… And I understand its weaknesses.. I exploit them when playing against them. It has a huge 25mm nose on its bow that is larger than Moskva’s.. It takes more AP damage then Moskva because of this.. Hydro is extremely useful in CB.. If your team cant manage to counter play against stalingrad, maybe you guys need to rethink your strategy. Its a tanky cruiser, but its still a CRUISER and cannot withstand prolonged HE focus like a battleship can. BB HE alpha wrecks Stalin as do Henri and Hindy. All the top teams play those as well.. Its not invincible like you think it is… Like i said, if you ever have the chance to play it, you’ll see what I mean..But who am I, I dont know anything…

    • Kronshadt has the highest w/r of any T9 “cruiser” and is available to the general population. The Stalingrad is significantly better than the Kron, do the math. Anything that punishes a Stalingrad punishes the fuck out of any cruiser while not requiring specific counters when played by someone half decent. Anyone saying the stalingrad is okay is a retard or purposely trying to keep their favorite pubstomper from being nerfed.

  9. My clan Hydra Den Renegades finally got enough people to play Clan Battles consistently, and we started winning a bit. We were having trouble getting out of squall league, but it has been fun and I’ve met some new people. Looking forward to USS Alaska, and maybe she will be on next year because of the extreme desire by NA players/USN fans who want her and hated the wait.

  10. Happy New Year and great vid NoZoup! I’m looking forward to the Japanese premium cruiser Yahagi coming out soon.

  11. ive got the massa B while not the massa normal, and it is definitely a very fun ship to play

  12. Honestly. you should have mentioned the premiums in two lists…. because whats good is subjective. the good list and the insane list.
    Stalingrad belongs on the insane list whereas Massachusets belongs on the good list.

    Ahh Zoup. Watching your content has always been educational and highly enjoyable. But I will level with you.
    There was only one steel ship I ever wanted… Flint. But Alas, I’ve started fostering animals like stray cats and dogs and my time to myself more or less went to zero but… to those who earned her and the others. I say this… congratulations on going through the steel wall grind.

    Other then that. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all are having a great time off with family and friends… With the year we all just finished. I think we are all entitled to a little break from life.

  13. Marcelo Tanos Martins

    Hey Zoup!!!! Thanks a million for all the hard work as a CC this year. You’ve managed to provide amazing content to the community while maintaining a clear view of what was good and what was not… I wish you an amazing 2019!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! Oh, and I wish I’m lucky and get the Massachusetts… My ingame username is Old_Blood_and_Gutz!!! See ya!

  14. Do we have to give our real names for the Massachusetts giveaway?

  15. Steel is still very hard to achieve. I do agree on the submarines though. Keep sailing to 2019! 🙂

  16. Picked up the Salem with coal. The Musashi with Freexp, am just 10k coal away from the Jean Bart and 450k Freexp from Alaska when it arrives, loved the Halloween events including Twilight battles, the consumables were just wacky, so looking forward to more scenarios and battle types in 2019! Happy New Years!!

  17. My top 3 premium ships are as follows…. Musashi, Massachusetts B, and Asashio B. Got the Musashi using coal, and the others from a black friday code from Hyf1re. The secondaries on the Mass B combined with Admiral Halsey makes it one of my all-time favorite ships in the game.

  18. I personally loved the fact that they WG gave out the Dreadnought for free in December.
    I hope they make more events like this next year.
    See you all next year!

  19. Steel available for the masses with Snowflake event ? Really Zoup ? The payout is literally MINIMAL on steel. The only use I will have is to convert it to coal. I am not long in the game, have some 2000 battles and 2 tier 10 ships. I play for about 2 years. I do think I am the average player (going by the player retention usual in the industry and game type). The Snowflake event is not meant for me as it is based on number of high-tier ships one owns. CBs were T10 so far, steel reward is for T9 and T10 silver and T8+ premium so again for the upper class of players that already have ample access to clan battles.

  20. happy new year soup! Nicely done this year! Keep it up boss!

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