World of Warships – Year Results

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2015 in review!

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  1. favorite moment is before you guys nerf Minekaze…. I miss my 10KM

  2. Bobbie1942 Toolman1234

    why in every battle is my ships are last to be launched?

  3. The best part of 2015 was the 2x weekend first dailies as opposed to the
    normal 1.5x.

  4. I love the video layout and I’m in the game which I loved it so much.
    +World of Warships

  5. You like pretty long numbers? Best moment was, when WG accidentally gave
    out over 15 million (15.000.000) free exp to 75 players (~free 2500€/$ for
    them, bad luck for the rest of the players) the last days.

  6. thanks you for madein the game wargaming is the bessssssssst

  7. my fav is when I was in the first public test and the scenario maker battle
    was available in missions. I was able to re create the battle of midway
    ,and a few other historical battles, bring that back pls,everbody loved it
    or wanted it ,, faithfully , fighting lady tatiyana

  8. cuando regresan las batallas x rango de tier 8 ?

  9. Epic Game

  10. Now that the Achievments of this game are taken care of lets speak of the
    wasted potential shall we?

  11. Hm, even Wargaming hates the ocean map. It’s not shown during the stats…

  12. Thank you :D

  13. plz counts detonation times :3

  14. World of Warships is a great game.
    But sometime i hate it. 😀 Because of the DD’s. I hope I can get ARP Myoko
    and Kongo. Pls more Missions to unlock Pemiums :D.

  15. Game modes, we need them. 12 v 12 set up and smash face gets a tad
    redundant. Attacking bases, shore bombardment, convoy escorts, anything.

  16. my favorite moment was whenever i see torpedoes coming at me, yes it sucks
    but I love the excitement it gives me seeing those torps closing in on me,
    that “oh shit” moment and that “suck it you missed me bitch!!!” moment when
    you dodged their torps

  17. controllable recon plane on CA and/or BB!!!!!!!!!!

  18. When I got my Closed Beta Access, been hooked ever since :D

  19. is this ever going to come to XBOX ?????

  20. Add another 150 planes I took down last night.

  21. Oh god please make ranked able to duo Q, I’ll never leave if this is the

  22. Harrison Abreu (Rerison)

    sdds quando tinha as legendas em português ?

  23. Great job! Now fix the god damn Japanese flag you heathen.

  24. Bring the Tirpitz back to the NA shop pretty please, I was out of the game
    for a little bit when it hit, I got out when it was concept and now I feel
    like I missed something kinda special. Good work on the Blyska from what I
    can see but DDs aren’t exactly my thing.

  25. I need more ships to unlock, I only have 3 tier 9s left to grind… Keep up
    the great progress!

  26. I’m….honestly having a bit of a hard time believing some of those
    population stats….

    But hey, if you want to go ahead and buff those stats using dead and/or
    players with multiple accounts, be my guest. =

  27. blue-lining modification

  28. Karulean TestAccount

    Thank you, developer, for bringing such a great game to us, Naval simulator
    didn’t exist for nearly many years since the last greatest title around
    2008. I’ve participated in the beta testing and over the course of CBT to
    Release, this game has never ceased to impress me. Keep up the good work!

  29. “Turrpitz”. Hurr durr.

  30. 2015 was an interesting road, hopefully 2016 brings the pain >:D. Bring it
    Wargaming. You Have the capital and manpower……bring us what you
    got….if it’s worth it….you’ll be ever so richer for it…… :3 I
    expect the best, and hopefully you can bring us the best. Happy New Year,
    good luck and as always #ActionStations

  31. Mine was when I got stronger with new tiers.

  32. RyanHong [Hongrand]

    What about the German destroyers and BB!!!!!!!

  33. Can you rework the defensive AA fire ability on the cruiser? It makes CV
    less fun to play when a click of a button just screws up or murders your
    entire squadron with ease.
    Why is WG making CV more and more horrid and less enjoyable to play?

    Also remove Cleveland from tier 6, ridiculous ship to be in low tier.

  34. 2:04, Not so sure that “complited” is accurate here

  35. been loving this game since beta, keep up the great work team 🙂
    …just don’t start souly catering to the clanners like WOT did and most of
    us will happily stay with the game ;-)

  36. 17 maps? hmmm feels like only 2 or 3 lol

  37. lots of numbers

  38. when tone class will be release? i want to buy it *sry rip english

  39. can we get the British royal navy now please

  40. Can’t wait for the Royal Navy to arrive! (not just premiums ).

  41. Err… Can I get that 2015 logo as a ship?

  42. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    This game has advanced so far from when I started in the closed beta…
    When Japanese carriers and Murica Battleships didn’t exist… The game has
    gone in a good direction and I’m happy to keep with the game. Here’s to an
    even better 2016. o7

  43. It’s my favourite game

  44. i really hope the will bring in britisch warships

  45. When I worked though to my Iowa class Battleship and my Fletcher class

  46. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    It’s nice knowing I was one of nearly 500k players who had contributed to
    the game early on. Game has become great since then. 2016 should bring
    great content to the game.

  47. This game is great. Great work devs!!!

  48. 無聊資訊

  49. Who do they get to do the voice for the trailers? He sounds like the
    narrator from the various live action Dr Seuss movies

  50. Lol “Complited”

  51. PLEASE give us the royal navy and a true BB accuracy buff. You should not
    be missing 75% of your shots at 3 km. Also, a smokescreen nerf might be in
    order. Driving a cruiser into one the other day I almost ran over the DD in
    it without ever seeing him. The spot came in at .7km. That seems a little
    bit too strong.

  52. “We made you grind for so much experience, we can’t even fit the number on
    the screen! Aren’t we great?”

  53. your welcome thanks

  54. thos are aome great numbers guys well done i love the game cant qait for
    all countrys and classes to be avaliable but most of all i am so ready for
    clan battles

  55. pleas rleas this game on consoles

  56. l have 1 request do NOT add gold ammo or similar type of Pay to win
    elements to the game

  57. My favourite moment was totaly stealth carrier sinking everybody in the
    team, still marked on the mini map…


  59. please ad support for wide screen gaming, it currently sorta works, but you
    cant get into a division unless you use a more abundant resolution. I use

  60. je suis fier de faire partir des veterans

    sur le mode coop

  61. if this is anything to go by, buff carriers and planes

  62. normal que halla tanta gente si es la ostia ?

  63. How about telling us the true statistics? 6.239.298 registered accounts
    don’t mean the same amount of active players..

  64. How about telling us the true statistics? 6.239.298 registered accounts
    don’t mean the same amount of active players..

  65. So when can we see a full tech tree for the Royal Navy, eh? Gotta appeal to
    your largest audience.

  66. im surprised you didnt put the total of how much money you made, because
    that’s what it seems to be about…

  67. Oh shit we accidentally took out one seventh of the worlds
    population(@100000000 fighter pilots were shot down):D

  68. I just can’t wait until the German and British battleships are released.
    The derp will be real.

  69. Cool. When is clan wars coming?

  70. Yamato 大和-改 A150b

    blind detonated a Tirpitz with my Yamato

  71. When I won a tirpitz on twitch from Torpedosfortroops. Thanks WG for
    supporting such a good cause.

  72. I’m glad I was able to participate in the closed beta

  73. Yovanny Patricio Marcelo Medrano

    reduce cost of repair ships tier 8,9 y 10

  74. Yovanny Patricio Marcelo Medrano

    reduce cost of repair

  75. I am glad I participated in WoWS.

  76. FIRST!!!!!

  77. What was your favorite moment in World of Warships in 2015?

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