World of Warships – Yes We Can!

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I’m sure that’s a political slogan but who gives a damn? Teamwork lives! LONG LIVE TEAMWORK! Swing by the stream and say hello!


  1. It was hillarious when I citadeled and killed a svieltana before blowing up
    using a new york whilst 3 battleships, 2 carriers, 5 cruisers and a
    destoyer trying to kill me.

  2. nice game play and commentary and very interesting comments on how team
    play can occur/emerge in random battles ty!

  3. very nice game, very nice teamwork! … this is way more rewarding that
    high score.

  4. Hallo Biz, i think the Teamplay and the Captain have too be good than u are
    in every ship good also in the Fuso. =)
    Great Vid and great Teamplay.
    ~Sir Gucci
    (only a wish: overview from the Kawachi)

  5. Funny how schors does at T7 what 155 mogami does at T8 and it was nerfed
    out of relevance.
    Feel the bias…

  6. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    the 10 to 13mm armor fix on Kirov is actually quite significant. Overmatch
    threshold gets bumped from 143 to 185mm so that means Kirov can now resist
    its own guns as well as other 150/152mm guns from German and American
    cruisers when being heavily angled.

    I still dislike the Kirov though. The guns are great but the armor is so
    shitty it just doesn’t suit my get close-get personal playstyle.

    Oh, and I hate the Shchors too lol. I feel the 152mm guns are getting
    underpowered at this tier and the armor is just as awful as the Kirov.

  7. The 2nd game is the only one I watched on your stream that night. what a
    great game! Making me thinking “does he have this type of game all the
    time?” :)

  8. Hey Bussiness, can you give me source of mod you are using? I was looking
    for it, but couldn´t find anything that would work. :)

  9. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Thx, nice Video!
    Noone can convince me that Svet is really doing 27 knots tho…she looks so
    slow…something must be broken 😀

    Oh, and regarding the captimer, i have that one too…is that one also
    bugged? You mention it when it is around 130-140 (sec. left i blieve) and
    all the time 3 ships are in cap. it is around 120 when fuso gets knocked
    out and it jumps to 84? capping is faster with fewer ships?

  10. those where some darn good games, looks like I need to work the Russian
    cruisers now

  11. Ah the Svietlana. Lots of guns, makes alot of noise. Not much payoff. Good
    at setting fires though.

  12. just bought that new premium CV I bought it for the 30 days in the I bought
    it for the 30 days in the 50 flags it’s pretty good

  13. First?

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