World of Warships- Yet Another Crazy Event

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Hey guys! Today we go over the Pan-American Cruiser early access event! Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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  1. This event is a good opportunity to pick up some extra flags (one of the purchase options), don’t recommend spending the tokens on anything else though… don’t spend dubs on it either. IF you have a massive stack of free xp the bundles you can spend free xp on are not a terrible thing to spend them on.

  2. The fact these early access events keep coming back means people are obviously throwing A LOT of money at them.. just to play a free ship slightly earlier.

    • Perhaps. But inertia is a constant problem with business. Once you set yourself on a course it is hard to change. Internally people resist it. Certainly the ones who convinced their bosses that this tactic was a money maker are not going to readily admit they were wrong. And others are unlikely to suggest their NEW event ideas when they see the pressure those who proposed the current schemes are under to make them generate coin. While there will always be whales who must have the newest thing the moment it drops I know few who are even willing to even GRIND for early access ships. Besides, how else would you introduce new Tech Tree lines in a fashion that also makes WG some profit?

    • It’s like the gambler keeps blaming the casino for the poor choices he made.

    • @LeckMichImArsch Yeah. Self-deception is quite remarkable to watch. And there is a lot of psychology involved in “F2P” games. Giving you “free” days of Premium is not a gift. It is called “Loss Aversion.” First, it motivate you to play during your free Premium lest you “waste” it. Second, it motivates you to purchase additional Premium time when it expires because you are “grinding” 50% less Credits and 65% less XP. Humans are conditioned to view Losses more significant that Gains. A gambler who bets $10 to win $100 and does will chide himself for not betting $100 to win $1000. Very similar psychology.

  3. I plan on picking up one of the Premiums, then may see what I can get out of the rest. I already have the T4 from prime, and grinding up the line means I should a usable commander by the time I get there.

  4. Yeah, if you want to get bonuses and camo for tier 10, you have to buy all ships of this line and it gives you access to tasks line where you can get these permobonus and camo for tier 10

  5. If the outcomes caps at 65, and you have 2 ships that you can get, it means the odds of getting a ship at the start is 2/65= ~3%, and 1/65 = ~1.55 % to get the ship you want, with hyperbolic odds growth rate.
    In this event, the outcomes caps at 218, this means that to get the T9 Santander you start with 1/218=~0.4% probability, and same (but slower) hyperbolic odds growth rate.
    In the first case, after 30k dubs you get 30 crates: your probability is 1/35= ~2.85%;
    in the second for 30K dubs you get about 85 crates, thus your probability of getting the Santander is now 1/133= ~0.75 %.
    Stay away.
    Edit: I also forgot to say that I’ve been considering these events as independent from each other. If you pay for 85 crates, and we consider the opening as successive events, there is ~ 36% chance that you will not get a ship and ~ 60% chance of not getting the Santander. So yeah, don’t even try.

  6. The T7 Nuevo de Julio ( got here WAY back when) is the T7 USS Boise, with her heal intact. Might be a little ticked off if WG puts her in the line and removes her Premium status. Also, IMO, this is just another Pay-to Play racket for a ‘free to play’ game.

  7. I’m doing basically like you said. just getting the free ships from the tokens, I figure I’ll keep the highest tier I end with and sell the rest when they go live. should make a few million for upgrades at least.

  8. Emily Carranza Calderon

    The queen of the sea event was the best I got 4 aircraft carriers. Kaga, saipan, ark royal and hornet.

  9. I got to tell you she learned. I really like the tier 5 Pan American cruiser. You should play the tier 5 Pan-American cruiser that is actually in a Argentinian warship. With German guns

  10. Ib Erik Söderblom

    I’ll bet the spreadsheets shows, that even if its a techline ship, enough people flock to pay for it, that it turns in to a good business for WG.

  11. I don’t know if it was as easy to obtain up to a Tier VII in the Japanese CL line, I have the Omono. The Pan American has combat chain to obtain the econo booster set which I think is new. Tier VII was and is a good stopping point. We have the shipyard next. What is the next new line?

  12. I think its important to note the silver cost of these ships as well. Since we don’t spend silver on them, thats saving a ton. T4-10 is roughly 45mil (with clan cost reduction). So without a clan reduction, thats probably near the 62.5mil mark that they sell in the shop for $100. You’re also getting the perma camo’s of course along with the bonus packages.

    I’m not saying it makes it worth it for me personally. I’m just saying thats an important thing to take note of as well. Yeah making silver is easy when you have blues and reds, but its still roughly 40 matches if you average 1,200,000 silver per game.

    I don’t spend the money on these, but I can understand why someone would want to. I also understand why WG does it.

  13. If you are grinding the free xp to get those bundles, you also complete most, if not all, of the missions which also give you tokens.

  14. I worked the math too. Just be happy with the T8 and buy the Admiral’s Support package for 700 tokens (you will have the tokens without paying money or FXP) and that gives you 200% extra XP on all Pan-American ships for 30 days. This should speed up the grind to T9.

  15. But it will then become available again for coal, won’t it?

  16. I am pleased at my progress in the Pan Am line at the moment. I got up to La Argentina and trying to grind for the next one up. If I could, I maybe would buy a few (no more than 5 or 10) of the dub boxes. I don’t care if I get a T9 or even the T7 and the fancy camouflages are even less of a concern for me.

  17. Battlepass gives you a free tier 8 Pan Am ship. Then there is a mission that gives you a economic bonus for the tier 9. Grind the Tier 8 (about 10 missions w/blue economic ship xp) to get the tier 9. Wait for the ships to go live and another 10 or so missions with the blues and the ship bonuses and you should have the tier 10. Use the tokens you get from weekly battles for coin and flags. Save your FXP and coal.

  18. You do get a discount for buying the free xp all at once, so it’s 1.554M and not 1.9, making it a fair bit easier to get.

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