World of Warships- Yet Another Event Scam? Or Is It Actually Decent

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at yet ANOTHER event going live in the armory, the Legendary Commander Supplies event, and discuss it. Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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  1. aleksandar maksic

    Honestly this one is pretty decent, I have a lot of FXP, I spent 675k and I amstill left with 3 milion, I got both DOY and Lazo, alred had Anshan. Its pretty decent of an event.
    Edit its 950.000 FXP to get everithing if you bu it all at once and get 10% discount

  2. This was superb. Spent about 200k freexp on my account even though I have all the ships and got 15 million credits for the Duke plus a shedload of other good stuff. Well worth it. My son got the Duke and Anshan on his account for about the same amount of free xp. Big thumbs up especially considering getting free xp is a doddle with all the boosters.

  3. This was a good way use free xp if you don’t use it alot. For a normal player who has gotten alot of the lines it was nice and if you had all the ships it was a good credit boost

    • Not really. You were better off saving the fxp and using it to reset lines for RB to get ohio or Slava or really any of the other rb ships

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      Yeah the first good and only thing wg did without using greedy tokens or doubloon scams

  4. Worth it for me! I actually like playing the lines i reset so i don’t need lots of free exp for RB resets and since i have all 3 premium ships that is 32m credits in compensation. The extra coal, bonuses and signals are also nice.

  5. I had just over 8m free XP so I got the the lot :). Well done Wargamming for a good event for once

  6. Got all the bundles with a 10% discount. Ended up being less than 900K Free XP. With the economic bonuses, I have Free XP coming out my ears. Already had the 3 ships so got the extra credits and 3 port slots. If allowed, I’d do it again and again.

  7. Worth it for me. Was original saving for Agir and bought about half now to get DOY and Lazo. Already had Anshan before. Wondering if it is worth to get the Rest. Coal and Credits wouldn’t be that bad, cause I am still grinding the lines…

  8. I have an interesting idea for a Prussian build for maximum reload and secondary at the same time. I think this build will also work on mecklenburg too, but I have not tried it, so attempt at your own risk

    Modules: main armaments 1, FPE1, secondary mod 1, FPE 2, conceal mod 1, and then reload mod 1.

    Commander: your choice of one point and two point skill (I would take preventive maintenance and grease the gears). For 3 point skills you want to take secondary skill and AR. For 4 point skills you want to take furious, close quarters expert, and your choice of either manual secondarys or concealment expert.

    Please tell me how this build went for you!

    • It’s literally a normal build my dude. There’s not really much build variation in the game so if you think about a build, it’s likely others have tried it already.

  9. Antonis Kalakonas

    With the lack of free XP ships to use it, this event was pretty decent for me. i got all of the bundles for 950.000 FXP. Had all 3 ships offered so my credits increased by 45.000.000 + all the other goodies. I thought it was good.

  10. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    on the other hand, many of the older premium on the shop / armory should be made available for FXP now that they are not making any new FXP ships

  11. I picked up a few bundles and ended up with Lazo. Honestly I was just in it to try to score a bit more coal so I was ok with it. I had a bunch of FreeXP I didn’t have any plans for so I spend ~40k of it.

  12. This was a very good event for me, I had about 7.5 million FXP since I rarely use when re-grinding the lines or boosting commanders. So it was a no brainer for me to spend the 950,000 FXP (the -10%) and get all the bundles. Got a ton of credits since I am always short on credits since I already had the ships. The coal, flags and economic boosters is great too.

  13. For the most part I think it’s a pretty good format with the free exp instead of the “New Currency of the month”. Only main issue to me is that they removed the “Getting Doubloons for Premium ships that you already have” if it’s from earned rewards. I do get it from their standpoint as a business but for a lot of us that have played for a long time and have a vast majority of the ships it would be nice to get something of more value to us as well.

  14. WG has reached a point in which many people is getting tired of the same story every day. Giving older players, mostly, and newer ones the possibility to spend free-to-obtain resources into somewhat decent “harmless gambling” I believe it to be the right approach nowadays with the shadow of people leaving the game in the closest future over the game.

  15. I agree, this is certainly a positive step. really glad they are giving out worthwhile rewards for those who decide to use their free xp. I also appreciate what they did with the new years missions giving out perma camos and perma economic packages. Good on WG for doing this and hopefully we’ll see more events like this in the future.

  16. Good exploration of what I had assumed was just another WG scam, thanks.

  17. Nice vid Sea Lord. A good event after the convoluted Sunlit Fair. Thanks to the coal from the 20 bundles I’ve opened I’m very close now to getting the Kearsarge. Even better with the chance of a tier 7 ship for free. (already have Anshan)

  18. I don’t value Free XP too greatly so this was a great event for me. Got the Lazo and credits and port slots for the Duke of York and Anshan that I already had.

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