World of Warships- Yet ANOTHER Greedy Event

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WG once again trying to separate you from your cash with the new Tier VIII Premium German Cruiser Schill


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  1. I’ve never wanted to get a ship badly enough to do the bundle rip-off

  2. Andy, a weeb physicist

    Those containers are useless because they can only drop the Schill (2.5%) or maybe 5 blue boosters and the usual trash in the middle slot. The rest is just camos, just as Sealord said.

  3. Jakub Józefowicz

    I have got the Schill from the first container for 75 dubs, I know, I’m a lucky bastard 😉

  4. I had some dubs to spare and got it in the 5th package of 9. Against T9/10’s it needs care, the guns look good, the hydro with the mod in slot 2 and flags lasts 5 secs short of 3 mins.

  5. “Be a shill to get the schill!” The catchphrase writes itself!

  6. For a long time sequential bundles to get ships have not been worth it. Thanks Sea Lord for your honest views on this. I am interested in getting the Schill. Will wait for your review before deciding it its a ship for me.

  7. Did the coal first. Got the Schill second set of containers for dubs. Looks good in operations

  8. I was pretty lucky. I have two WOW accounts. On the first account, I received the ship on the first container. So, I decided I would only buy three on the second account. I received the ship on that account as well so I’m quite pleased with the results!!

  9. As with random bundles where if a big prize is in the first slot, might be worth, set a hard limit. There are two crates for 15k coal each and another three for slightly less dubs than can be gotten for finishing the silver ranked rewards chain. After that the price jumps massively so don’t get caught in the sunk cost fallacy. OR you really want the ship and are prepared to spend the max with possibly getting the ship early just being a bonus.

  10. Bought the 1st container, got the Schill. Took it out for a test drive, it was okay. Need to show some side for the back 3 guns (2 triple mounts) to get on target. Battle was a quasi blowout. Will need to evaluate more. Bottom line, got a Tier 8 battle cruiser for 75 doubloons, happy.

  11. The thing that kills this “event” for me (excluding the shitty container-phases) are the drops of the containers
    The only ship they can drop is Schill, in every past german event the containers used to drop like 4 ships
    And yes, these are “cruiser containers”, but we have plenty of german cruisers in game, munchen, weimar, prinz eugen, etc…

  12. Agree with you…having said that, I bought the first two bundles and got Schill in one of the two containers.

  13. Have only played Operations the last year and spend money rarely. Static BBs camping, CVs with endless planes and Subs that Hydro cant detect kinda did it for me playing in Randoms. Airplane range was always a key factor for carriers in battle and feel it should be introduced into the game. But no they camp in the back like WOT SPGs and rain death with impunity.

  14. I dropped Schill in the first container, I bought it with doubs I got from WG so all in all not bad for me

  15. You are 100% correct, buying all bundles means wasting money like the Russian government. But the first few are indeed kinda worth it, and I got lucky: I bought the first two bundles for 375 and lo and behold, the Schill dropped in the second. The first had 5,000 Dubloons so not too shabby either… First game in it was ok, not enough to say anything definite.

  16. Mike's HomeDronen FPV

    Great review my friend. It would be crazy for me or anyone else dealing with what’s going on in games today, making large digital purchases. I have World of Warships and Tanks, and I am reluctant to purchase a ship or tank from Wargaming, while experiencing a great deal of cheats, what ever it is called today. I have no control of my games because there is someone else in control. I’ve been playing for a number of years and had these issues every sense. I know that this is not in your hands , but I thought I would bring it to your attention, I’m sure that you are aware of that. Thank you so much, you are an awesome human being that loves to share your thoughts and feelings about the gaming Industry.

  17. got the schill from the first 3. Also got a Graf from the free air supply container. Today is a good day

  18. I got her for about 2.500 dubloons and 30.000 coal. It is a nice ship and is probably worth what it will cost later

  19. As I’m watching this video I bought the first two crates 375 dubs I believe I spent and acquired it, super excited because I love German cruisers thanks for the good luck sea lord lol.

  20. If you watch the auctions they have and you review the post auction results, you realize there are a lot of players who are willing to pay BIG for stuff now. I learned a long time ago that stuff is only worth what people are willing to pay. I agree with you SLM the prices have gone astronomical over the last few years for ships. However, until players slack off buying they will keep the prices high.

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