World of Warships – Yolo

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It’s the return of the Yolo Emilio. Or is it the Paolo Emiliolo? I can never tell.

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  1. Your videos always show up at ungodly hours of the morning … but I guess sleep can wait

  2. “Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.”

    – The Mighty Jingles

    Officially my favorite quote from Jingles

  3. Every new video that shows up makes me hope that someday you’ll use the title “That Sinking Feeling” Jingles.

  4. This ship looks like some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on 😆 🤣

    • “The last time I had this much fun, some furniture got broken!”

      ~ The Paolo’s captain, probably.

    • Like jingles says early on, it is incredibly fun but it’s very much either great or awful.

      Little mistakes turn a yolo run into a trade or suicide very easily, like yesterday I managed to run in and take out a balti and halland, but made the mistake of shooting the halland as my smoke went out meaning I died before getting back to cover.

      An acceptable trade imo but had I not shot the was 3 bbs who would have been my next food as they now had no cover.

    • Really….. You need to find some other hobbies lol

    • Probably with clothes off too. I need to try it

    • Flambass has a vid where 3 of them div’d up in ITA cruisers and shared smoke to charge right into the red spawn wreaking havoc as they went.

  5. Clearly that is a Yamato Battleship, Jingles cant possibly correctly identify a ship.

  6. 4:45 nearly spat my food out at how good that was.

  7. Honestly I’m mixed on the Paolo Emilio, on one hand if there are radar around it’s fucked, it will almost never get its rush off as it will just get radared and killed. On the other hand though, in battles like this, where there is no radar to stop it, the Paolo Emilio is one of the most brokenly overpowered ships in game that you can’t do ANYTHING to counter. This does come with the caveat of the Paolo Emilio player needs to know what they are doing, but most that you see playing it, at least on the NA server do.

    You want to talk about CVs having no counter play? Well how does that Monarch do anything to stop the Paolo Emilio? At least the Monarch would be able to maybe shoot down a few aircraft, but there was NOTHING he could have done. He was just food for the Paolo Emilio, there is nothing short of firing up a radar that any ship can do to even try to counter play a Paolo Emilio. Even most hydro is to short range to save you. German 6km is just enough, but just given how fast the ship is any shorter and you are basically just fucked.

    I get that’s the gimmick of the ship, but god dam is it not frustrating to see on the other team while yours has no radar, or your only radar is on the other side of the map, because let’s not forget just because your team HAS radar, doesn’t mean it will be in position to do anything about the Paolo Emilio.

    • I mean, if I were that Monarch, the least I would have done when I saw a smokescreen rush at me is NOT give it broadside.

    • Paolo Emilio was my first ship from RP , I have 3 games on her 100% wr and … 0 sunken ships , I do made average 33k dmg per game , but to have good game on that ship you need to be lucky too , I remember that one game I was in game with CV , and MF target me , in other one I was killed by Kitakaze & Daring , and third one was radar from … Brodino , I was not aware he have radar .

    • @Casper Reininga I just rewatched that bit and the Monarch literally could not have fucked that up worse if he tried. He had almost a full minute’s warning that the YOLO was coming (and a LOT longer than that just to know a DD was nearby). That is easily enough time to have HE loaded and to manoeuvre to at least try and make the DD pay for it but nope.

      Probably ran off to make a forum post about how torpedoes are OP afterwards like the rest of the people who don’t know how to use A, D or the minimap.

    • It’s not that OP honestly. There are several factors that balance the Ship
      1. Its low concealment which means enemy DDs almost always outspot you.
      2. High CD on smoke/engine boost.
      3. Horrible Range on the Torpedos of only 6km (your concealment with skills and modules is 7.1 km)

      Not to speak of if the enemy has a CV, Radar Cruiser or Hydro BBs.
      Overall, you must be very lucky to get a good match with lets say only 1 DD per side, no CV and no Radar cruiser. If all these criterias apply you will almost certainly have a good round.

  8. Sailor : Sir, there is a cloud moving at insane speed at us what shall we do.
    Captain : everyone to the liveboats save your sorry ass…
    Sailor : Yes sir !!!

  9. I’ve dumpstered sooooo many of those, I had NO idea they were that good. I knew they were fast, because you have to lead them by like a whole viewscreen when they’re flanking. But damn! That looks like fun!

    • It’s definitely fun, but it’s rare you get the opportunity to stealth torp that many ships, it’s very difficult to play well because of how risky you have to play.

    • Because it’s rare you get a tier 9 game with the enemy not having even one radar cruiser. A couple of Russian 12km radar cruisers can really ruin your day because they can be half the map away and still get you with radar.

  10. I absolutely love the look of this ship… May have to pick up the game again. But no real world purchases from me. Wargaming can suck it

  11. Man I haven’t seen “press T for stats” in chat for years. Takes me back…

  12. This ship is like a dive-bomber, a floating Stuka:
    It’s a horizontal-dive-destroyer.

  13. Love these videos you review. Makes me forget for a bit how shit Wargaming is as a company and reminds me how much I love the game.

  14. a smokescreen moving at 60knots is the very definition of an angry smokescreen!

  15. Edmond Cristian Razmerita

    15:08 I thought he was going to forget chu chu, but then he remembered, and everything was in place again xD

  16. BlackStarInitiative

    I go for a run twice a week and tour Warships upload schedule coincides almost exactly to when I finish my run. After every run I put your new video on the TV and do my warm down to your soothing voice and excellent humour. It really is wonderful.

  17. “He’s having to navigate by the mini-map.”
    Ah, radio location skill?

  18. It´s “Eye-n-tracht” and means Unity/harmony/concord.
    Dammit, he DID actually hit 60.1 knots!

    • A police radar camera behind the Island. Polic offcer pulls him up and say ” Hold on sonny who do you think you are Sterling Moss”

  19. Jingles: “Can he make 60 knots? Not quite…….”
    YOLO EMILIO: 60.1 kts achieved!

  20. “Is that Mahan smart enough to get out of that smoke screen?”

    He didn’t even equip camo … on a DD. Tells you all you need to know.

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