World of Warships – Yorck Review – Two Roles, One Ship

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Meet the Yorck, the German tier 7 cruiser, which is a single ship with two different roles and playstyles that you must mesh together. Learn what these roles are and how to get the most out of this rather unique cruiser with a rather unique playstyle. Enjoy!


  1. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Whoah the Yorck got buffed? When i tried her on the 0.5.6 test server she
    only had 700m/s AP velocity, now 900? lol i think i just sell the Pensacola
    then and grind this :D

  2. In other words,
    When the enemy’s far out you use your HE catapults to annoy them and lure
    their vengeful minds in; and when they get close enough you bring our your
    AP railguns and rattle their citadels :)

  3. Not a fan of this ship, but I played some really great games in it.

  4. Nick Ruppert (Hornet)

    I hate the Yorck. Playing it is so hard. Yet playing against it is hard as

  5. Warner Moczulski

    So its a German Pensacola/New Orleans/Indianapolis but with torps xD

  6. I think Chase just wants to say: captains pls keep your Yorck away from
    rank battles LOL

  7. so is Hydro like a towed aray? that trails the ship? like subs, or someting
    difrent? all so in in game how much more time does it give you to learn
    there are torps in the water? for the slow Battle ships, it could be a real
    boon. Does it all so let you pin point DD’s in smokke so you kill them? i
    remmber a few patchs ago the DD’s that had great consealment and good
    ranged torps was so unliked by players. but its just like any game, new
    things some along and nurff some other gear. I think radar for eg needs to
    be 40 seconds or at least 3 reload for big gurns. it does not help help
    when a shoot a this little torp sparying DD that you cant see, yet you only
    get 1 or 2 shots at best. eh, are there any ships that have hydro and radar
    on them together? I think they would give up some tonage to make this
    happen but it would be valuable to a fleet.

  8. Great game and good info. Keep them coming.

  9. Can anyone tell what is the Mod Pack that iChase recommended in a video a
    few months ago?

  10. I find the long distance AP is good at long range vs light cruisers. once
    you get into plunging fire you can get some good citadels

  11. I’m still boycotting German CA line while my Tirpitz Commander keeps
    racking xp for the future lines… I’d like to know who to bribe at WG for
    a Roon or Hindenburg tho, it would probably cost less than the amount of
    doubloons needed… lol

  12. How about showcasing some middle/bottom tier battles? Of course this ship
    would look decent because you’re surrounded by even weaker ships.

  13. “This battle wasn’t too bad.” Gets 4 kills like its no problem. Jeez dude,
    way too modest

  14. Ryan “Goz” Humphrey

    So for the captain skills, would you recommend keeping them for the tier

  15. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    huh, I tend to use my yorck in an opposite fashion that works for me chase.
    I fire AP at range, the arks don’t and flight time dont really mess with
    me, and use HE up close to deal with DD’s and sometimes heavy belt armor
    depending on what I am shooting at.

  16. I didn’t know people didn’t like the yorck I think she’s great I have lot
    of fun with her

  17. I really think AP is bugged on the Yourk. Should be almost exactly same

  18. I love my Yorck, really strong AA cruiser with AFT and the modul. Very
    maneuverable, good HE, and awesome AP in close combat

  19. Do a PTS talk on 0.5.7

  20. I would like to see a visual upgrade when you use module upgrades it would
    offer more immersion and make it worth buying modules

  21. Good video Chase. I dont plan on playing the yorik any time soon, but this
    was very informative about her capabilities. Will be tucking all this info
    away for when I do fight her. Keep up the excellent vids! ^.^

  22. Also, we need more reviews for not-so-good ships.
    Who’s gonna stick up for the underdog?

  23. The Yorck is really weird for me. Somehow, it’s the tier 7 CA that I have
    highest win rate and average XP in, even though it feels like the worst of
    the 3 non-premiums. I still think of it as a bad ship, though.
    Great review, even though I personally use AP even at longer ranges. That’s
    probably just me going noob mode

  24. Is this a paper ship?

  25. skip to 8:49 for start of battle

  26. So many haters for this ship, I Love it. Very strong brawler. Though i take
    Manual AA fire control and don’t even bother with firing HE at range. Focus
    on killing DD’s and Brawling with Cruisers. 33′ angle and she can bring all
    her guns to bear :)

  27. 16:37 Do ANOTHER Atlanta review! She almost never loses turrets anymore!
    And if you have AFT, she can deal with most situations when played
    properly! Add in Concealment Expertise, and Atlanta can become very strong!

    That said, I DO REALLY wish they would buff her stock range to at least
    12.5km but preferably 13km! And if they gave her a smoke, like Kutuzov, she
    could become FULLY competitive!

  28. 16:03 XP Atlanta for MVP! Now I want to play some games in my Atlanta
    today, maybe I will get lucky enough to be able to single out some
    Indianapolis captains, and show them the power of the one TRUE American
    tier 7 cruiser!

    I am actually not joking either, if you ever are able to get your Atlanta
    to have broadside shots on any cruiser at 10 km or closer, USE AP! You will
    likely MASSACRE them!

    I had a Konigsberg and Nurnberg decide to attack me at the same time, both
    broadside to me, about 20 seconds later, they were both on the ocean floor,
    the Konigsberg having around 14k when he met me, and the Nurnberg was on
    FULL HP, and they became VERY salty, when I punched like 10 to 15 holes in
    each of their citadels!

    Aaand, then they went on this LOOOOONG rant about how the Atlanta is
    “Pay-2-Win BS”, the the Nurnberg and Konigsberg are TERRIBLE in every way,
    and that I was a massive noob who had cheated, because there was “NO WAY
    that an Atlanta could EVER do that much damage in such a short time!”

    Which of course provided COUNTLESS Lolz and Trollz for everybody on both
    teams to enjoy! Whilst I did my normal sort of egging on, where I just
    reply to them with “Lol, LMAO,” etc, and say things such as “Aim bot Hax0rz
    iz meh! But WASD Hax0rz won this bottle for meh!”

  29. Just Those Crafters

    What do you use to edit your videos?

  30. when are you doing the new update vid

  31. omg i finally got out of the scrub league rank 22-16. started at 18 for
    some reason, first season back in a long time. such noobs in t5-6. let’s
    see how it goes in t6-7

  32. That High shell arc means those things PLUNGE and the plunge hard. Any BB
    with significant open deck area gets ripped by this things AP.

  33. Oh god, now we have seemingly MASSIVE module changes to watch out for, OH

    Unless they essentially keep the current modules but add more options or
    something, all while giving everyone credits returned for every module
    bought, and a clean slate to figure out the “new module” system with, which
    they PROBABLY will, if it is even half as massive as the skill changes.

    But I am the kind-of person who will watch my favorite WOWS YouTube
    channels to figure out what combination of modules in the up-coming patch
    are best for what ships with what kind of preference and why, so hopefully
    my 8 days of premium will be up by then!

  34. 2:19 Waaaait….. You said the Yorck hasn’t gotten any love, but last I
    checked, those 210mm guns had a rather large difference in velocity between
    AP an HE, with HE being much faster, IIRC.

    Then, I RECALL the guns doing 2300 HE with 4600 AP damage, not 2500 by 5500.

    So at least from what I remember, the Yorck has seen A LOT of love! I mean,
    I am not going to say she’s perfect, I haven’t played her, but it would
    seem with those stats, that she is a capable and at least somewhat
    competitive at tier 7.

  35. Lol I finally got rid of her. Also made a video on her a couple days ago.
    Great video!

  36. why is it that your aim stays locked on The targets trajectory?

  37. Nice videos chase!Keep up the good work!

  38. MeKanism Lastname

    Another good review from iChase.

  39. I don’t like the Yorck, it’s the weakest tier 7 regular cruiser. You can do
    well as top tier, but as soon as you get in tier 8-9 games you are pretty
    much forced to play long-range support only and depend a lot on your team.
    Any competent CV player can wreck you even if you have defensive AA mounted
    and even some DDs can pen your citadel quite easily.

  40. Arguably you can find tons of reviews and guides for good ships. The bad or
    awkward ones…. not so much. In that perspective, no wonder people want

  41. Haven’t finished the video yet but if you take a stopwatch to both the AP
    and HE shells, they have almost the same travel time now. The AP is
    actually a tad faster now. The tooltips seem to be inaccurate now.

  42. always use the AA boost instead of the hydro search

  43. I played 4 games in my Yorck. 1 win, 0 survived, 0 ships sunk, 0 planes
    shot down, 12 353 damage done, 1 613 XP. That’s when I used my free XP and
    moved on to the Hipper.

  44. Regarding modules, I cannot wait to see how WG contrive to force us to pay
    money to reconfigure our ship setups…?

  45. Regarding modules, I cannot wait to see how WG contrive to force us to pay
    money to reconfigure our ship setups…?

  46. I do not mind odd ship reviews, reason is i do not play, i am a watcher,
    and thats how i learn. so points of view and thoughts on ships i have no
    clue about is great. it lets me get a better idea of what is a great threat
    vs a pest. would like to here more about sonar or what ever it is called
    for spotting torps. keep up the good work.

  47. That spam HE at range use AP up close strategy is how I play Russian
    cruisers and it works out very well.

  48. I just got this earyler today, still learning it. The info about the shell
    arcs for HE and AP after a bit of experimenting looks like it will help
    alot. Was wondering why i was not hitting anything with AP. Was thinking
    about skipping it, but i think i will play it. ^^

  49. It hurts my soul

  50. I enjoy the york very much but coming from the battleship and ijn cruiser
    line, i tended to get very close to get ap citadel damage to compensate the
    lack of shell velocity , until i discovered the speed difference in shells,
    I did the same mistake with cleveland, tried to use ap at first until i
    discovered he was better at distance for this particular ship

  51. The yorck uses left over ww1 210mm guns from the blucher armored cruiser.
    Her HE ammunition is ww2 era while her AP is ww1 era ammunition. Resulting
    in the flight time differences due to the AP rounds being shorter and

  52. Huh. Those guns are fantastic on paper, but apparently not so good in
    actuality. Thanks for the info, Chase. :)

  53. Worst t7 cruzer in game and one of the worst in the game.

  54. Starwarsfan5 plays

    I think I’ve killed 4-5 ships with my yorck torps that were full health and
    3 of them were bbs and i’ve lost count of how many torps kills i’ve had
    with the yorck

  55. York, my SS class ship :X

  56. Andhika nur Aulia

    But how to enjoy Nurnberg tho

  57. And again thank you for a wonderfull vidio, on this lovely Morning!

  58. *Insert first comment here*

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