World of Warships – Yorck’s Adventure

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Yorck on Northern Lights pushes to the center of the map and attempts to detect the enemy on the other side of the island. Once we’ve identified some targets, we push the eastern side of the map with a friendly destroyer and battleship. Close support between these teammates helped us crush all opposition and help the team win. Discussed my encoding test, the Yorck, and the strategy used to great success. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Cruiser Yorck Replay


  1. Excellent game.
    The amount of fires in this game is just ridiculous. You’d think they built
    these ships out of firewood and doused the decks with flammable liquids
    before going into battle.
    As for CVs and scouting, it’s simple. Firstly you get no rewards as such
    (yes, any sort of “spotting damage” is a mechanic not included in this
    ‘released’ game, LOL), and secondly most CV players are the most selfish of
    all (it’s a rarity to have CV fighter support in a BB, for example); they
    expect great returns for taking no risks.

  2. the reason the Yorck’s ap slow travel time is the the gun arc it losses its
    speed alot and the AP performance on most german cruisers are lackluster
    what i heard lately to be honest they could give the yorck reload to 13 sec
    from the start and a 39 turret rotation speed but how it is its just a fun
    sink drains the movation to play the line. btw you do know u can mount the
    gun mod that extends the ibuki’s gun range?

  3. nice fight with Yorckutaka ^^ but those guns are weird, many of germans are
    especialy with their fire chances -.-

  4. What a rare bird having a great game in the Dorck…..
    Some shells weight a bit different in reality as well as drag coefficients.
    That would account for what you see. It can be either way, HE could have
    drag for favoring a more bulbous shape to maximise explosive volume and be
    lighter as well which would increase initial velocity but decrease
    sustained velocity and therefore change the arc required for any particular

  5. hey notser, what happened to the replays we sent you, really looking foward
    to them. cheers!

  6. She’s not as crappy as you thought. I just with they would have keep the
    same guns but more as the Nerenberg.

  7. Really like the Yorck glad you pointed the ap arc compared to the HE it was
    something I had to get use to as well. You were on the fringe of it having
    more of a straight shot get under 7km next time and compare.

  8. Maybe you know? I finished the 25 kill mission today. I just had a few
    items to finish for the previous missions. I thought when I finished the 25
    kill mission the others would come back. No. Did the clock run out on the
    previous missions? I thought they where like 12/12 or something later. I
    would love input from you or any of your viewers.

    Thanks – Puddahead!

  9. +Notser please make gameplay of Tashkent

  10. gg… in such a bad ship

  11. Great channel… new abo here… greatings from germany :-)

  12. Still going through the painful grind on the tier 6 of the line, grinding
    it one loss at a time. It seems that the team with more German cruisers
    always loses for one reason or another.

  13. bit of deja vous there bud with the kill stealing again. still nice play
    and good to see you playing the yorck. I am on the yorck at the moment and
    have had some good games but not many, very tough to get consistent with

  14. Again nice done. Real good work. Just a nasty tip to harass the enemy
    carrier. Just don’t kill the whole squadron if possible. Let at least one
    plane alive! Why? Very easy, if you shoot down all of his fighters, he need
    to fly him all the way back to the carrier. If you shoot down all planes
    the new squadron will form up immediatly, so only a few seconds later a new
    squadron is on its way to attack. Especially on higher tier battles a
    strategy worth to try as those carriers have high amount of planes. So in
    the special situation it would have been better to attack the full squadron.
    I would always attack the full squadron as it is far more dangerous and to
    weaken its attack is worth more, but that everyone needs to decide for

  15. Started using Quicksync a few weeks ago too. My fps went from like 30-50
    when recording to like 120-130…..why dont they advertise that more?

    Nice gameplay Notser, like always. Keep up with your daily VIdeos. I am
    really looking forward to them everyday.

    Greetings Garry

  16. nice work…crappy ship mate.

  17. Well done Notser 🙂 … game I have seen in the Yorck so far. Not
    looking forward to unlocking her and concentrating on the Tashkent for now.

  18. Notser whats your plan on german cruiser line ?
    Next video is AdmiralHiper ? Is she a good cruiser . Mogami is and Will be
    the best cruiser in the game. 15 Guns and 18.1 km range

  19. I know I’ve been asking this over and over again. But can you had a chance
    to encounter a lot of Tirpitz and some few Yamato using North Carolina, can
    you show some gameplay? just wanna know if NC has a better survival with
    Hull B as well as a good use of her.

  20. 2:30 That is why I like to pack a scout on my battleships, even if I’m bad
    at shooting with the view at that angle. So often cover is in the way, and
    many players like to come to a stop behind cover.

  21. tier 7 karls :S

  22. Notser – very cool to see a pretty decent gameplay of the Yorck. I’m so
    bummed that it is yet another MEH tier VII Cruiser, and find the trend both
    weird and kinda dumb. It’s almost as if the development mantra for cruisers
    is: solid tier 2 and 3, slightly weaker 4, solid at 5, strong at 6, WEAK at
    7, strong at 8, slightly weaker at 9, and then tier 10 – as if it is some
    built-in effort maker to slow down the grind.

  23. you can see at the shell travel time in your aim, when you swap from HE to
    AP, that their velocity are indeed different.

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