World of Warships- Yoshino: The Best Cruiser For The Meta

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Hey guys! Today we take a loot at the TX Japanese Special Ship, Yoshino. One of the best ships to deal with the current meta, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Carl Brutonawalski

    Yoshino is like having a dd and a cruiser in one. Those long range torps are amazing

  2. T10 Supercruisers, basically:
    Stalingrad: bias armor and amazing guns
    Puerto rico: another turret and some odd cit roof armor
    Yoshino: *burn everything to the bottom of the sea* , but quite squishy

  3. The best thing about skip bombers is how their cv’s name is pronounced… hilarious ^^ (no offense meant)

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if the namesake of that cv would be Peter Immelmann and not Max?

    • … ? Nooo? Like the MVR, Immelman is named after a famous WWI ace.

    • @ManOfCrusades Yes, I know and I have nothing against that. But if you know the german language, you will know what I mean ^^ (“M. Immelmann” is the normal name, if you take Peter it’s “P. Immelmann”. I know, that’s a flat and dumb joke but it basically means Penisman)

  4. Amadeo Komnenus

    *Yoshino: The best cruiser for the meta*
    Henry IV: Am i a joke to you!?

    • @Mh Mahi Yes Henri is better than Stalingrad , Stalingrad is the best if everyone is enogh idiot to show their broadside.

    • @Mh Mahi MGRB is matter when Henry rush to enemy’s broadside and Enemy always stationary. and when no speed booster Henry simply sluggish ship. so when no more these thing Henry is simply same level as yoshino is.

    • @J Lo If you think stalingrad is better than henri iv then I have nothing much to say, It was better before but not anymore since wows nerf henri years ago…

    • @Mh Mahi hey look carefully what I say “Yes Henri is better than Stalingrad , Stalingrad is the best if everyone is enogh idiot to show their broadside.” I say Stalingrad is better.?

    • @J Lo Ur point has no sense at all you know why? there is no ship that will stay alive even after showing their boardside to enemy. Stalingrad has best avg dmg and xp among any other crusiers, thats really does matter before u judge any ship which is better…

  5. Stefano Crosazzo

    3:40 that’s because Yoshi citadel is gigantic but her armor is spaced, thus adding an additional penetration check which Montana shells failed to pass due to extreme distance. Also, Monty shells may have bounced the 30 mm plating

  6. As you already mentioned, the Ap is also very good.
    I only have the Azuma but I’m currently using about 30% of the time ap and it hits so damn hard.

  7. It is a great mid to end game ship you just have to watch out and not be shoot at early to mid game due to its amour layout

  8. This replay MUST go to Jingles. This is not a DEMAND not a request xD

  9. doom turtle 121

    That bounce sound effect sounds like yammy showed a bit too much cheek again;)

  10. I know you’re no big fan of priorotary target, but as a cruiser main, I would very much reccomend you give it a try. If you knew if someone was aiming at you, you could probably avoided those citadells!😊

  11. kingofcastlechaos

    I love my Yoshino. Great game. (observation: you volume is very low- had to max out my volume to hear you well)

  12. I literally just got the Yoshino two days ago. Glad I did, this ship is great. Still a little squishy for her size but can’t have everything

    • Does it get good credits? Trying to chose between her and Pommern

    • @marcelo never go Pommern lmao. It’s a really bad battleship. Stay far from it

    • @marcelo I’d say it gets fairly average credits. I get about 160,000-350,000 credits on it with a premium account average.

    • @therepublic21 Hmm, thx for the oponion but ive seen many positive replies and comments on the pommern, plus one of his previous vids is a pommern video saying its a dun and cool ship

  13. I play it more like a regular cruiser and make sure I have all my torps out on cooldown. I also like to play the flanks in ranked, charging down pepepavlovsk and giving him some short range Torpedo loving is a lot of fun.

  14. The Jokke Rulez

    I may get this as my next coal ship.

  15. Maninderjit Buttar

    15:45 today I learned Humans make ninja noises in state of disbelief

  16. Omg yes! My favorite T10 Cruiser

  17. Another Yoshino/Azuma difference is that the Yoshino has a 18.5s reload base vs. Azuma’s 20s.

  18. Man, have to grind for like a two months to get enough coal for this ship.

  19. Great vid Sea Lord. I’m saving coal for the Yoshino. The playstyle looks interesting.

  20. wow a cv player that actually spots a dd

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