World of Warships – Yoshino, the tier 10 Azuma

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We all knew this was coming, we just wasn’t sure would it be packed, but here it is, the tier Azuma.
For me this is exactly a tier Azuma with ridiculous 20 km 62kts torps and more AA. AP is just as unreliable and triggering (despite post battle results – this is one of my 1 battles and only the one with those kind of results so far) and for the most part it seems the game expects you to spam HE shells (that’s based on more battles I played afterwards). Now call me what you like but I absolutely hate the fact that highest caliber guns on any cruiser in the game have to spam HE.
You draw your own conclusions ofc, I’m just a messenger.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. You know me…I have to test that AP 😉

    • Ye but using AP in every single situation is kinda tilting 🙂

    • Flaming that the AP is to week Nut sitting max range in an IJN cruiser…you got torps and much better HE than Stalingrad so why do you expect to have the same AP?

    • Cracking video as usual Flambass but, after two years of watching your video’s and stream’s. I’m trying hard not to keep saying try harding when talking to friends. That’s how much you’ve influenced me lol. Keep up the great work mate. 🙂

    • I think the problem you face is, the shells arc quite profoundly at the end of the trajectory. at longer ranges when aiming high you overpen the superstructure (too thin of armor to arm the 310mm) and when you shoot broadsides the shells bounce or shatter from an angle vertically, not horizontically. you need to get closer for broadsides or aim higher in a way that you avoid superstucture but hit the deck. I’d suggest running shooting range test in the training room to see the shell behaviour in a controlled environment and apply what you find there in randoms

    • Aim UPPER and use HE pls very boring videos haha

  2. When I grow up I want to be as good as flambass! Problem is that I do think I am older than him already^^

    GG Flambass Love the vids!

  3. so they didn’t even give it a 27mm bow, feelsbadman

  4. If they didnt change the gunsound i will grind for Yoshino, purely for gunsound

  5. 310mm guns that bounce and shatter on broadside targets?

    I can hear DM captains laughing in the distance.

    • +Steeltrap well ofcourse you are correct, but I get the feeling from experience that American Piercing tends to be much more lethal then it’s Japanese counterpart, IMHO.

    • +MetallicaLife4
      I believe it’s in the underlying mechanics that the USN AP gets its advantages. No doubt reddit has the details. I myself stopped playing years ago, having played through Alpha, both Betas and then some of release.

    • +Steeltrap I believe that, along with RN AP, the USN get superior penetration and normalisation values for their AP shells

    • BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!


    • Khang Nguyễn Công

      Oops was i too loud?

  6. I don’t like the idea of constantly adding tier 9-10 premium clone ships. :I

    • Get used to it. In WoT this policy is ultra common

    • +Bartosz Rozlach I know. They should improve the game more than to focus in clone premium ships

    • +how cool is that
      LOL, good luck with that. How else are they meant to make money if not selling more and more premium nonsense at BS prices?
      They’ve hardly done anything much that qualifies as development in WoT, and it’s a lot older. The nature of these games is to draw people in and hopefully get some money from them before they grow bored/frustrated/disgusted and leave, something once confirmed to me by a WG person for tanks in Asia (the ‘churn’ model).

    • Have to tell, if this Will be coal ship, then they dont make money of it. Hope it Will.

  7. Craig The Chivalrous

    243k Damage, yeah them guns are not impressing me…………….

  8. sooo 219400 main battery damage, (all AP) divided by the 133 hits = 1649.62 per hit………. oh boy

    • I do not know now whether that is meant positively or negatively, but at least better than my “horrible” Kronshedt. With which I almost always rebounded or make my ridiculous 900 dmg salvos on Broadside Boys. The dispersion is sometimes divine – sometimes horrible , only at a short distance AP is effective, which is a pity.

  9. Damn I’ve got excited for a second, hearing a new T10 IJN cruiser is incoming, but this will be just another long range HE spammer with nothing going for it. And holy hell, 20 km torps? We will get torped by teammates 24/7 once this thing is out.

  10. Is it me or are the Russian BB’s past tier 5 lanky as hell, even this ship looks off…..

  11. Someone's Youtube Username

    The AP is for medium distances, this is a high caliber HE spammer. You are doing it wrong.
    Especially since floodings from the torps are supposed to work in synergy with the fires from the high alpha + good fire chance HE.

    • NickCageTheDickMage

      Read the description bud.

    • We don’t need another Conqueror in a Battlecruiser. And also have you not heard what he said on the video?

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      +Jojo Divas I heard what he said and read the description, but that doesn’t change that it’s functionally a Zao in terms of long range AP penetration, as intended. Not sure WHY he’s expecting it to perform miracles when it’s clearly not supposed to do that. Just because it’s 310m? They gave it for the HE pen mostly, so that it can pen that 50mm plating without IFHE.

    • +Someone’s Youtube Username no they didn’t give it that caliber so it can HE pen 50.. its a paper ship built to paper standards and it’s HE pen is based on its design not the other way around… But the guns are pathetic compared to the paper russian guns why?

  12. Would you mind playing the New Mexico? Would like to see how you handle the ship 🙂

  13. I’m assuming that this plays like Azuma and so is kinda pointless to buy?

  14. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    It is very easy to be like flambass just be the biggest camper in the team

  15. Best way to know if your aim was off: All shells land exactly where you aimed.

  16. 11:58 Important note: The USN was pretty mystified by long lance torps. They would come under torpedo attack and assume super stealthy midget submarines were attacking them, because 20km torps can’t be real.

  17. 3010mm gun. You fire once, sink four ships in an entirely different match, capsize due to the recoil and sink.

  18. It annoys me how everyone scales with you. I was like “Yes! I finally unlocked that ship I’ve been working hard for!” And the game is like “Nope, we are going to place you in games with others who have also unlocked that ship from now on!”

    I was like “Well then what’s the point in levelling up at all?”

  19. he was aiming the AP a hair too low i think, it has good vertical dispersion so you don’t get as many upperbelt/superstructure hits

  20. 3010 Flambass edition ship would be very speshul lol

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