World of Warships: Yoshino

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Yoshino is fun. More fun than Siegfried in my opinion.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese cruiser Yoshino.
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  1. Looks like an ok ship

  2. F*CK IM NOT FIRST all well good video

  3. Yoshino is a brutal DMG farmer (better than Zao imo)!
    But the downside is you are limited in your carry potential because of the armour.
    And I agree to 100% with your Siegfried comparison.

  4. Aerroon here’s a new video idea but it requires a video you need to watch if you can do another kaga video but watch denarmos kaga video to get a better idea on the kaga just an idea

    • Youtube finds zero results on “denarmos kaga”

    • Here is one idea for you mate use punctuation i know minors can´t imagine that but it makes your message much easier to read no offense just try it out look the things look like this .,?!:;

  5. 1:11 : Did you record the video prior to the altered version of Siegfried with the 6 km torps?
    Or am I missing something here?

  6. One of the best looking paper ships in wows

  7. Yoshi! No.

  8. just got a 177k damage game in yoshino today
    with confederate
    love the yoshino

  9. •_Lumia Art_•

    They nerfed the torps on the German battle cruiser. Bro they now blow at 6 km

  10. Aerroon why you no clap 🙁

  11. 9v9 streamers MM, ???????
    And about this ship i saw to many players to play it like a Super Shima ???and give broadside, or team killing DD

  12. clapping for T! ALMOST from the start 😉 another nice and interesting video! I am still thinking about Yoshino or Georgia

    • @DerEddi good choice. I don’t think you’ll regret it 🙂

    • @Not A Bot now all I need it the credits to fully upgrade everything.. on HER, Alsace, Benham, Seattle and Dearing (all bought yesterday.. and now I am broke as a MoFu 😉 )

    • @DerEddi you’ll get there eventually. If you want to earn a lot of credits quickly, there’s 2 ships I’d recommend getting. The Asashio and the Jean Bart. I farm a crazy amount of credits with those ships. I’ve had days where I made 10-14 million with. The Asashio is better for solo playing imo or in less you’re on the button in a dive. You want to match sure that you have as many BB’s in the queue as possible, 10 or more. Best of luck in your shiny new ship 🙂

    • @Not A Bot got the JB long ago.. very very good ship!

    • @DerEddi probably my favourite ship to play

  13. Honestly i play mostly Yoshino now. It’s an excellent ship!

  14. enemy fletcher is not bad for staying alive for quite some times.

  15. I have to ask this question:
    “Does the Yoshino have torps?”

    This question was asked by the GK gang

    I am NOT sorry for that meme violation 😉

  16. Congratulations on finding the T key

  17. Someone keeps talking about “how good fighters are, having no idea why people dislike them”. I guess that someone just made his point.
    By the way, long live Aerroon!

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