World of Warships – You brought what? – Ranked – Pensacola

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Everybody has their own opinions on what ships are best for Ranked. My answer is drive what you like. Odds are if you like a ship it is because you are good in it.


  1. I agree, pensicolas in the right hands are good. HOWEVER, how many pensicolas do you see in ranked that are actually competent. Too often, the pensi on my team just play like random and get one shot by the bbs.

  2. Amazing game. Thanks! Edit: BTW, don’t see the link to his channel. Did I miss it?

  3. Finally got some replays into you, quick 😀

  4. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I’m more questioning not getting concealment on a pense in ranked than bringing it at all. with concealment and cammo you have a 10.9 km detect. your boy only has cammo
    its not top tier I suppose but its a good enough ship. no torps though

  5. Morning. Is it just me this video is really choppy for? I’ve tried other youtube videos which are fine and reloaded the page a few times and its the same?

  6. Lovely game.

    Worth mentioning I think: he never stood still except from the last minutes. That makes the gameplay so much more interesting and dynamic than the ones where everybody is smoked up shooting and eating torps.

    And no matter what ship you give tx141. He will excel.


  7. That was a matchup in the Pepsi’s favor. Two really squishy RNCAs that he Pepsi could punish close up with AP. I think if there were belfasts with smoke and radar he would not have lasted. Or even a soviet DD that could set him on fire from range… So in THIS situation the Pepsi had a good game… but it really had the benefit or matchmaking.

  8. It aint the ship thats good or bad its the ones sailing them 🙂 this game just proves it

  9. Thanks for showcasing this Qckslvrslash. 🙂

    Taking your points on board, and will continue in my push to Rank 1.

    See you on the other side for the collab!

  10. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen

    Well played TX, you are ruling the seas in that ship! Now go lose 6 ranks so I can catch up 😉

    Great play by play Qckslavrslash, very interesting to hear you take apart the gameplay. Thumbs up to you Sir.

  11. qckslvrslash could you give me any tips on ranked this season. I’ve made it to rank 8 and just today I was pushed all the way back to rank 12

  12. Amaterasu no Mikado

    It’s a sight to behold when BBs fires HE exclusively, especially at squishy ships like a Fiji. Any wonder why the friendly Nagato got second to last spot on the winning team?

  13. Great battle in a very good ship when used correctly. I loved the Pensacola before the detection changes and had kept it after purchasing the New Orleans. With the change this has made it a better ship that can now dictate engagements rather than be perma-spotted.

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