World of Warships – You can NOT torp meeee !!!

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Here is a match in ranked 8vs8 where in more than few situations things get hairy but one does not simply torp us, even if it’s friendly xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Damn, those torpedobeats

  2. 3:35 could be your new donation sound. I mean: that current screaming noise is gonna get you killed by a heart attack soon if you keep playing Amnesia 😀

  3. what ship is he talking about at the start?

  4. Bitch Lasagna!

  5. Tier 5 Ranked is sometimes crazy … the shit you will witness there

  6. One can be torpedoed without the torpedo actually hitting you, on WoW Blitz!

    • That’s why i stopped playing it
      Too many bugs

    • +Ibrahim Mamdouh Well, due to the fact that my house nearly burnt to the ground a few years ago, and my worthless mother’s brother to my only surviving desktop. WoW Blitz and Battle of Warships on my mobile devices is all I got left to use to play any games.

      Moreover, I don’t just have the extra funds to go buy another desktop that I can play the PC or even the console version of World of Warships.

      Besides, I know that there is no one on this earth that cares if I dropped off the edge of the world.

      Therefore, when my mobile device’s quit, then I will be done with the wonderful world of the Internet.

      Because, the Internet may have no end. However, it’s usefulness to me does have an end.

      Besides, I did just fine, before I got sucked into the black hole called the Internet.

      Oh, and no need for a reply, I ain’t got time to mess with it.

  7. #NotMyCarriers

  8. “And then they where satisfied”
    Life’s greatest unanswered question.
    Is this from the last mini season or are u allready at rank 3 this quickly

  9. Flambass, are DD’s your favorite to play??? Show us potatoes how to play Battleships!!

  10. Talk about threading the needle! Sheesh.

  11. That little song at the end was a nice touch.

  12. 8:47 “Our DDs can’t kill” – seems pretty accurate

  13. Was finally in a match with you the other day, I was all like yay Flambass, and then proceeded to potato like a boss. =/

  14. I enjoy your play through’s, wish I was as good.

  15. Falmbass doing his part

  16. That Tarzan shout is frigging EPIC 😀

  17. the cut in the start xD WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT xD

  18. the BEST is the stupid last place murmansk in ur team say “1vs3 our dd cant hit” when you have a kraken xD

  19. 10:15 in….an expert Flambass torpedo dodge! Well Done!

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