World of Warships: You Can’t Torpedo Yourself

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Marceau torps go 60 kts. Arms Race with 4 speed buffs makes Marceau go 60.7 kts. The torp phases through your ship.

0:00 Background
3:21 Torpedo phasing through ship

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Marceau.


  1. I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move

  2. thank you for your contribution to naval science

  3. epic entre game mode – it simulates a beautiful prawn cocktail, thick creamy sauce, tarte lemon and meaty prawns . er, sorry, wrong channel

  4. And after watching I was not aware you could not torp yourself but in some ranked games I have had I wish I could

  5. no one before could catch up with its own torps… Hands up

  6. I saw a torpedo glitch once.
    It hit the same ship 3 times.

    Freak occurrence.

    Patched out a long time ago.

  7. I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing this…….. :)))

  8. CitizenS9 already did the test with the legendary commander on Marceau. If you get 2 million potential you get the speed buff needed to go over 60kts. The torps didn’t have any effect on him though lol.

  9. i always asked me this question glad to see that somebody is also thinking about things that really matter

    • They matter a little. I was playing a match earlier where I was going fast in my Marceau, launched torps and started doing a full turn to the other side. I got scared that I would run into my own torps.

    • @Aerroon It used to be possible. Flamu did it once. I had a clan mate who also managed to torp himself in the old tier 8 Ognevoi due to the game lag spiking at that precise moment.

  10. imagine being 11 minutes into a ranked game and you turn and see your DD trying to torpedo himself

  11. I love playing mogador, when u feel u can almost sail full ahead with your torps on your side like a perfect team.

  12. Panzergrenadier Tempura

    Aerroon : you can’t torp yourself
    CVs : *hold my torpedo plane*

  13. I guess CVs are the only ships that can torpedo themselves to death except for Indomitable

  14. You never know what your enemy might be doing in ranked game. You think their DD’s running around torping you? Nope he’s just running around catching his own torps.

  15. why do i need to torp myself i got teammates for that xD

  16. Team is trying to win the match.
    While Aerroon is playing with his torps…. hmmmm….

  17. Joke’s on you, I managed to torp myself in the last Halloween event.

  18. “Imagine being a torpedo, and then you get sunk by a ship.”

    Wait, what?

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