World of Warships – You Da Mahan!

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lol’s @ JC for this title. Remember kids: flag caps, flag defense and damage to DDs = very high base xp!


  1. Sigh, I see you Business. You and your Naval History puns.

  2. When do you usually stream? I’d love to watch.

  3. 1) why do you use only wide spreads on torps?
    2) why do you use the slow torps? is it really worth it?

  4. We see the importance of team spirit in this overview :/ also a great
    commentary Business!

  5. Business do you division with your viewers?

  6. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Would you consider going through the captain skills for patch 0.5.3 and
    what perks you’d use for different ship classes?

  7. Tirpitz commits suicide, “fack no halp thx guys!” lol

  8. +Businass – (although you’re a better player than I), why do you seem to
    prefer wide spread torps?

  9. Good game.


  10. Hi business6, just a question, why do you use a wide spread on that long
    range? The torps are so far spread, that a battleship can avoid them
    without even turning much. Ok, you can cover a greater area, but I don’t
    see it. With many ships you’re firing at, ok perhaps, but that way?

  11. I had 4000 XP in my kuma once and I have no memory of the game at all…

  12. Are you going to revisit the Mogami now that AFT has been nerfed?

  13. Having much performance anxiety ? lols

  14. Mahan is honestly the first US DD that I have enjoyed. I tend to like
    flatter trajectory guns. I really have a hard time getting consistent hits
    even at 10k in the Mahan on a moving target. I usually try to get in close
    with it …offensive smoke and use islands etc to get free close shots.
    Nice game…and Double Strike there.

  15. lol – I’m “published”!!!!

  16. My highest base XP is 3700 in, brace yourself, Furutaka. I still got no
    clue how I managed that!

  17. Better safe than sorry. At that range, the Atlanta has torps too
    (surprisingly many people forget that). 🙂

    Also, grats on a good game :)

  18. Hey business, when are you on your ts? :D

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