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So I’ve been enjoying the crap out of ranked 1v1s, and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

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  1. To each their own, but I found the 1v1 to be so repetitive and predictable that after 5 matches I was bored and gave up.

  2. It was world of Tirpitz’s atleast 75% of my fights were against them.

  3. Played 1v1 in Lexington.

    Did get matched against CV, amd exept Enterprise that just laughs at you and a Japanese flattop that decided to rush and ram is the honorable thing, she’s swatted everything.

    • I killed all CVs in my Tirpitz.

    • I fought an Enterprise with graf and barely won because secondaries beat him out at close range. Was completely out of planes. Was a hilarious match.

    • @juancho420 funny, opposite happened to me, i beat all but 1 of the Tirpitz i met in my graf… AP dive bombs to break their engine, wait for damage con, break again then follow up with torpedo bombers while he’s a sitting duck

  4. I had so much fun ranking out in my Kii because I would just either kite Yolo Tirpitzes and torp them while they charge me or I would just rush Bismarck with my Torps

  5. This is the game WG needs to make more of. This give the game a more refreshing feel. You don’t feel pissed at destroyers for not capping/spotting, you don’t feel pissed at battleships not tanking for the team and back lining 20 km away from the middle of the map, you don’t get pissed at cruisers who don’t take advantage of battleships who do tank for the team. You have no one else to congratulate or blame if you win or lose. Just your own work and strategy and prepping.

    EDIT: Also, nice that you don’t lose stars and feel like you have to go back and rework the grind.

  6. 1 v 1 is a blast. I think they should do a different tier each month.

    • @sneaky dave that is incorrect, a dd can easily crush a Tirpitz

    • @sneaky dave massachusetts is far better than tirpitz

    • i enjoyed it prinz all the way . sunk lots of tirpitz, bizmark better got hydro.

    • I sunk lots of tirps with my prince Eugen . Acceleration and double rudder and I avoided his while he. Oils not avoid mine . He had 4 torps and I had 6 . To be honest my one surpise was getting crushed by a Baltimore who kitted me . But there was no ship that was brainless. I crushed plenty of tirps and Bismarck’s and even one Massachusetts. All carrier were hopeless except the zep. Again this is with PE. I tried some loyang but it was hit or miss . PE felt very consistent.

      But this mode and a 3v3 need to stay.

    • @sneaky dave Bismarck can beat the Tirpiz with kiting and the Hipper/Prinz Eugen can rush the Tirpiz while aiming for her torpedo launchers and then torp.

  7. I love gamemodes with less players! Played shipstorms (3v3), 2v2 low tier on trainingroom (historical battles), and 1v1 is also great

  8. They should keep this mode. I would like to see more tiers

  9. Agree, this is great fun. I’ve been running round in a radar Edinburgh and if I get the right map, I have beaten destroyers, cruisers and yes even battleships. I really like that this is a superb leveler; its less about the ship and much, much more about the player. If you’re good in a particular ship then you will do well in that ship. Sure, Tirpitz has been excellent, but that’s simply because it kind of works in a brawling scenario.

    It would be nice to see some of these new modes that keep popping up could stay in the game.

    Kudos for praising WG, it’s too easy to criticise all the time and forget to give credit where it is due.

    • And it’s fun. You don’t lose anything. Many times I have gotten blitzed in my Asashio B, but I don’t care. It helps develop your skills. DefilerEmeritus.

    • Yeah, the maps seem to be designed with Tirpitz in mind. It was also buffed needlessly. WG must be selling them like hotcakes to all the noobs. I hope they realize this is the kind of behaviour that puts real gamers off. I hope their short term gains turn out to be a long term loss.

    • @mgc7199 The Tirpiz isnt that much of a problem if you play correctly and with some ships (Bismarck, Hipper, Eugen) its super easy. Most players dont even know how to play Tirpiz exept the “rush and torp” tactic and that makes it even easier, some dont even go secondary build..

  10. Finally a mode without the clowns in your team that hide and want to be carried by you. With this mode they have actually learn to play, if they want to win games.
    It was a fun and fast grind with my full secondary Bismark.

  11. Indeed… `1 v 1 is great!
    Compliments to WG for this one. I was a bit sceptical, but turned out wonderfully.
    It should stay… every few months, and with a different tier each time…

    • It was fun for the first 10 battles but then I began to encounter mostly Tirpitz. That ship is pay to win at the moment. Needs a nerf. Mode can stuff itself until then.

  12. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    First time ever I tried to rank and I got to say, it was a blast. 1v1 was funny as hell and players were kinda all “gentlemens”

  13. Baltimore carried me through most of it. DFAA is what I found the most useful thing I used, since more than half of my games were carriers.

  14. I wouldn’t be opposed to something like this being tech tree only at times. Would love to see a weekly version for say 100 steel. Stream tonight?

  15. I had a match with a Cleveland when I was in my Graf Zeppelin, and we agreed for him to let me feed him all my planes. We ended up ramming each other in the end and he sent the video to Panzerknacker. We played a few random matches together, and now we’re good friends. So WeeGee hasn’t managed to duck up one thing this holiday season. N I C E

  16. This is my first ranked experience and I really liked it. Good learning opportunity.

  17. Had a blast with my secondary Massa. Only CV that came close to killing me was an Enterprise. 130k AA damage and 81 plane kills later won with cap points.

    • Calem Garity same, I ranked to 1 real quick in my mass. Tirpitz were easy to deal with, they would always charge. Then I’d turn away out of torp range and they would chase me until I finished them off, mostly due to secondary fires

  18. I love the 1v1 i want it a permanent addition and more tiers

  19. I agree I think they should introduce a permanent one on one mode.

  20. it seemed like everyone in this gamemode was really well spirited

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