World of Warships – You do You

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A simple plea to the World of Warships Community. You do You. Let players play the game. Focus on yourself, what makes the game enjoyable for you, channel out all the other players.

Link for a chance to win the Massachusetts:


  1. so running to a corner of the map in a DD, an saying they aren’t doing anything because they don’t like the MM, is ok?

    • report these assholes all the time.
      hell even suicide is better than that.
      also DDs are least effected by MM…they can torp and do massive dmg to anything anyway.

    • Cause you are having so much fun when you have these kind of players on your team.
      Yes ignore them and have fun you say.
      Sorry not possible.All of these players should be sent to play only against bots and never with pvp again.

    • @Takman Koed Why should coop players have to get stuck with them

  2. Thank you for this Zoup. I love CVs, and I’m not letting any players salt me into not playing them.

  3. While I agree with you on CV’s and the massive amount of hate and toxicity around them I cant say as much for the rest. Calling out players who either dont know how or refuse to play their ships properly is perfectly reasonable. It’s reasonable because those players are a liability to your team and its chances of winning. I’m not saying going full triggered retard on a sniping BB or border journeying DD the moment you see it is right but trying to tactfully correct them is. And if they reply with something like “I’ll play however I want it’s my game” then it’s understandable, even if not reasonable, to resort to berating them at that point. If playing right bothers them then they should stick to coop.

    • Then there’s the reason “Who or what are you to call out what I’ve been doing wrong, are you a unicum?”
      tbh if players don’t “grow” they won’t last long in the game, much less the community.

    • @KineticRhyme exactly!

    • @KineticRhyme
      Or “i did my part i got 2 kills” when u totally carry the game and they play horribly…while laughing at u for having no kills lol

  4. Gosh no. All players must take strategy and tactics into account to an extent when they are playing instead of just doing whatever it is that they want for whatever reasons.

  5. Happy Birthday ? zoup!!

  6. @NoZoupForYou, fire your secondary gunners! Splashing shells into the ocean 500m from your BB when shooting at the DD! Where’s the Russian bias?!

  7. Expecting a bunch of random people who have most likely not played with each other before to interact, cooperate and play well together Everytime is, at best, a pipe dream.

    Or, to put it another way: “Custer had a plan too.”

    I find it best to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Yeah, the DD on my team could be a good player. He could also sail into me numerous times, run away to a corner of the map and not contribute, or launch his torps without checking where his team mates are sailing.

    Or the guy in the Atlanta could park behind an island without checking to see if he can fire over it, and spend the next three minutes in game trying to change it’s topography with all the shells he’s fired at it, while raging in chat he’s not hitting anything…the list goes on, and on, and on…
    As for the CV issue, it’s always going to be a tough one to fit into the game, but IMO they took something that was ok, and made it worse. I wasn’t the best player in Carriers before the change, but after the change and a few games, I sold them all. I won’t play them again until they are better than they are. I’ll give the people behind WoWS credit, when they get things right they get things right, but when they get things wrong they get it really wrong (Graf Zeppelin release anyone?).
    I don’t expect CVs to be fixed to everyone’s satisfaction anytime soon, but when the current meta is getting the reacting from the player base, maybe WG would notice.
    Then again, maybe WG has heard, and they aren’t going to change. Why would they? After all, the new CV meta is WG doing what WG wants to do, so why be upset with them?

  8. on reddit most players would rather change the game instead of changing their playstyle.

    • Peter der Meter

      @bladeclanhalo3 DDs have plenty of counters. it´s just that to perform these counters you need an attention span that tops that of a dying sea slug. that might be to much to ask from the average WoWs player ofc. i can´t even remeber the last time i ate a torp from an undetected DD. and why would you. seriously, git gud.

    • @Peter der Meter you must be vsing some shitty dd players then, feel free to swap with the dd players i get who know how to spread their torps to hit targets

    • @HawkM1 I see what you mean Worcester has dual purpose artillery it shouldn’t be able to shoot at planes and a ship at the same time with its main battery maybe that is why it didn’t work?

    • @bladeclanhalo3 People have camped since the beginning of the game DDs wont push because they may get detected BB wont push because they may get torped by DD, CA wont push because the BBs will delete them and whats the answer lets blame it on the CV rework just for a change. take CV out of the game by all means but dont expect the camp fest to end

    • @sub ohm cv rework has made the game drastically more fun. campers cant sit behind islands all game. dd’s no longer have the ridiculous map pressure that cause pretty much everyone else to camp until they’re dead. people actually push in cv games. get games without a cv and 4 dd’s…you’re not moving for 20 minutes

  9. Well f**king said, Zoup!

  10. Thanks Zoup for the talk. I like to just play. I try to have fun. Trying to stay positive even if I do poorly.

  11. When I’m not having a good day or another player is rather annoying, I turn the chat off. I get to ignore what’s being said and can concentrate more on the game instead of allowing someone to possibility to get under my skin. Works for me every time.

  12. any public game you play there will be the guy you know him

  13. Zoup – Thank You! Well said, I plan on sharing this with my freinds. They will enjoy your thoughts as much as I

  14. @NoZoupForYou. Well said brother! RLTW/DOL

  15. •_Lumia Art_•

    Frankly I block them in chat so I don’t read what is being said in chat by the trolls.

  16. I have to agree with many other comments here after reading all of them to date: This idea, if implemented gamewide (which it won’t be btw), would lead to a very selfish and chaotic result. There has to be a better way, and that’s been mentioned here as well: Feedback directly to Wargaming about frustrations w/ the CV rework. CV’s should have been released underpowered, not as overpowered as they are now, and adjusted upward until they become balanced with the other classes. But they were rushed into the game to satisfy a profit motive and meet a console release deadline leaving many long time players with a horrid result. That’s the fact here, and that’s why there’s so much dissatisfaction & toxicity in the game right now.

    I have never, in almost 4 yrs of playing this game, ever been chat banned. It’s not my thing to call others out or get worked up in-game about the predictable outcome of expecting random players to organize a team result. That’s just not realistic in any universe I know of. I can only adjust to whatever reality exists. In my case, I completely set the game aside for ALL of the patch 0.8.0 release after a few experiences and waited until sometime after 0.8.2 to come back & test the water again. Since things are still not stable (imo) as of 0.8.4 I’m quite happy grinding out credits and Cmdr XP in co op and the amazingly lucrative scenario ops.

    To me it’s just all an RNG game. How one allows the experience to get into their head and affect them is personal. For me to be me means I either play or don’t play depending on the day. Lately there’s been a lot more “don’t”. That’s on Wargaming, not me.

  17. Can I get mad at players that willingly abuse game mechanics? *cough SLINGSHOT cough*

    • imho, call them lame for doing so, but reserve your “mad” for the developers of the game 🙂

    • or border humping when it boils down to it slingshot mechanic is no more broken than Radar and hydro through islands or invisible flak that melts the CV planes.

    • infinite shells and torpedoes, invisible ships, radar and sonar going thru islands and mountains. instantly put out fires and flooding. game mechanics in a arcade game. Arcade Game! slingshot is part of the game especially with CVs being so nerfed.

  18. Sounds like Cc’s got a letter from WG

  19. Richard Hallford

    Except that Ranked play depends on the team winning for you to advance up the ranks. The games don’t reward enough for contributions to team action, but instead reward for individual action, hence the chasing personal glory which you see so often to the detriment of the teams success.

  20. >Oh yay a raffle
    >welp, nevermind.

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