World of Warships – “You do your thing” YES SIR !!!

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Don’t forget today (15th dec) I will cast live from WG HQ in Prague “Shipstorm Saturday” tournament. It starts around 13:30 CET on my twitch channel and it will last till midnight so most of the day. Tomorrow (16th dec) stream will start around 18:00 CET, hope to see as many of you there as possible ?

I was told to do my thing so I did my thing….you know what my thing is right?
But ofc you do, everyone does !
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. first

  2. I am casting live from Prague WG HQ today and tomorrow whole afternoon/evening on my twitch, check video info, hope to cya as many there ?

  3. Its too bad Jingles wasn’t able to join you.

  4. Speshuuuuul Tackticks for the win …. well if you are Flambass of cause .. well played and see you later on Stream 🙂

  5. I don’t know if I’ve seen a flambass video where you didn’t go through the middle.

  6. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    How do you do this and pull it off?!?!

    • Because Flambass is OP

    • Careful considerations, Luck and Map Awareness.

      You count how many torpedo boats you are against so you don’t get deleted as soon as you emerge from the islands.

      You look at which ships have Radar/Planes that might ruin your day. (Obviously a no-go if there are CVs but going through mid might deny the enemy CV air dominance if you are in an AA ship)

      You pray to RNG that the enemy fleet are potatoes. (HP Buff Tirpitz says a lot, I mean, 75 base exp.)

  7. How have people not learnt you always go mid, even when you call it out in chat they still let you through. Flamboggeling!

  8. You are giving people reasons to commit suicides in game because people now want to go through the middle but completely forget that they are not flambass. Flamaing bad as!!!

  9. “Why do you keep doing this” Reply Its fun. Surely that’s what the game should be.

  10. Because it’s never not funny!

  11. Flambass screaming is worth GOLD.

  12. Sees a decent shot, just miss.

    “bad dispersion”

    Alright Flambass no need to rub it in to all us German BB players ??

  13. Absolutely amazing how many of your teammates stayed lurking south of A while you completed your push.

    Why even load the game if you are going to hide in a corner? You watch TV.

    BUT hilariously fun video, thank you.

  14. 11:45 me: dasvidanija, comrade!
    11:50 you

  15. 0 dislikes.. Clyde didn’t watch it i guess

  16. No, Clyde didn’t see the video yet, because its 231 likes and 0 dislikes

  17. *reported

  18. Every time I see someone suggest a mid push on Two Brothers, I reply “This ain’t YouTube, and you ain’t Flambass.”

  19. Flambass; showing people how not to play WoWs since… forever? xD nice game dude

  20. Yesterday, on my first abruzzi game, I died just in time to witness the pure pleasure that is two CVs going through the middle, and one getting a die hard off the other

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