World of Warships – You don’t want this against you as a bottom tier

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This ship was removed from premium shop for a reason.
Ofc back then it was even more OP with different CV, different AA and prior to smoke screen change.
But it’s still really nasty to deal with, especially if there are no big guns to address it.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Tank Commander

    Here goes the Flam of the Bass again! Keep it up, Flambass!

  2. love how my Mogami currently has 14.2 km range xD compared to this at 19.1 km has smoke and a better rate of fire in both senses of the word

    • You’re comparing a stock Mogami with a Premium ship from a line known for long distance HE spamming?

    • +Donegali Mogami only has 15.8km range when upgraded… Still a beast, though.

    • +TheGreenFather You can’t see the irony of comparing an un-upgraded ship, in a line known for it’s stealth, against a Premium ship, in a line known for it’s lack of stealth and long range guns? If an upgraded Mogami was compared to say an Atago, I would make a fairer comparison, but it’s like comparing a DD to a cruiser, totally different playstyles. Totally agree with you on the Mogami being a beast though, it’s one of, if not, my favourite T8 cruiser.

    • +Donegali Thats just dumb. It has smoke, so ya. Insta Stealth.

  3. hey mate, long time watcher first time commenter. you do have a good following. 518 veis in 55 minutes. im yet to watch the vid. only 7 comments. good work from Australia.

  4. Tyrion Lannister

    I run IFHE on my Kutz but I don’t get this many fires. I guess I should start praying to RNGesus.

  5. Søren Vesterlund

    Background: “We’re going mid, right?”. “Is that a real question!?” xD

  6. love your vids

  7. “not bad at all” – nicely said.

  8. I really enjoy watching your videos, but since you moved and started uploading videos again the videos are blurry.

    • this is an old video from the new apartment when he was streaming via mobile internet. Meanwhile he’s got a stable connection and videos in 60fp should return in no time

  9. Apparently this has a higher fire chance than my Zao.

  10. Hello Flambass, I’m your avid fans from Philippines, nice video.

  11. Dude, did u just try to torp own Normandy?…

  12. Thats the one ship I really regret NOT buying…

  13. When ever I’m having a bad day, I watch your daily vid. I always feel better going back to the game.

  14. Why is your vids 720p max only?

  15. They already made that movie 30 years ago. It was called “The Money Pit.” 😛

  16. I bet the conditions of your old apartment, is why your old lady was coughing all the time. At least hopefully

  17. do an azuma vs Alaska comparison?

  18. What upgrades and commander skills are you using, my Kutuzov was an AA fit before the CV changes but since they removed the ability to direct fire at individual plane squadrons it’s just not the same :'(

  19. If you hadn’t had your head up chat’s backside, you would have noticed the DD you complained about had decapped, and had the enemy DD spotted for days.
    Instead of farming french cruisers and British BBs , you could have solved your DD concerns AND one of your teammates from sinking.

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