World of Warships – YOU explain THIS

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Here is a match for you and YOU explain this to ME because I can’t explain WTF happened there
Too many potato moments xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The amount of glue sniffed in this game must have been astronomical…

  2. It’s not often I say this with WoWS teams – but I have NO words Flambass! None!!! That is a whole new level of potato!

  3. Doesnt the Kii have torps… that dude probably tried to torp you. That yolo… and the last 2 ships are just “nope… im out…”

    • The Kii has 0.3 K/D…

    • +Indra Setiawan But, flambass is a lucky mino ! 🙂

    • Are you talking about the two torps dropped by the Cossack, one of which nearly hit the Kii? ‘Cos that would have mightily derailed any attack plans.

    • No the Cossack torps were from a ENTIRELY different direction…The Kii Player was probably trying to line up a torpedo shot, it has torpedo tubes mounted astern of midship hence his NOT firing or even his guns tracking Flambass. The tubes never cleared the headland so Flambass had enough time to kill the Kii.

    • +Dark Howling : Yes, I’d figured that some time back – see my comment some hours earlier. Except I was wondering which ship you were talking about because the resolution on my monitor was too low to make out the ship name properly and I had thought it to be a Zao. It wasn’t till I cranked up YouTube on my PS4 connected to the 4k TV that the situation became clear.

  4. That red team looks awfully familiar 🙁

  5. wtf was that friendly torp in smoke
    oh i forgot there are no friendly torps

  6. Kii captain…..”must get a torp kill, must get a torp kill, what do you mean i’m in a BB!”

  7. World of Warships summed up in one video.

  8. I can hear Jingles narrate this in my head, no! What are you doing? Hahahaha (jingles laugh)
    You have to send this to the jingles.
    Neat that my hoodie purchase is in this clip.

  9. The Universe saw what a pathetic pair of DD’s the A Div on your team was, and decided to give you a break. Can’t think of any other way to possibly explain…

  10. Sometimes the stars align, sometimes the idiots line up. The stars and idiots lined up in this game..

  11. I usually get the red team as my team! ?

  12. I’ll cut the Jutland a little slack – if I saw a DM charging in like that I’d probably follow him to help out too.

  13. 4:09 The _Kii_ player obviously wanted to torp you. Several conceivable reasons:
    – Revenge because you killed his division mate in the Asashio only moments before
    – Maybe doesn’t have she ship very long and wanted to finally try the torps  
    – Just for the hell of it
    – front turrets broken (note they do not move and are stuck at a somewhat strange direction and angle)
    – suiciding since his division mate was already dead at this stage.
    (Note how both are in Tier VIII premiums, I shan’t even bother to look up their stats.)

    4:55 At this stage, the _Des Moines_ was of course committed to his ill-conceived Yolo rush in a ship without torps. His only choices left were giving you broadside or eating some torps. The interesting question is what made him rush in the first place, because he already started when you launched the torps against the _Kii._ Before he even radared you. AND he initially turned _north._ He might not have been clear on the actual number of opponents on that cap. At least he must have overlooked the _Republique_ behind the island. Initial plan might have been just a short swing through the upper quadrant of the cap circle, radaring and shooting DDs and possibly getting off a few pot shots at you. That, or some irrational ranting in the enemy team’s chat by the _Kii_ player following your _Asashio_ rape. Then he saw _Republique_ and tried to angle. Coffin nailed shut.

    Hans in the _Jutland_ is a not-too-skilled player playing DDs more than anything else but not by so much that you could call him a DD main. Only 4K battles, rushed through the tiers, bought a fair amount of premium ships and from the looks of it, got the _Jutland_ out of a RN container. He or any number of blokes like him will end up on any of our teams one of these days.

    Also your sub “nachlader09” probably needs German pronunciation of his nick, which means “reloader”.

    • I like the analysis but it leaves out one thing: people who count torpedos to identify the type of launcher would have been put off their stride by the stray teamkiller torp that the Kii had to dodge. He might have been thinking “Aha! I have some time before a reload can get me!” Then of course they eat three Minotaur torps and are no longer thinking straight at all.

    • +Richard Linter Asterix levels of slapstick, really. I just noticed the _Jutland_ didn’t even come in RN containers. _Hans_ must have Free-XP’d it, skipping _Jarvis_ and _Lightning._

      The same way he skipped _Sampson, Wickes, Nicholas, Farragut, V-25(!), Maass, Isokaze(!), Minekaze(!) and Hatsuharu._

    • +Cancun771 : Oh, absolutely. One caveat: my opinion isn’t worth much, having only ~1300 battles myself. Most advanced ship: Fiji, tier VII. I do have an Acasta destroyer, obtained from an RN container; and am grinding my way towards Icarus – something I might achieve by year’s end.

  14. If those players were AI, i would say WG is doing a terrible job. Being humans, i really don’t know what to say.

    • AI would have focused him instead fo shooting at things 4x fursther away ^^

    • Krona Not torping friendlies definitely doesn’t belong on that list (I’ve seen plenty of high tier DD bots drop torps when a friendly is between them and their target). The others are definitely accurate

    • +Krona Well, it doesn’t happen too often, but I have seen bots torp friendlies. They even go pink 😉 And they go broadside all the time – just not to the meatshiel^h^h^h nearest player. Whenever there’s a mission etc where you have to farm lots of citadels, I do it in _Nicholas_ in Co-op, tearing up some cruisers.

    • A_Certain_Weird_War_Machine

      Nah WG bots will beat thise players.

    • +Cancun771 Fair enough

  15. A bunch of people on the enemy team recognized you, and wanted to get on YouTube by any means necessary.

  16. Remember right up to the point you pulled into Nuke-the-Asashio Bay they were taking all three capture points, functionally dominating the board. . . But maybe that was the problem – spread too thin, taken apart piece by piece.
    Not going to criticize – I have been that dude. Game going well, sitting in some cover taking a point, plinking away when, all of a sudden. . . Minotaur. MINOTAUR!? Where did that come from? Oh, *&&$#%! First, bend over and kiss your backside goodbye because that is absolutely the most effective thing you can do under the circumstances. Then, smoke – might as well, you paid for it.

  17. oooooo its only an 11 minute video this is gonna be good :)))))

  18. My explanations:

    1)1st DD did not fire torps on Flamu cause he fired them on green dds (maybe in advance)
    2)BB is just stupid, maybe he locked his turrets and forgot to unlock it
    3)CA saw torps and turned to go between them… He went forward and got into crossfire cause he *thought* the BB would finish the Flamu
    4)2nd DD just went together with Des Moines
    5)2nd BB had both forward turrets destroyed/disabled, he said so in chat
    But damn that’s amazing

  19. Online gaming, it’s never “Is my team full of idiots?” It’s “I hope the other team has more idiots than mine does!”

  20. You obviously haven‘t played WoWs while having a hangover…

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