World of Warships – You know when you get excited?

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Oh boy…I am addicted to this…itR;s just gets too crazy every time to not do it.
But the match begins with Monkeys words and you all know what it means.
“You know when you excited?”
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Up the midddddddllleeeee! XD

  2. 08:08 Japanese aircraft JATO confirmed… Some brave pilots you got there, Flambass!

  3. Double upload with Funs With Hans? Wow :3

  4. Master of Two Brother map…!!

  5. Down satans butthole here we go….

  6. Man you were PISSED about your planes going after that Shima. You + RogueMonkey = Hell of a good time/laugh.

  7. The Budgie Admiral

    So many fighters everywhere, gee. I’m at Shoukaku and she is starting to grow on me now that I am upgrading her. You can’t citadel Japanese BBs though, Izumo, Musashi and Yamato seemingly only give pens…

  8. 105 planes! Is that some sort of record? GG CR33D

  9. Really wish WG would give CVs the ability manually drive carriers and activate consumables.
    Sure maybe some may prefer to focus on the ‘action’ and have some automation, but at least give others the option of switching it off and utilise personalised tactics.

    Or maybe that’s the thing: WG wants to simplify anti-CV gameplay…?

  10. I swear every second video is a twin brothers haha

  11. If I am correct the 2 by 2 torpedo bombers helps the overall survivabilty of the entire strike force if you constantly go into strike mode since the AA targets on the 2 striking planes which leave the rest of the following behind relatively safe.

  12. All that big talk from the Tirpitz and the Jean Bart at the start of the match … good to see them finish at the top of the leaderboard … lol

  13. 1st rule of war – No matter how well you plan no matter how well you prepare , young men will die. 2nd rule of war – see rule #1. Those aircrew did their duty and the battle was won.

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