World of Warships – You NEVER saw THIS CRAZY before – NEW way of playing CVs

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I’m known to do crazy and risky plays and some of them can be spectacular but this is a whole new level of CRAZY ma dudes. Even if this is not the class you enjoy watching I strongly suggest you stick around and watch till the end, I don’t want to spoil anything for you but you are in for one HELL OF A MATCH.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Once you see CVs with an unlimited amount of planes in deck, BBs that have a higher top speed than most Cruisers of their tier, Cruisers with 380mm guns and DDs without torps, nothing seems crazy anymore..

  2. *sees it’s two brothers*
    Oh, he’s going to…
    *sees Flambass is in a carrier*

    …oh god, he’s gonna do it, isn’t he.

  3. somebody wake up the old man

  4. 2:13 “Hi Flamu” in chat lmao i’m dying

  5. Well I know what I’ll be watching again on Jingles Channel….

  6. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Calling Jingles old man. Hey Flambass you should look at yourself in the mirror you have a cat and your a WOWS streamer. Maybe you should call him Dad. LOL 🙂

    • Well, yes, old man
      isn’t calling your dad an “old man” a slang or something lel?

    • @SHayden yeah

    • Call my Dad old man all the time. It’s a term if endearment not an insult and is used by @flambass in a positive way.

    • The Tank Commander

      No offense, but give Wargaming streamers – and community contributors – a little more respect man. Not to mention it’s a habit that some people call someone else they know “the old man”. It’s in a James Bond movie I saw, it’s in many other movies, and also Flambass can say what he so well pleases because he’s in a higher position than you are. So don’t think that other people may find that insulting. Again, No offense

  7. That was soooo dirty! To the salt mines with you!??

  8. I thought this is going to be slingshot technique or something like that. But man, this is ridiculous

  9. seriously??? a “die hard”???
    I’ve managed close quarters and ram kills so far in my CVs but never seen someone even getting one of those while in a CV…

    why can’t you like a video more than once…

  10. Jan Maarten Vleer

    This was a: “move along, nothing to see here” moment. Laughing so hard, no tears left. Thx Flambass….epic!

  11. Broadside Potato

    546K gross credits earned, only 203K net. Carriers are really expensive to run

  12. plz do send it to oldman cause he can use it in Why You heff to be mad

  13. Send to Jingles. Let’s see if he falls out of his chair laughing at ram

  14. Didier Camalboudou

    Nice one Flambass 🙂 Definitely one for Jingles. Keep it up!!!

  15. “Oh I heard you like two Brothers…”?

    Next level Flambassing!

  16. Eternally Angelic

    with all of the experience Flambass has in this game.. he’s still attacking ships with british carpet bombers broadside… /facepalm

  17. A carrier is useless once it runs out of planes.

    Flambass: Hold my beer.

  18. Yall failed to realize Flambass has unlocked the b29 upgrade for carriers.

  19. Jimmiar Reltherford

    ONLY Flambass can RAM a Mosvka and Survive to tell the tale XDXD Well done!! Had zero idea that was coming LOL

  20. Two Brothers….Flambass….if ya’ll don’t know where he is going, you haven’t been playing attention.

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