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It turns out that every time I pick this ship, something weird or spectacular happens. This match was no exception.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. This is a cap, there are many like it but this one is mine.

  2. God a secondary fight between a Kurfürst and Bismarck sounds amazing

    • I was in a 3 Tirpitz division, all secondary spec. We went brawling, and people complained all the secondary spam dropped the frame rates lol.

  3. love it, makes me want to come back and play again

  4. I love your play style and content Dude!!! 😀

  5. Thiago Bergamini

    Hey Flambass, bring more vids of CoH please 😉

  6. I bet your commander played Hold the line, by toto, the whole time in that cap.

  7. Witnessed this marvel during the stream??

  8. There is only one true build for GK:
    1: preventive maintenance,
    2: adrenalin rush
    3: superintendent(or vigilance/basic firing training)
    4: advanced firing training, manual secondaries, IFHE

  9. Pain train of three enemy battleships incoming.
    Flambass: Let’s take “Island hugging” to a whole new level.
    That was brilliant and funny and you are a dirty, filthy camper Captain 😀

  10. Omg, so cool u show a game about it !
    Got in the exact same place with a JB not so long ago lol
    4kills, 320+ secondaries, 198k dmg, last alive on C and we won. ?
    I love that little channel inside C, just the place needed to park a powerful brawler bb ?

    GG !

  11. G. Kurfürst, the biggest DD in the game 😀

  12. That was an amazing play even for you flambass ultimate skill!

  13. Only Flambass can pull of beating a TWA guy with a meme.

  14. David Chrysostom

    Reminds me, in so many ways, of that great line from the movie Blazing Saddles:

    “Oh baby, you are so talented … and they are so dumb!”

    (make a great gif for your stream too)

  15. stefanos perivolaris

    so hows the cv rework?
    me: 0:00

  16. People still say German Accuracy, Flambass with secondaries build says “hold my speshul tactic”

  17. Ah yes, I had great matches in my Tirpitz – when I wasnt matched against T10 ^^

  18. “Why is he backing into 3 BBs!? Oh… oh come on, no way…. goddamnit that’s hilarious”

  19. This should be YOU SHALL NOT CAP

  20. Bismarck player fuming about not playing Tirpitz

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