World of Warships – You want the job done? Do it yourself

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If you want the job done, you just have to do it yourself, and when you think youR;ve done enough, do more, and then a bit more and it might just be enough xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. That Stalingrad in the beginning though… How much steel is it? 28k? Questionable decision driving broadside into a DM

    • It was worst Salem complaining, what did he expect? Stalin at least said nothing

    • the other day i had an enemy stalingrad parking full broadside, dead in his tracks just sitting there, at 7km from my montana. can you guess how that worked out? unbelievable how those special snowflakes got to farm 28k steel…

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      With WG releasing the nerves of steel mission for purchase and the ability for people to rank out just with sheer repetition, it’s not really surprising that some people in steel ships will act like special potato snowflakes…

  2. that republique… useless, bot, most likely both

  3. Lol that Stalingrad at the beginning… That’s the mindset of about 80% of the players on the North American server.

  4. Good game Flambass, Must admit though I prefer the vids with laughter in them, came across as quite angry and a bit salty

  5. Are you using Windows or Mac? Getting problem, getting drop while playing, happening more now after the patch. You having any problem playing?

  6. Can you make more cv gameplays particularly the lower tiers

  7. Hmmm….can you do the same sort of maneuver with the Helena or Cleveland with any other cruiser as you did with the Stalingrad?

  8. 10:50 that Baltimore, he knows there are dd’s to left and place himself broadside in channel….. epic.

  9. Someone get Flambass to the strip club, pump him full of drinks and get him a few lap dances. He hasn’t sounded this disgusted with his fellow gamers in a long while.

  10. Nice of the Stalingrad to have a self imposed nerf going on there to make sure it’s a fair fight ?

    And that’s the sort of judgement call I need to make more often. The number of rounds I’ve thrown my own result under the bus to chase down the random DD no other smeg will shoot at.

  11. That friendly Alaska at the beginning though, going to A

  12. Just got this ship and love it. Oh and great help from the team lol

  13. So much tryharding Flambass.. doesnt suit you. SPEAK

  14. 8:43 that is Le Château Frontenac in Québec city you are shootin over. Lol. I slept in one of the rooms in this image.

  15. My evalution regarding the latest posts: WoWs-Burnout.


    He joined the dark side. His hate has taken his soul.

  16. Play Fleet Glory Mobile

  17. Broadside Balansgrad loose to a puny DesMoines? Buff Stalingrad, DM OP.

  18. I think you’re being unfair to that Gearing there was a Balti and a Zao right behind you he probably knew about. I would have dropped those torps 10/10 times into a fatal funnel without stream sniping.

  19. Finely you got the beast to a walk gg nice game my friend???

  20. Should I expect to see this Replay on Jingles channel soon? Nice job

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