World of Warships – You wanted Siegfried, you got it

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I forgot how awesome this ship can be. At first I was in love with Agir, then I discovered Siegfried but then I realized that Agir is more reliable…now….I don’t know man. They’re both awesome ships and totally worth getting.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. No power can’t sleep, thank goodness I can still watch my boi before my phone dies

  2. Biscuitchris7again

    3:17 This is why I use a 24 hour clock. Never make mistake.

    Edit 3:51 Bingo.

    1000 hours and 2200 hours instead of 10 am and 10 pm.

    • Twenty two hundred hours has too many syllables

    • So wierd. I thought every European country uses 24-hour format. Maybe it’s just his phone. Neverthless, if you want to wake up, you setup one alarm, not x million. It’s Flambass so he will learn it, evetnually.

    • I think if it was worded as “use a clock with 24 hour time / military time, instead of AM/PM. But coming from France, I too, thought all Europeans used 24 hour time anyway.

    • @Michael C Using 12h/am/pm time is pretty common in the Netherlands, unfortunately. 24h is much more clear and unambiguous.

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Appointment and I have never heard of a barber saloon! Maybe a salon!

  4. I need to go shopping, but what I do before going shopping ? Checking my subbed channel… And what I see ? Game, that I saw live.
    Does it matter ? OH fkng NOOO, Good Siegfried game has always the priority !
    Really GG Flambinio, Schneider here ! ✌😎
    PS: 13:25 thats why you NEVER 2nd line torp, and fkng NEVERRRRRRR Widespread 😂🤦‍♂️

  5. I would grab Siegfried but with the upcoming captain skill rework removing the option for secondaries (as of now) for CAs, it may be wise to hold off on buying her, waiting to see what WG does with her.

    • @Ultra Vires hopefully they won’t rush it like they did with CV rework. There will be various testing iterations. Even at a first glance, there is a lot of cool new stuff but also some very bad things, like absolute value on planes torpedo belt reduction skill and lack of LS, BFT, AFT and FP for cruisers. Hopefully they will address that.

    • @Stefano Crosazzo I thought the rework as already finished, just not launched. Are they still tweaking it?

    • @Joe That is exactly the same reason I love my Siegfried too, it has become my most played premium after my Alaska and Graf Spee (when it originally came out).

    • @Matthew10950 all information about captain skills rework were posted on the dev blog, thus highly WIP and subject to change. That was the initial “sketch”, and it will better be, because it could be the final nail on Atlanta’s coffin. Poor thing was basically killed by AA changes and IFHE rework, now if they take away BFT and AFT from her, she is buried.

    • @Stefano Crosazzo At least atlanta is just one ship, WG is hatefucking the entire DD class into the ground with all the changes over the last year and a half, and they are supposed to also take on the bulk of anti sub duties once that dumpster fire hits live servers…

  6. Seigfried is love. seigfried is life

  7. Refuse pink hair and go pink… fascinating.

  8. You mean us plebs on YouTube miss story time with Flambass?

  9. 5:50 Abstauber = german for Killstealer in this context or in generall if someone is hard working for something and u just take the reward

  10. You should totally keep that hair color, actually looks good on you.

  11. Frans van Terwisga

    that georgia at the end potato’d his shot on new epic levels

  12. hehe, use 24hr time format and you don’t have to worry about AM/PM ;o)

  13. 1:24… WTF just happend…. LMAO…. but ofc… if u pay more intrest on the chat then the game, then u get punished…. and thats a happening thats gonna continue untill his focus is back on the game….

  14. That was a pretty remarkable YOLO at the start, lol.
    Nice to see the two gutless Alsace who sat at the back got the lowest scores. One of them was faceplanting an island for a remarkably long time while you were happily charging in.

  15. Title: You wanted Seigfreid
    Comments: No, we want Montana!

  16. An “Abstauber” is German for someone who benefits, without his own contribution

  17. Flamu: Slava challenge
    Flambass: hold my Siegfried

  18. Isn’t Flambass Croatian? Asking a Croatian about “politics”, uh, faux pas.

  19. Funny that he didn’t notice the other battleship that was left considering he shot it and hit 12k on it haha

  20. another Jingles moment: “I didn’t know there was another Iowa there” … that he did shoot at 1min before.

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