World of Warships – You’ll find me at the tip of the spear

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Tip of spear, leading the attack/charge, aggression and agility, this is how I like play my ships and I like in particular because it allows me to be right there at tip and ready to react when needed.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. just the tip….

  2. This kind of tip seems to tickles…

  3. If the Z-52 had moved forward he would have sailed into shima-torps 😉

  4. That turned out nicely lol gg

  5. Man those enemy bb’s… if they were on my team I would have raged so much with chat ban

    • “Teammate” “eastern” bb were not much better. They were not the spear, not even the spearman – they were far behind the ass of the spearman.

    • Yea, usually goes like this:
      Me: “Stop it. Stop it. Stop the lemming train”
      Team: **lemming train intensifies**

  6. 9:50 … I think the red tem was going for that achievement…. fit 8 ship into the same minimap square.

  7. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    cruiser on the front line but gk behind an island….jesous kreist

  8. That Shima at the start that smoked… Great teamplay from him but mark my words I’m sure he didn’t get much XP or Credits at the end. This is how WG teaches players to be selfish.

    • Any suggestions on how to judge whether smoking teammates at the right moment is good or not? Beside you have to make it so that players can’t abuse the system.

    • ​@Qun Minh As a DD, I will very rarely smoke up a team mate unless a) they are being focussed and I think smoke will actually help them survive b) they ask for it nicely and I sense they’re a reasonably skilled player to make use of it c) I see another dd smoked up and it would be beneficial in that moment to smoke share, so I’ll go there with the idea of extending the smoke d) at the beginning of the game, if there is a radar cruiser following me into cap (and its not an obvious suicide mission) I will usually give them smoke, but players doing this usually ask for it too. Also keep in mind that dd’s like Daring have short-duration smokes which are almost pointless in giving to team mates.

    • @Qun Minh skill based matchmaking plus huge bonus to entire winning team.

  9. What a beautiful lemmingtrain red had…

  10. Temper… Maybe you tamper with your captain builds.

  11. Flambino, you need to institute a new segment to your videos: Monday’s with MONKEY!!!!

  12. Graham Forrester

    positioning masterclass

  13. I love this position on this map. Did it the other day in my Salem and racked up over 300k

  14. When and why WG reduced DM backward speed from 18 to 13?

  15. I have not played for a week now.I feel like i passed rehab!No nerves,no headaches no elevated blood pressure hahahah

  16. 13:08 “You can shoot the INFRASTRUCTURE all you want” Yep… He’s that focused.

  17. Enjoy playing DM like this, once legendary module is changed, this is all going away.

  18. I see Des Moines, I watch and like regardless.

  19. I respect the enemy team’s strat of sending 2/3 of the team to A.

  20. hash_slinging_slasher

    10:30 the original channel dash

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