World of Warships- You’ll Never Guess What The Most Expensive TVIII Premium Ship Is!

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Hey guys! Today we discuss quite an oddity with the available premium ships at the moment! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. That there’s a difference in price of Premium ships between classes (while same tier, even within a tier….) already says enough about the ship balances and between classes imo.

  2. Krzysztof Narloch

    Just a reminder. It was event exclusive ship during its initial release – maybe thats why its price nowadays is a bit heigher. And remember before CV rework it was the most busted t8 CV

  3. I would think that you manly pay for the name, because it is the only aircraft carrier that germany ever build and that makes is kind of legendary so probably more people will pay a higher price for it

    • Broccan Mac Ronain

      I agree. It is probably the history of the Graf Zeppelin that entices purchases though why the Hornet is cheaper I do not know.

  4. I never go above the T6 CV’s…I know my limits.

  5. Saipan is far more effective.

  6. If you’re not playing Graf Zeppelin as secondary build gun ship then you are doing it wrong!

  7. She may be the worst CV for PvP, but is the best CV for PvE, secondary build, Lutjens, choose ops, press “w” and watch the damage come in, and use the planes to secure extra heals while spotting for the rest of your team

  8. Note the Saipan is right there with the Graff.
    The rework has really wrecked the Saipan.

    • And i JUST got Saipan of my last super container too.

    • @Jay Werner have you tried it yet?
      In operations or co-op vs the other T 8 CVs? My kaga or hornet ( thank you sea lord for hornet ) do much better that Saipan.

    • @mike henthorn I have not. Im fully aware of what the Rework did to the poor girl. At least she is the “remaining example” of a Independence Class Carrier, shes got that going for her. And tier 10 planes, all be it small squads.

  9. It is the most expensive because WG keeps trying to have a planned economy like the old Soviet union. It seems to be working about as well too. That is why they keep messing with it.

  10. Seen the Colassus today on the NA server in operations. Made top tier

  11. I got one of those in the submarine token purchased aviation containers, secondaries do more damage than the planes

  12. @mike henthorn It is not a matter of my opinion, though it would also be of my opinion that Saipan is more effective. It is objectively a better CV across all metrics (kills, damage, WR etc). I don’t think it is better. It just is.
    And why wouldn’t it? It has tier X planes with very high alpha strike and great flood/fire chances. Plus, it has great concealment, so you can push further in and cycle your planes quicker.
    And you know which CV is also more effective than all of those? Aquila.
    CVs that scale better with skill are better. Imagina that.

  13. The answer for the higher cost must be related with the loss of money with the initial sales. I think some original purchases were refunded. Somehow they’re trying to compensate it by inflating the cost. They know it’s a historical ship and sooner or later someone will pay for it just for collecting it.

  14. Call me crazy, but the GZ is the only carrier I can achieve decents results in. Those fast planes mean you can relocate easily, making up for everything else — at least for me. It also makes the GZ the only CV to have fun in.

  15. Got this in container once upon time. Dive bomber nerf hurt really much this. In PvE just press W. Let the secondaries do the work.

  16. Thanks for the video. I don’t usually play CV’s or Subs unless I need to complete a mission.

  17. Александр Ванюков

    @Anthrax Tier X planes doesn’t mean that they are good. For example it can be said that Monaghan has tier 8 torpedoes. Are they good? No, they are not better than Tier 6 torpedoes.
    But Saipan greatest weakness in my opinion is that it heavily relies on stupidity of enemies: attack aircraft have very long delay, torpedo bombers carry low speed torpedoes with wide spread, bombers carry not so many bombs and you don’t have a crosshair like Chkalov has. If your enemies sail in straigt line Saipan can be devastating, if not… Well, you won’t do much. At the same time Graf Zeppelin has more precise attack aircraft, torpedoes with narrow spread which can be landed on the nose and bombers which can deal with angling targets. Of course torpedoes are also slow, bombers are not very accurate but planes have speed so you can attack over and over again.
    Yes, Saipan is much stealthier but Saipan has no armor and no AA against enemy carries so it can be spotted and punished for pushing. Meanwhile Graf can still be played safely and be effective due to plane speed.

    But my opinion is a bit biased cause I don’t find playing Saipan fun. Lexington, Shokaku, Indomitable, Colossus, Graf Zeppelin are more interesting to play in my opinion.

  18. i started with the American cruiser/battleship line first, back in Beta, then went through the Japanese line, then the German line

  19. So where do you think convoy mode Went? I really love the mode because I love guarding the convoys and sinking submarines. It was just the most fun mode in the game

  20. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    I would think that, not only because of the name and history of it, but because it’s the very first hybrid ship in the game; a cruiser with different flavors of spotting aircraft. It, like the Texas, are way overdue for a buff. They got nerfed for conditions that no longer exist.

  21. I got my Graff from a container that I bought with the pirate tokens . I sink more ships with my secondary guns than I do with my planes

  22. General_Rubenski

    Its funny because if you are an Axis & Allies War at Sea miniature collector, the Graf Zeppelin is literally one of the most expensive and rare ship that you can get. More so than ships like the Yamato or Iowa.

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