World of Warships – Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man

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HeR;s named himself after Ben Kenobi, there’s even a Grand Moff Tarkin on the other team. How could I use this title?

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  1. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

  2. “When I left you I was but a skipper now I am the captain”

  3. The ability to destroy a warship is insignificant next to the power of The Force

  4. Seeing a Destroyer get sunk by torpedoes always makes me smile.

    • Fired a salvo of slow-ass Italian cruiser torps down a channel as a harassment/area denial attack. Imagine my surprise when a BB hoves around an island and catches one. “Cool,” I think, “didn’t expect that.”

      Fifteen seconds later, a DD pops out from behind another island, and eats the rest of the salvo. *DING!*

    • as a DD main, there is nothing more rewarding than torping the enemy DD out of the cap, especially if he wasn’t even spotted once.

    • @Razor Calahan oh hell yes on mobile its even funnier

    • But BATTLESHIPS torpedoing destroyers, that is pure perfection.

    • Yep.
      I remember a game where a teammate of mine got the honour of being nearly stealth torpedoed by a enemy cruiser (fired from behind an island) only to be saved by an enemy destroyer!
      Said destroyer sailed out from between 2 islands in front of the oncoming torpedoes (probably to do his own torpedo run).
      I could only say in chat:
      That has to be the first time you are happy to spot an enemy destroyer while sailing in a battleship.

  5. Most people go out in cruisers, battleships or destroyers…. some people go out sailing targets.

  6. I’ve Must missing something that Destoryer that go as fast a Torpedo and Lay Some at 56 Knots, This is Not Destoryer But Super Torpedo system Launcher

  7. So many utterly useless players in this game.

    • the experience i had pretty much every match playing this game befor i quit a few years ago:

      team splits at the beginning of the match.
      the flank im on with a few others holds off most enemies without losing a single member.
      the other flank that has most of my team on it gets stomped by 2 or 3 enemies in less than 5 minutes.
      we all die by getting outflanked and the idiots that died first claim we could have won if our side worked harder.

      its not carriers are bad or subs gonna kill the game.
      the playerbase is simply filled with retards that cant distinguish their right ass cheak from their left.
      and whenever people fuck up its always someone elses fault.

    • Hey, it’s a free game, with a playerbase at 25-30k. You can’t be fussy

    • @swiety1981 on that I agree, I just wish there would be a way to not play with all the morons and have only at least somewhat competent players in the game. Maybe the new Ranked system can help with that, but I didn’t play it enough to rise to silver league yet so I don’t know if it works as intended

    • @Razor Calahan I am in gold league atm and have dummy players get through with PR of 400 (no joke) but they played 700 matches to get there, so sadly, it is a terrible filter for glue sniffers. Shout out to Slic3r on NA server, I do respect the sheer fugging dedication mate o7.

    • @Razor Calahan Smash the S key at battle onset. Return from the toilet to find out you sank 3 enemies with your secondaries, winning the match.

  8. This isn’t a replay. It’s an advertisement for birth control.

  9. “Have you heard the tragedy of random teamate the dumb ?”
    “I thought not. Its not a tale WG will tell you”

  10. Fuck, this seems like the boat I would love to play.


      Looks very fun when others doing great in it. But when we played it ourselves… radar and hydro and planes say hi.

    • I agree with AYAME, this match was essentially the perfect storm for the Paolo, I haven’t been on WOWS in a couple months, but just from watching, I mean you can see he only gets affected by radar once, the entire rest of the match he is free to do this because there are no carriers and no hydro, any of the two in this match would have stopped his pain trains long before they left the station.

  11. Italian navy in real life: “we lack the fuel and steel needed to conduct operations at sea”
    Palmo Emilio on wows: “what is this fuel you speak of?”

    • More like the Italian Fascist Party had to walk every where saying things like, “Weren’t things supposed to be better with Mussolini?” while there’s cars littering the streets of Rome.
      Meanwhile the Paolo Emilio gets 6 charges of, “HA HA HA! 136,000 ship horse power goes VROOM VROOM!!!”

    • @Steeljaw XXI “You will get tired of winning!”

      -Mussolini, 1939

    • its like Thailand who bought an Aircraft Carrier but 99.9% of the time its used as a tourist attraction since they cant afford the fuel or maintenance cost, let alone aircraft

    • Spaghetti

    • “Fuel Reserves – This was a serious issue for the RM, but also one that is sort of hard to call out as being a major mistake of the navy itself. Realistically speaking, the country never should have been involved in a long war where fuel supplies would be very tight – but that was out of the navy’s control. What the RM could do was stockpile, and that it did – in fact, it had the largest stockpile of fuel oil in Europe when the war began, at 2,000,000 tons of fuel oil. The French Marine Nationale had 1,100,000 tons, but this total figure disguises the fact that a significant portion of it was overseas and not available to the French ships based in France and North Africa. The German Kriegsmarine had 450,000 tons of fuel oil (and to be fair it was a fairly small fleet). While American and British reserves are irrelevant due to their ability to replenish them, the IJN, much larger than any continental European power (combined the Italian, French, and German navies had 3,550,000 metric tons of fuel oil), had 3,634,000 tons of fuel oil. Barring the Americans and British, the Italians had more navy fuel reserves per naval tonnage than any other combatant when they entered the war – the problem was, replenishing it. After 250k tons had to be surrendered to the national industry and 50k tons had to be surrendered to the Regia Aeronautica, the RM was left with 170k tons, which was exhausted after about 16 months of war (the end of September 1941) – an average consumption rate of 106,250 tons/month. To compare, the IJN consumed about 305,000 tons/month. Thus, their reserves going into the war could only have lasted them 11.91 months. The difference was – the Japanese had sources from which they could get more fuel after their conquests (the DEI). The EuroAxis didn’t. Still, especially given that the war was dropped on the RM’s lap rather suddenly… it’s hard to fault them for not storing up enough fuel, especially given that they arguably did a much better job of it than anyone else.

      From Phoenix_jz

  12. “huf huf huf HUF HUF HUF!”

    Georgia: “What’s that noi-”


    Georgia: W-T-FU- *BOOM*

  13. This video is perfect for those ones you always title “get closer I want to kill them with my sword”

  14. I laughed so hard at the whole pain train bit!!

  15. @The Mighty Jingles: This full speed smoke creep needs a Jaws soundtrack montage. 😀

  16. Paolo Emilio: “You underestimate my power””

  17. Sebastian Lehrbaum

    Now this is an angry smokescreen. A fast hurting angry smokescreen.

  18. Hearing Jingles say “choo choo, motherfucker” is easily in the top 10 things I’ve heard in my entire life.

  19. Karlchen Karolinger

    This match was an incredible muppet show. Fozzie Bear in his Georgia, Rizzo the Rat in the Udaloi and last but not least Kermit in his Minnesota

  20. Jingles: What are the odds of those two ending up in a battle together?

    Me: Never tell me the odds

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