World of Warships – You’re Doing It Wrong

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Tankbullet_Iron is one of those guys who every now and then just thinks to himself: “Experts! What do they know? I’m going to do it MY way!”

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  1. Morning all. RLTW/DOL

  2. Within a minute, yay.

  3. Excellent timing, I just finished watching the great escapists on Amazon….and I finished my shift in the salt mines.

  4. Keep it up man, doing great, love ur vids and great replays from the players

  5. I’ve been watching your videos since early 2013 back when I was still in grade school, now I’m a sophomore in uni. You’ve been a massive part in my life and please never stop uploading, I know you’re immortal

  6. Unrelated questions. In your cyberpunk-videos, will you be doing sidequests in those or just main-story?

  7. Kii is basically Amagi with some cuts to the guns and armour to make up for the two Kitakazes strapped on either side

    • shingshongshamalama

      Somebody please for the love of all that is good draw Amagi wearing a pair of Kitakaze on her arms like a budget voltron.

  8. yaaay! im here at 592! xD

  9. gotta be my fastest time to view a new release from Jingles

  10. The funniest thing about BBs with torpedoes is how you hit DDs more than anything else. They just don’t expect them.

  11. Jingles! Always good to wake up in the morning to another awesome vid

  12. “…they have a terrible sigma-rating of 1.7, lowest amongst any Tier 7 battleships” – *starring at the screen and checking, KII’s T8* 😀 – please never change mate! glad it will get worse with additional age!

  13. Mainz- The German T7 premium cruiser

  14. jokerspet karlsson

    i was shaking my head throu out the entire video. you Sir, are getting a like.

  15. That was beautiful to watch.

  16. since the skill rework, i even play the Amagi as a Secondary-build! the amount of large caliber secondary is awesome! who is saying “Japanese BBs are not suited for this build!” ?? who says that? have you ever tried it out?

  17. Watching this hurt my eyes😁

  18. Hold the line 🔥

  19. Come on Jingles, you gotta fill your description up with search terms and break YouTube.

  20. *waves the magic wand around chanting: “Expecto Torpedo!”*

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