World of Warships – You’re Doing It Wrong

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Sometimes you get great results in spite of yourself, rather than because of yourself. This is one of those occasions. Fortunately it doesn’t take much for someone to go from getting lucky results to getting consistently good ones. You just have to be prepared to accept some constructive criticism.

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  1. I’m a simple lad. I see Yamato, I click.
    Then I feel clickbated with the Shimakaze clip lmao
    edit: I could not watch past the 5 minute mark because of the scroll zooming

    • Damn…. and it was a Yamato and it was indeed a head clip jingles place every now and then…

    • There was a time players using scroll zoom instead of shift weren’t even featured by most youtubers including Jingles 😂. Oh how times are changing.

    • I think I heard someone say that it gives better RNG. Myths…


    • I did manage to finish the video, mostly thanks to occasionally closing my eyes to offset the scrollzoom nausea. That rapid in-out zooming is about the most useless thing ever (and yeah, it’s getting more common in Jingles’ vids unfortunately.) Just stop it already, people, you’re doing nobody any good at all.

  2. Actually Jingles, you can buy 20 Pi Day camos for 12,000 coal in the armory right now.

    • @Crizit +314% Commander XP, not regular XP. Regular XP would make the camo completely broken lol.

    • @Crizit I also like that we can buy the Hunter camo from the Hunt for Bismarck collection. Not only are its benefits decent but I also like the way it looks.

    • My b my b, but even with 314 cxp and fxp its still higher than most normal camo, that includes the german red and black one which gives you 100%xp and 200%fxp. Speaking of which I highly recommend you to buy the camos for the german event instead of the ships packages themselves since these are not very good ships anyways, having more fxp (camos) is always nice when you need to reset a line or buy a good fxp ship.

    • Also forgot to mention that camo value adds on eachother so that the said german camo has 100%xp + 200%fxp which comes out to be 300 fxp bonus in total, which is less than the 314 pi camo gives you. Hopefully this help anyone who doesn’t know how it works.

    • @Crizit No, +100% XP and +200% FXP gives more: it’s a 6x total multiplier as opposed to a 4x multiplier with +300% FXP.

  3. Oh god, a scroll-zoomer. Jingles, why do you do this to us so early in the morning?

  4. Iv watched this channel long enough to know one thing and one thing only about Yamato class.

    “Don’t flash your cheeks, because they will get clapped” You may fire when ready.

    • @Tom-A062 I know, i feel the same way i felt when i told someone the Colorado is THICC where it counts. I had the same mental pause of “da fuck did i just say”

    • Bogdan Toma-Silai

      I know another one: Yamato also gets ass-penned(and citadeled) by des moines in close quarters…(Des Moines video Jingles did about a year ago)

    • @Jay Werner There’s no shame in that whatsoever, when I look at my Alabama I feel the same way

    • @Bogdan Toma-Silai I once suicided with a des memes in a Kremlin in 1v1 brawls 45k with 1 salvo

    • Bogdan Toma-Silai

      @Seeskabel45 F 🤣

  5. Me looking for the person who sent the replay in

    The person: doesn’t show their face

    Me: someone has learned the first step in not being seen

  6. Besides their gameplay, they could improve their attitude in chat

    • That’s the usual WoWS chat. Nothing surprising. Noobs calling others noobs and useless while they themselves possess 0 insight of what is happening.

    • its the NA sever , its very toxic especially in ranked

    • @NEO Motau EU is the same. And I bet you, the others are too. xD

    • I also noticed that. Had zero awareness of what was going on around him and starts crying at the Stalin as soon as he needed something… smh

  7. It always amazes me how many people don’t know about the Yamato cheeks

    • Learned it the hard way a long time ago… only take eating citidels while angled to relize the weak point. Unless you are one of those guys that screams hacks every time it happens.. most of us have atleast seen that once.

    • That moment when a Baltimore scores multiple citadels on a Yammy cheeks.
      [showering in citadel ribbons]

    • And then get their Yamato cheeks clapped

    • Clearly the guy did know. He just took a calculated risk to get positioning on the Moskva to flank him (and avoid getting rammed). If you want to criticize him more accurately his early shots on the Moskva were poorly aimed or a bad aim period. Or he could have taken a different tact to flank the Moskva. That said I think it’s hilarious that we are all taking the pov from Jingles with 650+ games and a 1350PR that a 6K+ game 1400+ PR player is just a noob who had a lucky game in the Yamato. Very entertaining. 😀

    • @Demose Aries “Hacks!” “You are hacking!” “Reported!”

  8. Captain Jingles killing you softly with wisdom, always keep your cheeks protected.

  9. We need to crowdfund the Yamato theme’s license for Jingles to use!
    A Yamato without its theme, is like an american without a gun, or a russian without vodka!

    • @cupcake kitten Well, vodka does mean water in Russian. (Diminutive foim but who cares.) One of the more useful things the anime Mnemosyne has taught me.

    • @cupcake kitten On every street block? That is a suspiciously low gun density

    • @Brandon Morr It’s a minimum only found in areas with acute Freedom shortages. I’m sure there are places in Russia where there are no working taps and the Russians have to get bottled vodka shipped in. 🙂

    • @Brandon Morr Statistically 1 in 3 houses, I think. Granted that could be anything from “grandpa’s rusty hunting shotgun” to “dude who is ready to fight terrorists in his living room”.

    • @Brandon Morr only in the “Official numbers” density is much higher .

  10. The “friendly” Hindenburg was deep into “DEBT.” Die Early, Blame Team.

  11. Take a shot every time Jingles says “spirit in which it was intended”.

  12. Just trying to imagine the excitement that Leisure_shoot felt seeing his replay being featured…. and then the crushing disappointment as he continued watching.

    F’s in chat boys

    • We have seen worse at this point havent we? And getting advice from Jingles is not that terrible is it 😅

    • @D. Sorensen Except that Jingles is not as good a player as this guy so it’s also humorous from that pov. I mean… this guy has 6k games with average damage of 50k+ to Jingles 37k. Not that Jingles gave any awful advice here, but the knowledge he is passing on was gleaned from watching others play, not his own experience. It’s always helpful to remember how actual few games he has played of this game, vs. number of commentaries on others gameplay. For example I watch a lot of Oddbawz WT videos lately and have learned a ton of things about the game from that. So I could make a video critiquing someone playing WT as well and pass on that knowledge. That is most of what is happening here.

    • @PCWarMachine “those who can’t do, teach”

  13. “Hey, this will be fun to watch”
    Guy starts scroll zooming
    “For the love of god”
    “Are you sure you want to exit tab?”
    “Never been more sure in my life”

  14. “It is possible to commit no errors and still lose, but it is also possible to do nothing right and still win.”

  15. That replay just shows that you don’t have to be the best, you just have to be better than the opponent.

  16. I’m a simple person – I see a Yamato, I’m interested.

    I see a Yamato getting a ramming kill? *Hell yeah*

  17. Ah, a BB replay where the player is pushing in a BB and isn’t sitting at 20km relying on deadeye to farm dmg. I know it was just a 7v7 and he got away too many times making mistakes but still 😅

  18. Jingles, you missed an opportunity to be calling this guy Larry the whole video. I know you’re old enough to have experienced Leisure suit Larry

  19. Christopher Woolley

    “it must be the north American server because they speak pretty good english ” lmao Jingles don’t ever change

  20. Long before he showed some skirt he should have died to the shima without ever seeing him. That shima threw harder than all his efforts combined. Yes the Moskva should have got him 3 times over, showing your cheek to a conq could be argued as a calculated risk. The conq coming out broadside to a previously spotted nose in Yamato was much worse. Because he was nose in you could forgive his choice in ammunition but broadside no, absolutely not. That said when you’re aggressive in a battleship people on the enemy team usually forget how to think. I applaud him going in and going for the objective, tucking in behind the island when he was broadside to the Monty was also good. What he should have done after that is angle out and turn away angling to both the Monty and the Moskva and aim at the upper bow of the Moskva.
    Most Yamato’s would have never gone into the cap, would have run away to group with the rest of the team and been hunted down by that shima. So credit where it’s due.

    • A quick check shows that Leisure_Shoot is actually a pretty experienced player with a above-average PR (1400+) rating and is actually unicum level status for the last few weeks. So while Jingles was seeing mistakes, others might see calculated aggression.

    • @PCWarMachine Go check which tier ships he has that winrate. It will be very revealing.

    • @equal1zer Not sure exactly what you are ‘on’ about with that comment, but if you mean he only has a 49% WR at tier 10 that is not all that surprising even at 6k games. Keep in mind that Jingles has only played about 1k games in WOWS and his t10 stats are probably much worse. He hasn’t played in so long though that you can’t even see his individual ship level stats anymore.
      Also if you want to look at ‘specific’ stats Leisure_Shoot has a 51.5% WR in the Yamato with 1390 PR and that is not anywhere near the epic level of noob that Jingles tried to saddle him with here. No what we have here gentlemen is the typical scenario where a media person tries to find an angle at which to make his story more interesting. I just don’t buy into it. Sorry.

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