World of Warships – You’re Doing It Wrong

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In World of Warships, as in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Unlike in life, World of Warships tries to idiot-proof things by colour-coding good things green and bad things red, but the internet always seems to keep coming up with better idiots…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s my favourite youtuber, mighty jingles! thank you for always being great!

  2. Oh almighty Jingles sir does one know when and how we can get you as a captain, my Hood is lacking a captain.

  3. Nightshade Dawn

    Watching this at 4:40 in the morning on the eastern coast of the US. Hail no sleep.

  4. Well, when u have a game were there are absolutely no requirements to progress the tiers(regards of skill,damage or average xp etc), and u practically can blitz your way up with all the cammos and flags.
    Well, u get these players. And there is alot of them. Alot. Just look at how many bad players there are in wot.
    I had over the course of 2 battles shot down 43 tier 10 planes and 29 tier 8 planes (would have been more tier 8 planes….got paddled…it happends) in the STD (Henry IV). They just keept flying into my AA boubles.

    And if u think that’s bad….weeeeell, I see more and more Yamatos with range mod, spotterplane aaaaand nothing but HE.

    • You’re forgetting the Survivability Expert skill. Some Yamatos have those along with everything else lol. I used to think it was a Jingles joke, but nope.

  5. Gah that Bloody Boat game again where is the Kitten Content old man ?

  6. Jingles, the New Mexico didn’t survive Pearl Harbor because she wasn’t at Pearl Harbor.

  7. Plays a premium ship. Does not use premium consumables. Triggered confirmed!

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Sure the SoDaks may be armored but can we talk about the Number 13 class? Cant wait for WG to make proper BCs in WoWs

  9. Patrick Mundhenk

    I bet that carrier-player was coming over from WoT after playing arty and not hitting anything.

  10. Both ships have an absolutely awful top speed of 21.5kts btw

  11. That Ryujo guy most probably a DD main XD

  12. Funny thing, if a ship was not at the harbor being attacked, it’s not really “surviving” said attack.

    Ahh, Jingles, you catch yourself on the Colorado/tier thing, and thus mess up somewhere else. Never change, gnomefather.

  13. Man… every time I have beautiful opening salvos on enemy broadsiding cruisers, 90% of the shells just straddle the ship and the 10% that hit just overpenetrate -_-

  14. “The internet keeps coming up with better idiots”
    Dang Jingles that’s really deep.

  15. You definitely have the best videos on the game. I’ve learned a lot watching them, and your style is both engaging and educational. Thank you for your work.

  16. omfg that enemy CV…….
    as a CV player I felt the pain, it hurt ME watching the poor guy holy shit

  17. Is Jingles really giving CV rework tutorials ? Bugger.

  18. Mr.Jingles Can you do a Video on how to play the Bismarck please???
    I am grinding the german line now and i find it difficult to adapt to the Bismarck from Geneisenau.

  19. my tier X carrier Audacious torpedo bombers (with captain skills) only have a 1.9km range and have a 423m arming range

    i got balls of steel and the topedo’s hardly miss their target :p

  20. Last SpartanStanding

    I’m up driving at 4:10 am keep me awake jingles

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