World of Warships- You’re Making A MASSIVE Mistake Wargaming

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Hey guys, today we talk about the inclusion of superships into the current season of CBs, let me know what you think below!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Wargambling is after your money so by not banning the super expensive superships they force clans to go aquire those ships to be competitive.
    That also requires the players to get proficient with the ships and practice with them.
    Both of which costs a lot of credits, which are conveniently placed in the store for you to purchase.

  2. clanwar was one of the reason that kept me in the game, i haven’t played for 3 months now.
    and i see the game isn’t getting any better

  3. makes no sense that some T10 are blocked from CB but all super ships are allowed

  4. WG definitely has no profit motive in their decision to not ban superships from Clan Battles. I mean, who could imagine the competitive tryhards throwing money at the screen in order to meet the dictates of “the meta”? That’d never happen.

  5. These ships were designed to eat additional credits from players and they were just introduced. It is logical that none of them will be banned right away. Perhaps in the future they will start banning those super ships that were introduced earlier to motivate players to buy new ones, then banning them also. Lets not forget, this is Lesta,which means that the majority of changes is made for the benefit of the company, not players.

  6. Between never ending Conde in Clan battles and never ending wolf packs in random matches. I have limited myself to 1 or 2 games a day if any. I’ve had matches where based on teams I’ve abandoned flanks immediately on spawn. If the plan was to bleed me of credits you win I’ve choose to make less

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      i personally like the Annapolis more then the conde, but then i love the Desi. but I agree with the general thought that the conde is a better ship. I could play a conde on any flank, in any map, and do big damage and have a heavy impact. the Annapolis is basically limited in rolls like the desi, she plays around islands and just farms away, don’t want her in open water any more then you want to open water a desi, and the shells are so floaty you can’t really range mod her much. still the Annapolis just melts ships of all types, has far higher alpha potential then the conde.

    • Indeed. Play less, problem solved.

  7. My first thought was “than make two Clan battle modes, one witch and the other without superships” but then i realized, those superships would be probably alone in the queue.
    Then they should jsut implement more Super OP Ships and make a gamemode where only superships are allowed. Yet, still players complain more about Subs and CV´s then the Superships or the economy.
    This ships are Moneysinks, and with the new economy it feels like this game turns into a Pay2Play game for whales. It is like in those Mobile games where only 1% of the palyers are make up 99% of the profit.

  8. It is called GREED nothing less, nothing more. Greed has been the downfall of millions of companies throughout history.

    Sad part is it works (for awhile) because there are always people who NEED that extra advantage so they spend what is needed to get said ships.

  9. the normal economy doesnt work with realy dedicated players, they end up with several hundred k in credits n stuff. my guess is that the plan is to make CW and similar stuff superships only in the future, at which point T10 CVs might actually fit in nicely.
    so i would take this as what it is, a “transition period”.(2-3 years i guess) just play for fun and try some silly strats n stuff.
    i have no idea why someone would play any game competitively in general, so what do i know?

  10. MysticDragonWolf

    If superships are allowed – then ALL ships should be allowed. I’m talking about a certain Russian cruiser that’s been banned for several seasons in a row

    As for superships in clan – actually our clan has been quite well against them even when we don’t have them in our battle line

    Most people who use them don’t use them accordingly (myself included)

  11. We don’t mind the supers in clans, what sucks is the 1 bb limit causing heavy cruisers like Stalin Moskva and Napoli free reign with no fear

    • Napolis have more freedom for sure, but Stalins and Moskvas are still prone to being focused down if you have good team play, generally if you see a bow in soviet CA and can get 3 or more players HE spamming it, then they go down quick. Heck even a single decent Ragnar player can burn down a stalin stuck bow in.

  12. Philosophy on super ships: player buys super ships, player bleeds credits, player buys credits from premium shop=profit. A couple nights ago in CBs, an enemy Conde was closing fast to my half health Kremlin. I was waiting for him to dump torps, but it didn’t. As it came around to my broadside at point blank range, the mofo burst fire a bs ton of cits, killing me. My team was in shock as was I. I sure was pissed too because I had my guns aiming at his citadel ready to fire and delete it, only for me to be caught off guard by its burst fire mode. another time, I was barely able to kill a full HP Hannover with my Kremlin as its secondaries kept putting me on fire constantly. In fact, I was down to my last heal and damage con after being on fire the entire engagement. Yamagiri’s bs wall of torps makes my job as a BB to support my team’s cruisers and DDs very difficult as it feels it never reloads its racks of torps. Three racks of Harugumo torps is a bit much. Super ships make teams in CBs overly reliant on supers in order to win. The removal of the ship limit makes things in CBs even more unbalanced too.

  13. Frustration level: 9 out of 10. No Petro or Kleber (two of my fav.), but “superships are fine.” Petro and Kleber are two of the best techline counter to T11. The only reason it’s not a 10/10 for is our clan is so bad (squal) we only occasionally face the T11 (maybe 1 in 4 gams). I’ve mostly switched from Moskva to Stalingrad, simply for the fact that we occasionally do have to face the Conde, which helps, but I’m not sure we’ve won a game against the T11, but we have made it close several times.

  14. It wouldn’t be the first time WG made a questionable decision on the ship composition for CBs. T6 with 2 CVs, anyone? Once it was committed to, though, it was highly unlikely they were going to change it up. So, the thing now is to tell them exactly how bad a decision that was so they don’t make it again. I suspect, and others have mentioned it, that they were looking for the competitive gameplay data to see what to do with T11. Until then, you just have to grind through it. Or take a break. There are some T11 ships that are clearly head a shoulders above the others for CBs. But it is a bit unbalancing to take a full team of T10s against one with T11s in the mix and CBs isn’t supposed to be quite that unbalanced. Ship type imbalance, sure, but not tier imbalance.

  15. we’re at about a 7/10, especially with the double condes which we have a very hard time dealing with unless they make a big mistake.

  16. What annoys me is I have a clan with alot of newer players. But they are limited to what lines they can grind because 2 of the best tech tree ships are banned. Kleber would be a much better match up against smaland, Ragnar and Sommers. Then Petro is a strong cruiser that isn’t hidden behind another currency. But other more broken ships are allowed.

  17. Let’s hope they realize having super ships in cb is bad. I would rather have them in their own mode

  18. North Dakota (Brutus)

    This season has been nicknamed “Season of the Condé”
    WG will gladly lie through their teeth saying Petro and Kleber are OP, while saying Super Ships are completely balanced….. as a Condé single handedly mauls everything it sees, and Hannovers solo middle of maps taking 5 ships just to kill one…. the only Super Ship I never mind seeing aside from the BS burst fire, is the Annapolis because it’s just Des Moines with one extra turret
    This season is a mess and the only people defending super ships are the people that play them, to stat pad of course… reminds me of the Chrysler K

    • that is why stats have go , stats are like tax , both change the way you work or play

    • it is not really stat pad in the sense that each time you add a super ship on your team, it means that there is another supership added to the enemy team. So, it is you who will make the difference, not the ship.

  19. Francisco Brizard

    We, as clan, have always played formations that aren’t usually seen, german ships, no radar cruisers, no OP russian ships. This season we had to play superships, otherwise there was no way to win any battle if we faced superships, we were upset and pretty much frustrated, we sold our soul. 2 Condés and some common sense make EASY wins.

  20. I rarely play in the higher tiers now with the introduction of super ships. I never want one and have no desire to see them in random battles. So from my perspective the only place super ships should ever be is in clan battles. Let the elitists stew in the credit eating machines for a year or so, good job WG.

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