World of Warships – Yubari Class Cruiser

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Now that you can buy access to the CBT via the premium shop I’m going to take a more in depth look at one of the three CBT access tickets you can buy, the experimental Light Scout .

Consider this a trial run, if there are no significant problems I’ll be doing more 60fps uploads in future.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I wonder if I could persuade people not to use the CBT acronym. To people
    of a certain, ahem, predilection, CBT doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  2. Jingles, you are such a lucky SOB sometimes. Those kills… such a lucker!

  3. Jingles I would love to see a review of the atlanta from you, she seems to
    be quite unique as in here main batteries are dual purpose guns

    I wonder how that works out in combat and how the ship plays in general ^^

  4. I really like this ship 🙂 It is fun to play. Good vid Jingles!

  5. When I pre ordered my triple pack it said I will receive it at the end of
    closed Beta? Have they changed this Jingles? As you said at the beginning
    of this Vid, “You can buy your way in to closed Beta by simply purchasing
    this pack”? Cheers :-)

  6. 5 hours to download the beta, because everyone was hitting the server, and

    Program crash… Direct3D error…. program not responding….. bugged…

    What an effin waste of time….

  7. Admiral Jingles, Coporal Skulaug reportting for duty! I formally request
    that you do a review and some gamplay of the Gramyashchiy class Soviet
    Destroyer. Coporal Skulaug out.

  8. Oh neat that you did the Yubari class. I started getting tired of waiting
    for the CBT key, so I ended up buying the CBT pack with the Yubari.

  9. Question: Do you take the captain from another ship on premium ships?

  10. Jingles OP… please nerf… wait what did I just write? 😀 lol…

  11. Looks wery similar to the tier 6 japanese crusier in gameplay and usage.

  12. Melon is great! So Glad I bought a Melon of my own. She’s gonna be great!
    Also access to the CBT was a nice surprise since my original preorder said
    nothing of getting access.

  13. Hey Jingles, just a quick question about linguistic here. My mother tongue
    is French, and I am used to call ships with the masculin gender (he instead
    of she). However, it might be a civilian habit, whereas french sailors
    might call their ships with a “she”. Do you have any explanation to why a
    ship might be a she or a he in different languages ? Or is it only a Navy
    habit to call ships with a she ?

  14. To killeroftanks Explain the US Indianapolis sunk by Japanese sub .

  15. If I use my gold in the CBT am I getting it back in the open beta? 

  16. bryan westerfield


  17. That airship is really getting on my nerves. They seriously couldn’t of
    chosen something more period appropriate, like a Zeppelin?

  18. WOOOOOOOOO I GOT INTO THE CLOSED BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. more history:)

  20. I have the Yubari and I love it! game is fantastic!

  21. That cruser fought like a battleship!

  22. PIcked up the Yubari before the CBT access was included, and getting to
    play it now I don’t regret it at all. Absolutely in-love with her,
    listening to CV’s cry because their planes have ceased to exist never gets
    old. And those torps..good God those torps are hilarious when they hit.

  23. Hendricks

  24. Plz answer dis can u teach the way of the tog!!

  25. No no

  26. If u can answer this jingles it would be great I would like you to teach me
    how to tog at some point

  27. If I bought the sims on sunday, will I have access to cbt?

  28. I just got the other package a few days ago o_0 So I got access now?

  29. I do love your maniacal laughter when you sink a ship….good stuff. Very

  30. Managed to have a game similar to this one. Get the Yubari beside a
    friendly Kongo and…well, aircraft fall from the sky like rocks. Handles
    beautifully and the guns pack decent punch with a lovely rate of fire.
    Thanks for the video, Jingles, as you inspired me to take the Yubari out
    for a drive.

  31. The Mighty Pringles

  32. Hey jingles is their a due date when WoWs comes out to open beta?, i was
    looking on getting in early before b-day but wargaming doesn’t seem to be
    giving them out anymore.

  33. Risadinha Capoeira Karkara

    jingles u need to do some aircraft carrier reviews

  34. lol. watch jingles playing WOWS, then i get in by buying the premiums,
    takes me two battles in co-op to get the kawachi. first game in pvp, two
    kills and over 60 hits. XD

  35. RedandWhiteGuerilla

    Keep up this level of background/intro detail please. The history levels
    are a lot of fun.

  36. How long does it take to get into the closed beta i bought the ship and the
    email says that it will be delivered after the closed beta

  37. Will the ships you buy transfer over to the live server?

  38. Jingles, do you think P.T. boats could be in the game? Here are my
    arguments as to why, but knowing you, you’ll think of several counters and
    burn me, but here we go. PT boats would be categorized in the role of
    scouting, they would be very fast ( 50-60 knots) and very small. Due to
    these factors they would be very hard to hit due to there maneuverability .
    Also with very small size they would be very hard to spot. The armament
    would be very small( probably 1 main battery and 2-4 torpedo tubes. And
    little to no AA because of its maneuverability ) How to play it: the main
    role as i said would be to scout, stay out of combat unless absolutely
    necessary. For these ships would be easy one shots. (And with the very
    limited armament the guns and torpedoes would need to reload faster than
    usual to balance out the lack of armament.) Since almost everything is
    sacrificed for speed and maneuverability if shells were to hit the ship
    they would be a one shot kill to almost everything except other PTs and
    some destroyers. Carrier drivers should be worried but not horrified for
    the PT would still take awhile to take down even a carrier. And there’s
    always the possibility of ramming( if the driver is stupid enough to get
    caught in a crossing for the damage taken would be minimal due to the PTs
    small health pool.) Hope you read this and don’t burn me to hard on me.
    Catcha next time

  39. Probably a dumb question, but I’m sure there’s a number of knowledgeable
    seamen who know. Just what exactly is a Citadel? My guess would be that
    it’s the tall structure containing the bridge; but whenever it says
    “Citadel Penetration” in-game, the shots look like they’re hitting the side
    of the hull. Is the Citadel something else? Perhaps something else
    contained below deck?

  40. Jingles seems to be a lot better at WoW than WoT so far.

  41. +The Mighty Jingles can you shoot the cannons 1 by 1?

  42. Yay. Jingles is uploading in 60FPS again. :D

  43. Jingles, I just want to say thank you. Had you not posted this video, I
    would have had no idea I was already in the closed beta, and had you not
    posted the previous video on the premium ships, I would have had no idea
    the pre-order was going on in time to buy the bundle.

    The almost compensates for you exposing me to Kantai Collection…

  44. Started to watch the this video until i Got to the point where it said I
    can get into the beta and I instantly threw my wallet at the computer.

  45. Jingles rocking that 60FPS!

  46. Bought the Yubari package, how the hell do I get the client?

  47. ya know one time I was in a bomber in WT and was flying over the enemy
    base I was getting lit up by 2 fighters and lost 2 of my engines so I just
    plain old cut my engines all together and thought ya know, how funny would
    it be to land on the enemy base and sit there with my engines dead. So I
    tried to land and actually succeeded with no tail control left and I was a
    sitting there on the enemy airfield for like 2 and a half minutes before
    someone came back to kill me (the two enemy planes who were trying to kill
    me in the first place accidently rammed into each other and died). I was a
    sitting duck on the wrong airfield for about a total of 5 or 6 minutes and
    a friendly bomber did not realize there was a friendly plane on an enemy
    airfield and BOMBS AWAY – Get’s killed by bombs-. I know if you press “J”
    you respawn or die but I wanted to see how long I could sit there without
    getting killed. And appearently the enemy base had no AAA left so yea it
    was the funniest game I ever played.

  48. Enemy torpedoes are flagged as red not white Jingles

  49. Nice 1 mate. I finally got into closed beta. been doing cartwheels and
    sumersaults all day while it uploaded. lol hope to be on same team as you
    soon =)

  50. Netherfield Junction

    bought this yabari pack, but it doesnt give me a access key or tell me any
    way how im supposed to access the CBT? Do you know what im supposed to do?

  51. Didn’t Jingles do a whole rant on how people don’t properly escort other
    ships in World of Warships?

    Seems like he took his great AA cruiser and ran off on his own despite a
    large enemy carrier force.

  52. PulpAdventures 13

    Oh here comes a Kongo, she’s a dangerous ship,…but no not when she’s
    being driven by a Captain Binghamton. Oh here comes a St. Louis,…she’s
    bad ass too,..but no, not when she’s being driven by a Skipper with the
    know how of an Ensign Charles Parker. It’s not the ship, but whose
    controlling it that’s the danger,..or not, and most are going to be more of
    a danger to themselves then to you. This is after all, online gaming.

  53. Hey jinglrs. Love these vids, but do you think you could shiw us some
    carrier ganeplay?

  54. Jingles have you thought of doing a basic how to guide for WOWs ?
    One could just be the basics, another game play, another torpedoes etc or
    by class i.e. how to play japanese destroyers? Just got in and is fairly
    easy to pick up but torps are a bit of a mystery atm :)

  55. Back in 60fps! I like it!

  56. Poi

  57. I thought 60 FPS wasn’t going to have a super massive impact on the look of
    a slower game like World of Warships and thought for a second why Jingles
    wouldn’t do a trial on a match of World of Tanks instead. As soon as the
    camera started panning and he was zooming in and out I thought, damn it
    makes the game look completely different. Keep the 60 FPS, I like the
    buttery smoothness of it.

  58. this is off topic but i got into the alpha test for Armored warfare

  59. I just bought the Yubari, how do i get access to the closed beta then?

  60. Ive had some decent games in this and it makes good silver, it is however
    very vulnerable to Clevelands.

  61. Looks like it’s going to be an amazing game!

  62. Coo… I bought the US Tier 7 destroyer while it was on offer, does that
    mean I can now access CBT? Must chack….

    *scurries off to check*

  63. Like the videos not going to play game cannot bring myself to be a “Semen”

  64. +The Mighty Jingles do you have any idea when the open beta for this game
    will come out? I am DYING to play it especially since I never got my beta
    key. If you could respond that would be great! Also, your war thunder
    videos have helped me progress greatly in that game.

  65. well done jingels

  66. BUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    not 60 frames again..

  67. Yes, now you can buy your way into the CBT but guess what.. the server is
    still the same and now there are queues towards the evening from people
    trying to connect.

    As jingles say.. Oh wargaming.. you so silly.

  68. Do aircraft carriers for once dammit, but not the Langley!!!!

  69. My client keeps getting stuck on installing updates 45% =( I’ve waited over
    a hour so far

  70. whens the review for sims coming?

  71. Hoo ray I have now got acess to W of Warships with my Yubari. Enjoying so
    far.. Wasn’t prepared to pay for the 3 to find the game was like W of

  72. Jingles, I love your videos, I have been a subscriber for at least 2 years
    now, I play WoT, WoWsT and WT (broke as it may be right now), but for some
    unknown reason I find your Warships videos boring.
    I’d also like to point out the fact that you said that, whenever you upload
    a video that doesn’t have WoT or WT content, you will also upload one that
    does. Though I’m not holding that one against you.

  73. So wargaming is so pressed for money we can BUY into the CBT, or wait less
    than a month for FREE access! And what exactly is this money going to be
    for? Doughnuts?!

  74. Thanks for the video. On paper, this looked like the least attractive of
    the ‘Light fleet’ package. But as it was effectively 2 ships for the price
    of 3, why not get them all? So it was interesting to see what it can do in

  75. Using firefox, and 1080p is horrible laggy.

  76. Holy crap +The Mighty Jingles that video look buttery smooth!

  77. Your laugh… it’s so satisfying :)

  78. Does anyone know if World of warships came out yet or when’s it’s going to
    be available to the public?

  79. When will there be another ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?’

  80. Did you ever Dance to lets get physical from Olivia Newton John?

  81. Will World Of Warships get subs?

  82. Wonderful video. I really enjoy these detailed videos about a single
    warship. Keep up the great work Mighty Jingles.

  83. I like these little history lessons :)

  84. Just got into the beta yesyerday, great game! Hope to see you on the stormy
    seas Admiral Jingles!

  85. hey jingles just a quick question would you think there will be subs in
    world of warships eventually?

  86. Yess thanks jingles i got access to CBT 😀 

  87. Fuck my tits, i just bought the wrong ship..

  88. You really love this game don’t you jingles? XD

  89. Jingles, i was just wondering (and please anyone who has access to the CBT
    at the current time and date, feel free to answer my question here), I know
    World of Warships must have Essex Class Carriers, but does World of
    Warships have the USS Enterprise in the Essex Class of Carriers?

  90. Correct pronunciation: Ooh-bar-ree.

  91. “Now that you can buy access to the World of Warships CBT via the premium shop”

    Who is that stupid??? To play a buggy beta and PAY for it? I guess one more
    moron is being born every day…

  92. I wish YouTube would allow differentiation of the frame rate and quality. I
    want to watch in 720p, but cannot handle it if its 60fps.

  93. Thanks for the video. I really wasnt feeling this ship at all, but now i
    feel confident giving it another shot.

  94. 60 fps :O

  95. No problem with this 60fps replay Jingels. Hope there is more where this
    came from ;).

  96. Hassassin Assassin

    I hate the kongo because i am always bottom tier in it. And being against
    tier 8 aircraft carriers and destroyers as a tier 5 battleship is never

  97. How much?!? that’s one expensive model ship that you never get to touch!

  98. i bought the sims and i will download the game during the night

  99. +The Mighty Jingles One day sir my videos will be just as good as yours….
    when I get a voice transplant :)

  100. Omg, what is this, 1080p60fps on Jingles’ video!!

  101. jingles i have a question to ask you about war thunder team killing i play
    rb planes mostly and up until a while ago i loved the game but now i hate
    it so much that i would rather watch paint dry.over the last few weeks when
    ever i get a game there are at least 3 team kills with in the first 30s. i
    have been killed more times by my own team taking off firing there guns or
    just ramming me than in arcade and thats saying something.i have put in
    complaints about teamkilling to gaijin and because i used lets say some
    colourful language in my complaints i now have a one day ban. do you think
    that this is right i dont go out of my way in games to teamkill i mean
    there have been times when a team mate flew in to my shot as i was taking
    down an enemy and i killed him but i always say sorry even if it was there
    own fault. i mostly dont react to it when it happens i just join another
    game but its been happining so much now that iv finally lost it with
    gaijin and for speaking out i get a ban

  102. Le sigh… I ended up uninstalling WOW im sorry but it just got old so fast
    and every game was basically the same… Theres nothing wrong with the game
    really at all just to me it was VERY slow and extremely repetitive. I mean
    ships don’t really differ THAT much from ship to ship unlike tanks were
    each has its own personality, Look and characteristic where as ships the
    only way you get that feeling is if you were on these ships IRL or a
    Warship buff or have been in the navy such as Jingles. Yes you could argue
    Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships all differ but really? Every nation ships
    are ALMOST Identical. (Im not talking about specs here and honestly i
    didn’t really pay attention to specs cause they didn’t really seem to make
    that much of a difference in this game but for me the question is the ship
    fun to play in) The game feels the same no matter witch line you go down..
    and as you get into higher tiers this becomes much more apparent.. This is
    all my opinion im not saying im right and im not saying im wrong, i can see
    the appeal of this game and as i said its a very well done game but for
    me…. just isn’t worth playing for hours to unlock ships that feel no
    different from the last one i was in…… at least at this point in time.

  103. If your not in the closed beta does that mean all you need to do is but a
    premium ship in the website then you can play it ?!? 

  104. So does that mean I you aren’t in the closed beta all you need to get in is
    buy a Premium ship ??

  105. No problem at all with 60 fps 1080p, much better

  106. Jingles, why don’t you make a tutorial on how to play carriers.

  107. Jingles show us that jap ship with 40 torpedos

  108. This game looks awesome !! I enjoy watching your videos. Hey Jingles, you
    ever play against “Bismark” ?

  109. Konstantin Shishkoff

    Is that a Kitakami I spotted in your dock? I am very much looking forward
    to a video of how she plays!

  110. Bought the 3 ship bundle and I have to say those DDs are awesome. The tier
    5 Russian seems to be all about the guns and they pack some mean firepower.
    The Sims though is just ridiculous, you can do donuts around slow BBs and
    their turrets just can’t keep up with you.

  111. in 4 hours I’ll be on my way home to start playing in CBT.

    Yes, I bought a Sims to do it, but oh well. Time to get my sea legs.

  112. Blitzvogel Mobius

    Yay, now I can finally play this………if I’m willing to spend

  113. can you do something about the carriers i have no idea how they play

  114. Nice vid Jingles, I also adore the Yubari. I have hit and killed people
    with torps but its more like ” oh you wanna get close to me?…….
    suprise!!!! “

  115. Christ, Battleships are absolutely terrifying.

  116. “we now control B” my thought to that was “what does Ctrl B do in this

  117. This game is brilliant. I dont know what i am doing but its brilliant 😀 SO
    glad i got into the closed beta. But its so much more to learn and so
    compleatly different from WoT

  118. samthedarkpaladin

    Will the unlocked ships get wiped when its going in to open Beta?

  119. I’m not english and there are only He and she in my main language, no “it”.
    But why is a battleship a “she” and not an “it” ?

  120. Is this game worth buying even though they added airplanes before

  121. Does this game run as well as WOT on “slow” computers?
    (2,4 ghz Intel quadcore, 8 gb ram and shitty graphics card)

  122. EurofighterTyphoon24

    Jingles have you tried the Murmansk and if so what do you think of it??

  123. Glad you let us know we could get into the CBT by buying this stuff, only
    got to play one game before it crashed, but I agree with you it’s bloody

  124. So after logging into the world of warships site apparently I do have
    closed beta access, and it’s a good thing I checked because I did not
    receive a single email notifying me of it.

    Kind of annoyed by that.

  125. Anyone want a beta test code I don’t need it 

  126. I hope I get to fight you Jingles o7 hehe

  127. jingles could you do a new video on the ferdenand

  128. Noooooooo, why did you upload your video in 720 60fps :(

  129. As always…thanks for the historical info. That’s what separates you from
    your peers. Cheers!

  130. so does that secondary armament any work except AA duties?

  131. Thanks a lot Jingles for switching to 60fps, it makes the video a lot
    smoother and more enjoyable to watch!

  132. that is a pretty good ship, not OP but played right, can be a powerful

  133. Jingles what are you thoughts about Kitakami, T8 premium, feels rather week
    Also any thoughts on aim assist mod?

  134. Jingles, are you going to make an aircraft carrier video? They’ve got some
    interesting RTS mechanics for those 

  135. Jingles, can you make a series where you talk about history behind tanks,
    guns, airplanes and warships? More like factual documentary without in-game
    footage (or with comparison of real life and in-game features) of said
    tanks/planes etc. I love hearing your voice and I love history and
    especially war history. I think it would make interesting series.

  136. Brace yourself! Idiots buying their way into the CBT! ^^

  137. how do you know his engine is knocked out?

  138. Damn. This game looks on in 1080p 60 FPS. Even on Youtube.

  139. Wait what? I bought the $70 ship/gold pack how to I get to the game(how to
    I download it!) Please help!

  140. So you have to pay your way into the CBT now?

  141. hey Jingles it looks like your mutch better in world of warships then world
    of tanks!

  142. So Jingles likes Melon-chan? I see he also has the Torpedo Queen. When will
    he do a review of her?

  143. Jingles? Are you ok? 60fps video? I thought everyone couldn’t watch videos
    in 60fps? I guess I will enjoy the hell out of this then.

  144. WTF? I was enjoying jingles uploading in 1080 60fps for the first time in a
    long time (and yes I know why he stopped doing it, compatibility issues
    with non-chrome users) and at 11:41 the video cut, gave me an error message
    for a few seconds, then resumed, but no more 60FPS! (Jingles, y u do this
    (assuming you did do this))

  145. Are all the World of Warships dedicated anti-air vessels going to be

  146. For everyone complaining about the FPS… Change browsers. It’s that

  147. FrenchStyle Cumshot

    AW video is coming up right ? :P

  148. jingles thank you for uploading this at 60fps!!!!!!!!

  149. Europeans pay half of what North Americans pay yaaaaaaaay

  150. Christian Seierup

    Jingles i just had a game in the Yubari and you said if you are ligt
    cruisers dont attack 3 battleships in a formation. hmmm i did that in that
    game on that map, killed to of them maneged to get away and killed 2
    carriers after that lol. did the same dmg that you did with guns. and did
    the same with torps aswell lol so that is double the dmg you did 😛 but
    anyway nice video :)

  151. Purchase a ship and get in the closed beta is that right what I heard if so
    buy them all I will

  152. Please return your videos to 30pfs. Otherwise i cant watch 1080p :'(

  153. how do i download this game cant seem to be able too confused

  154. which is the cheapest you can get to get in the cbt?

  155. To the people wondering how to download the game, just purchase any of the
    ships then go to the Wargaming website enter the WoWS portal and click the
    button called Member Page, there will be an option to download the game.

  156. Unless it’s your job to review things like this (such as Jingles), you’re a
    dope for buying any of these ships. Having played the CBT extensively, this
    game is currently at risk to be another WoWP flop. WG dangling the prospect
    of buying your way into CBT access and the power of these ships supports my
    suspicion that they already realize this game is in trouble.

  157. “buy your way to the CBT”
    already downloading client. My new main goal in life is to be sunk by
    Jingles at least once!

  158. What? No Jingles rant video about the aim mod? I am disappoint. :P

  159. We Have 50 Free Beta Keys To Give A Way For The World Of Warships, To
    Qualify For A Free World Of Warships Beta Key, You Must Be A
    Subscriber & Have Left A Comment Or Rating On, We Will Be We
    Will Be Giving The 1ST 25 Of The Beta Keys To The Best Comment On,
    All The World Of Warships Beta Key Will Be Sent By E-mail, Offer End On The

  160. So since I bought the yubari I should be able to play in the beta… right?

  161. i have tried escorting other ships in WoWS, the higher tier cruisers
    torpedoed me, the battleships shot me…

  162. 1080p 60 fps still glitchy. 720p 60 fps work fine

  163. Its a bit tough watching the video in 1080p 60 fps. Consider changing back
    to 40 fps 1080p

  164. Jingles, i have finnished the 4th part of your moments, now i also hace
    CIRCON and QB in it 🙂 please go and check it out, you will laugh your ass
    off :D

  165. Faced Yubari in battle, find it really easy to hit her citadel and score
    big dmg on her…

  166. When you’re shooting at (low tier) IJN cruisers you shouldn’t be surprised
    when you get a citadel hit, you should be surprised when you don’t get a
    citadel hit…

  167. Wait, I can now buy into closed beta? How?

  168. +The Mighty Jingles I’ve played in the Yubari, and what the Yubari is, is
    not anything special. The AA mount just means Carriers tend only to send
    torpedo bombers at you, which are nice and easy to kill, but the guns make
    the ship essentially a Katori (Tier 1 Cruiser) with extra maneuverability,
    bit more health and torpedoes as an Added bonus. The only thing you get
    from the Yubari is more credits, and XP, which isn’t useful unless you want
    to spend your gold.

  169. I like the sound of your laughter Jingles, you must be a very pleasant ship
    commander to serve under;)

  170. nice vid :)

  171. Damn it, I’m going to tired today

  172. Does anyone else feel like Wot is fucking them in the ass today?

  173. Not worth it. Sims is a must buy for me, it’s not much more expensive than
    Yubari but it’s sososososososososososososo fun. The Guns are just…..God

  174. that accuracy on the Yubari looks really good.

  175. I bought the sims but you cant get into the closed beta right and if you
    can where the f can i download it lol

  176. I think I am gonna buy it 🙂

    I really like my Omaha cruiser and I am regularly managing to take out
    battleships with its torpedoes. Yubari looks very similar. Cant wait :)

  177. Get an rc tank for project mancave

  178. thumbs down to 60fps 🙁 can’t watch it. poor old PC.

  179. Keep the ship reviews coming Admiral Jingles.

  180. any advice on world of tanks? i have done the t55a missions, but the obj
    260 missions are imposible…. and it feels like im not enjoying the game

  181. 🙁 can’t watching in 60fps because on firefox………….

  182. Cant wait for the ship and ocean sounds in Gaijin’s Variant.

  183. are any of the youtubers going to make AW videos?

  184. 60fps? Noice.

  185. i wish i would like watching this game on the youtubes..but i
    it anyway

  186. Yokosuka is a tough one to pronounce. It’s not Yo-Ko-Soo-KA like you’d
    expect from a Japanese word. Instead, it’s more like Yo-ko-SKA, as in this
    pronunciation guide I had
    to be corrected everytime I said it for the first week I was there.

  187. PLAY WORLD OF WARPLANES IT’S ‘brilliant’!

  188. finally 60 fps!

  189. Seems strangely familiar with the last WoW video you posted Jingles.

  190. Will Wargaming remove the Ships that i researched when the game comes out?
    Sorry for my bad English, im a kraut!

  191. I’ve just seen something hilarious, a British army tank crew took a matilda
    over to America for a road trip and about 5 days into the journey they were
    pulled over because “the vehicle is too big and slow” 😐 what? The crew
    simply replied, at least we didn’t take the TOG II XD that would have been

  192. happy as ever, i bought my way to an CBT account, hell yeah

  193. first time less than 301…..

  194. Noo 🙁 1080p60…Recently downgraded net so can’t view >.> *Switches to 720*
    EDIT: Nope 480p 720p60 is too much :L

  195. Jingles what is quid?

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