World of Warships – Yubari – Nippon Laser

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The with the new upgrade module in patch 0.5.7 has glorious Nippon Lasers for guns. Very good means very usable guns now on the Yubari and for quite a lot cost, you can get yourself a pretty low tier .

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. to be honest, FB2000 made a lot of mistakes but somehow managed good

  2. the yubari and the sims are not available on the NA server only in the EU

  3. I think it’s not that hard to citadel T4 CVs with HE :3

  4. I thought war gaming said the Yukari, sims and grem was only buy able in
    beta. not coming back?


  6. Man I wish I recorded some games for you iChase. I have had 3 games with
    over 100k damage, 2 Krakens, and multiple 3-4 kill games over the past week
    on the Yubari.

  7. so what is is best stealth build, since this ship is a bit of a glass
    cannon? is it a ship people could play early and happly use it as Add on to
    a fleets AA and sit behind the BB and use its gunes, or is it more a
    bushwacking ship, re ambush style of ship. since the torps are only 6km.
    some times new players need to stay with a fleet to have back up, since
    there not great at ambushing people. so for that sort of player that
    follows fleets and helps out, is it ok ish? since they can pump out good
    hellfire shils.

  8. Nice video IChase! Please if possible, can you do some videos in the “know
    your Ship” series about the IJN Akagi, IJN Shokaku and IJN Zuikaku? Thanks
    in advance! ;)

  9. i just bought it and i found it feels like a ognevoi

  10. at this range at this tier he can land citadel hits with HE as well….. :P

  11. Looks good. Although not interested in T4 ships, but nice addition to have
    in port. I hope this is on sale again.

  12. I liked mine. I found good results with it. The AA is nice if you buddy up
    with a BB. Torps are nice too.

  13. A Mogami in a tier 4 game would be hilarious

  14. IChase thanks for using my Vid now I made it ! I know I have made some
    errors in the game not to mention beach surfing which was not intended I
    was cutting the corner to get behind island asap. I came back to cap when I
    saw the CV could be in trouble from the other and was trying to buy time
    for my team to cap. I know I should have used AP but in a previous game I
    hit a citadel on a CV with HE so I took my chance since HE does consistent
    damage and was worried as well cv still had planes therefore fire on the
    ship is the counter.

    However, I think that WG made the ship competitive again and that is the
    point especially when they want to sell it again. Before the guns were so
    underwhelming that is why all the owners used the ship has virtual flower
    pots or coral reefs.

  15. I think people use Yubari for wrong reason and they get wrecked and see it
    as terrible ship… Yubari strengths is in her AA… tier 5 AA on tier 4
    ship… This thing wrecks planes!!! Use it like a big DD with big guns and
    AA support… Use your guns and torps for sneak attacks.

  16. Depends on the tier you are up against I’ve hit citadels with AP shells
    with my Yubari. To be honest I’ve had her since release and I’ve always
    liked this ship never seen it as terrible.

  17. General Saufenberg

    ramming islands should cause damage+flodding, so they can`t exploit it

  18. I’ve taken mine out twice now, for the first time in something like a year.
    Both times I got obliterated by battleship citadels through the end of the
    ship at 8-10k. But, I’m sure that quite a bit of that was luck, and having
    a ship that achieves a greater than 50% hit percentage even at near max
    range is just plain fun.

    Let’s hope the Sims gets a little love from the Devs soon too.

  19. RNG disapprove this ship, Mikasa soo envy

  20. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    I’ve heard reports of a USS Arizona being sighted across the NA server so
    pleas look into this

  21. Meh. This clip demonstrates most of my games– Lots of hits and
    comparatively anemic shell damage. Accuracy was needed but isn’t going to
    change the overall meta of the ship. She might be a laser now, but one with
    little actual power behind it.

  22. Your right about AP in T4 and lower. The majority of ships armour is not
    very good and you can do some good damage!

  23. i would love to buy melon-chan and sims if they were put on sales again in
    Asian server.

  24. I’ve always valued my Yubari for being so horribly mediocre that I had to
    be really good to have an impact on the game.

    Now I can play my Yubari and be able to not worry about being useless as

  25. How much XP does the losing team get vs the winning team? I know that it’s
    significantly less, but what’s the multiplier? I believe in WoT it’s 1,5x
    for winning. Is it the same in Warships?
    Anyway, well played by FB2000, shame it was a loss.

  26. ichase, would you recoomend useing AP on the yubari against CAs on the
    samer or lower tier?

  27. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I dont have a Yubari but u think is fun?? I want to buy a low tier for a
    friend and this seems perfect. When it will be on sale on EU??

  28. PawlusSidewinder

    For me, he could use his torps more 🙂 They reload pretty fast and there
    was a chance to do something risky and kill’em all in last 3 minutes 🙂
    Anyway, great job :)

  29. Came for the intro music, not disappoint!

  30. Yubari is more like a destroyer leader than a true light cruiser. The
    closest resembling standard ship is Teniryu (you can try it out before
    spending money on the premium ship). Compared to Teniryu, the Yubari is a
    bit faster, has better torps and much better AA, but is less stealthy and
    equally fragile. I use it mainly to train my Japanese DD captains.

  31. Damn! Now I need to play my Yubari – he beat my best score by 50k! Also, I
    DID try her out with the new module, AWESOME SHIT! I just wish it buffed
    reload a bit to like 6 seconds flat – the same as on the Tenryu and Kuma,
    but if that meant making the dispersion worse – it would be a hard choice!

    See, THIS IS how I REMEMBER Yubari being in CBT to early beta, back when
    her turrets fired the shells so close together that 1 hit almost always
    meant 2! And the turret traverse got buffed 20% with the same module! I
    dunno what that makes it stock, but with my Myoko/Atago captain who has the
    turret traverse skill, it is now down to just 18.1 seconds.

    And I don’t know if this was changed at all, as until 3 days ago, I had not
    touched my Yubari in a solid 5 plus patches, but I actually did NOT
    remember her torpedo tunes reloading in JUST 42 seconds without torpedo

    I have been ASKING for this kind of thing for about 6 or 7 months now! *Yubari
    is great again, 2016!*

  32. I personally wouldn’t spend money on the Yubari. Having one myself, she’s
    just too frustrating to play in her current iteration. If you want to play
    a low tier Japanese cruiser, play the Tenryuu.

  33. I love this one and Sim class Destroyer
    First buy :D

  34. All hail Nippon

  35. why the fuck get people to buy this ship? this was a preorder exclusive..

  36. Nice, I have a Yubari from Beta, I’m going to play it right now. I liked it
    in beta. Thanks for the video. Dust her off, make a few changes and go her
    a go.

  37. Good commentary. Are you using Aslain’s modpack? Does the current Aslain’s
    work with 0.5.7?

  38. No mention of the yubari’s awsome AA?

  39. This ship is just as garbage as always. Bad guns, AWFUL torpedoes, no
    armor, insanely fragile modules, COLOSSAL citadel with no armor, bad
    stealth, and mediocre AA at best.

    The ship is only any good if the enemy absolutely doesn’t shoot at you in
    any way, EVER. This replay, for example, where the entire enemy team is
    completely and utterly stupid.

  40. Isn’t it kind of dumb to create an upgrade that makes 3 ships not shit?
    Pretty obviously 100% of the users of said ships will use the modification.
    Wouldn’t have made more sense to buff the ships themselves?

  41. it’ll be for sale on my b day :D

  42. instead of making us use a module just fix the dispersion.

  43. Imperator Nikolai still better. RUSSIAN STRONK

  44. I’ve had her since CBT and she’s still a hard ship to play but she is
    better now than back then. I love the new Defensive Fire module and it’s a
    good surprise at that tier, I shot down a TB squadron and a Fighter
    squadron that was escorting them the other day. The bad thing about her is
    her Torpedo arc. You can only fire 90 degrees Port or Starboard and it
    makes them very limited for use.

  45. iChase you are so darn diplomatic! I appreciate that about you – but this
    guy showed a very improved Yubari *(I played mine a LOT since CBT) in a
    very, very meh way IMHO. yeah, he stayed alive, but there were several
    moments that you correctly highlighted that he should’ve made better
    directional and target decisions. Thanks for the replay!

  46. Cool, Keep them coming.

  47. 18:49 you called Myogi mogami lol

  48. Im I the only person that doesn’t see the Yubari for sale on the WOWS

  49. playernameistoolong

    12.99 now…I think I bought it for 29.99 to get into the CBT. I want my

  50. Somers The Sunless

    shit CV player is shit!

  51. Marttt1nek Is Here

    I might buy it if it has preferential MM. Does anyone know if it does?
    (Meaning you get put against MAX t5)

  52. Warner Moczulski

    Yeah best alternative was to go straight past the Myogi and torp her since
    her guns weren’t turned around and he was seconds away from another reload
    then use his next torps on the Wyoming and try his best to burn everything
    and then dance with Karl.

    How ever thats easy to say after the fact and not playing… Seeing 2 BBs
    whil in a half health IJN cruiser (or any cruiser tbh) at point blank range
    where its hard to miss shots (except when your guns don’t turn or let you
    fire while passing 10m broadside with another BB :/) is never a relaxing

    Yeah 9:35 – 9:50 “what chase says” basically m,e every time I play my
    Kongos :/ Top of thje score board with no kills and 45k -100k damage made
    the ARP kills event sucky…however better than win 25 matches events (hate
    team based challenges in video games…) damage would have been nice
    instead ie get 250K damage or 500K or something….

  53. so can you make a good stealth ship with it? useing torps as well as guns
    now? what speed are its torps and range? how about its build? thoughts on

  54. 18:48 “mogami”?

  55. there is no ship on the NA server

  56. on sale on the NA server what drugs are you on anyway shes not there

  57. Hi chase do you think that faster gun traverse is better than last stand
    for Yubari? Also how about demo expert and AFT?

  58. I have a friend who bought a Yubari then sunk an Iowa with it

  59. Plz I need help on the Bouge and Nicolas any advice would be helpful

  60. Brian Lock (神通)

    Standard Battle? Two cap one takes 180 second for a single ship to cap, 90
    second for 2 ship…….

  61. Can;t wait for the U.S.S. Arizona. Anyway, been always interested in this
    ship, remember the last time I saw it, he helped save the game being the
    only other ship other than me and another friendly carrier to win a match.
    Good video as always and can’t wait for the last Haifuri episode tomorrow.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  62. man mine get engine taken out every hit even with mod

  63. 18:47 Mogami where?



  65. Legend says the mighty iChase replies to comments….

  66. i see many people not using the C key to switch their camera to their rear
    guns and get more shots off at people as u are going behind an island and
    in other situations

  67. iChase, do you have any Hipper game play tips? Really having issues with
    that ship. I had 58% w/l in Yorck, and 53% account wide. While I know I’m
    not MLG, I’ve never had a ship under 40% until now. I’ve tried everything I
    can think of. I’m not into free xp’n past ships, but I’m getting really
    tempted. Does not seem like there is any effective way to angle the ship,
    I’ve taken citadel hits from Fuso’s bow on, and not close range was around
    14km. Literally out of idea’s. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
    for the content.

  68. I will have to clear all the dust off my Yubari I guess lol

  69. Seriously even with the new changes, the Yuubari is not worth the price WG
    is charging for it. She is too inconstant and suffers from numerous flaws
    to be competitive, even against seals.

  70. Those torpedo arcs ???

  71. This dude has both SA and IFA….why??????

  72. Yubari is and always was my very favourite ship! It’s a great ship. (now
    better I guess) You have to understand the Yubari is NOT a battle ship …
    it’s a light cruiser. You MUST understand you are NOT a battleship. That
    said … the Yubari is and always was capable of carrying a game. (via
    defensive play) (also remember it’s primary role is AA)

  73. Pls play the Izumo

  74. Yes please, go out and buy these. Easy kills.

  75. Definitely going to grab one, always wanted it

  76. it only 12.99 it worth it and I’m mad at you ichase cause u quit being a
    supertester now I will never know how the Arizona BB look and plays like
    before it goes on sale

  77. Really pumped to buy it on Sunday

  78. I thought it had phenomenal accuracy since Beta. This wasn’t needed, but I
    appreciate it.

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