World of Warships – Yue Yang First Impression

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Just received the Pan-Asian Destroyers and took the out to see how she does in the field. Radar, Deep Water Torpedoes, and like gun handling. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Pan-Asian Yue Yang Replay


  1. FIRST, heya Notser!

  2. That person on ur team that shot you I would have deep water torped him

  3. poor Shima, I hope they buff her soon

  4. T10 heavy cruiser and nimble… we don’t play the same game.

  5. Radar on PA DDs is definitely something that you can only really pull of in divs, similar to radar on British CLs.

  6. This DD seems to be pretty decent good guns to deal with DDs and very good torps for everything else, but you know that they are gonna get nerf before launch because you know, DDs cannot be good in this game and they cannot threat the BBs.

    • DDs sucks in general, I agree that IJN DDs suck the most. The point is the Yue Yang isnt too strong or OP, the point is that the other DDs just suck the IJNs one especially.

    • Hatsu I get ya

    • The solution for the cruiser problem would be limiting the number of BBs in a match to max. (# of cruisers minus 1 or even 2). It’s always rediculous to end up in games with 5 BBs, 5 DDs and being one of two cruisers. The MM is the biggest issue to cruisers imo.

    • That’s bullshit, when you limit the amount of BBs you are basically saying “This class is better than the others to the point that we must limit it” just like CVs have a limit because they ARE objectively more powerful than the other classes, just imagine a team with 3~4 CVs. The “cruiser problem” is that battleships are OverPowered and WG admited that when they limited the amout of BBs for clan battles. Considering the rock-paper-scissors “balance” DDs were suppose to delete BBs just the same way BBs deletes cruisers, but they dont, so cruisers shouldnt be deleted by BBs neither right? but they do, that’s why BBs are OP and still dont know why the majority of the player base is “BB players”.

    • This ship is OP? nah she can actually compete for once, it’s a valid ship.

  7. Nice moves with the new dd Notser 🙂

  8. IJN DDs are supposed to be stealthy and now there’s something that outspots Shima. Neat.

    • DrAg FPV Political bias has nothing to do with this. Stop bringing that out as an excuse.

    • lol how do you know? just a speculation nonetheless

    • what do you mean Now, Kagero outspots shima, yugomo outspots shima, americans are almost equal on detection the difference is so minimal that it hardly counts , you wont be able to turn away in time once you spot an american bow on if you are above 1/3 speed. Shima as a one trick pony and highest tier doesnt even have the best stealth ontop of its monstrous reload time, shit torp detectability, non existant AA, mediocre smoke, slow turning guns with shit fire rate, and zero utility, that ship really needs a bit of love. Revamp the useless 20 km torps to deepwater to give em maybe a reason to exist at all and to pester the backline camping BB Cancer. The spread on them will be wide by the time they reach max range so i wont consider them OP on the shima. And most ships are safe from em. I doubt that anyone would use em though, cause u sacrifice so much for that. Still its about options. And the shima has a severe lack of options.

    • DrAg FPV If WG really hated the IJN they could have just lowkey making all Japanese ships below average. But that’s not the case , IJN CV , BB and CL/CA are very good.
      If anything , Russians had a much deeper rivalry with the Americans , but all ingame USN shiplines are good except CV (but theres the Saipan , lol).
      The Soviets tree itself is quite average.

    • I was specifically comparing the tier 10 DDs for their detection, nothing else. If you want to start comparing between tiers, let’s just go straight to the far end and grab Kamikaze/Fujin to compare. There’s totally no difference there, right? I don’t actually think Shima is unplayable, I play it fairly often with great success, but I consider myself to be a really good player, so I know how to finagle a somewhat sub-par ship to be able to outperform better ships. Shima’s more easily able to dev strike Yamato than Gearing; Gearing has to land all 10 torps to get the full-health kill. Shima actually has pretty decent guns for self-defense, especially if you actually have team support. Just run away from the Gearing firing at you and your guns will quickly be easier to hit than his; put a little wiggle in and you’ll out damage him. Don’t, uh… don’t recommend doing this against groz/khab, though.

  9. Wait wait wait WAIT.
    So let me get this straight, they not only get US DD guns But they also get ether Radar or the BEST Smoke?!??
    WTF?!? It needs to be the same as us DD smoke, and the Radar. Not this current smoke

    • That is not exactly a significant con. It’s easy to dodge torpedoes while in smoke as a DD as all you have to do is just angle properly and keep moving. Hitting DDs with torpedoes isn’t that common as they are extremely nimble and if you do get a hit it’s mostly through blind luck. These Pan-Asian DDs have too many strong buffs anyway. IJN DDs are now useless as your torpedoes aren’t that great anymore, your guns are shit and you have to choose between TRB and smoke which is highly situational. Shimakaze isn’t even that great of a torpedo boat in my opinion as Yugumo is significantly better. The only relevant Jap DD is the Akizuki as it’s a gun boat.

    • nody cares about the radar its as useless as RN CL with Radar 99% of the time large majority wont ditch smoke for that

    • Notser has anyone data mined what ships other than destroyers that deep water torpedos won’t be able to hit.

    • Sascha Wagner Pan Asian DDs basically have the best smoke and the best torps now. The torps may not be that versatile, but they more than make up for that with their affect that they will have on BBs and cruisers.

    • The smoke on ALL PADDs are 4/5 charges, 40 second deployment time, 60 second bloom time, 90/60 second cooldown. I was like WTF?! A hybrid between Perth smoke and normal smoke. And look at the number of charges and cooldown time! But that shitty bloom time though. Even worse than German?! This smoke is interesting and original imo, but the number of charges should be 3/4. Too OP!

  10. hydro should illuminate deepwater torps because it’s for searching for submarines..

    • radar never spoted Torps`……

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer does vigilance work to improve their visibility?

    • theres no point. 0.8km spotting range no matter what you’re fucked if they’re coming towards you. Its 4.3 second reaction time for these torps

    • Please don’t think reality has anything to do with it. Passive sensors such as hydro didn’t work effectively if the ship on which they were mounted was travelling at any sort of speed. IJN DDs used a lot of passive, which is why they would often stop engines and drift. This game labels things that were present historically, but its modelling of their performance is largely fictional (radar sees through islands being another obvious one).

    • It still bugs me why I cannot drop to 1/4 speed and drift out of hydro range unspoted …

  11. Richard Marno Herselman

    That shimma was me… didnt have a very good game…

  12. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Seriously… IJN DDs have been deleted from the game… Like its fucking insane how they have been so shafted to oblivion… Pan Asian DDs – are truly the final nail in the fucking coffin for IJN DDs. Like fucking hell im in aw…

    Pan Asian DDs – are comparable to American DDs from T8-T10 – so gun power is miles better than IJN.
    Pan Asian DDs – get to fire the stealthiest torps…
    They have Radar… fucking RADAR – i guess to counter dds and light cruisers in smoke – due to being immune to deep water torps
    now further insult of having better concealment than IJN…

    Fucking hell – im just impressed how IJN DDs, get fucked over and over and over and over and over again…
    Can someone say to me the purpose of IJN DDs? other than fastest most dmging torps – that are fucking useless for the worst stealth…

    • brian u cant say “git gud” if ur the one sucking with them xD

    • Only ships in the game that get less love than IJN DDs are CVs.

    • I love how you guys just keep saying git gud, adapt to new play style and such. And its true, I keep playing IJN and struggle the most like any other DD and try to have fun, but here is the thing, this game is not about struggling, is about going with the meta. In other Notser videos you can see this being true. Carrier week? You go full AA ships. And so forth
      When we talk about IJN DDs they are bottom tier. If I want to go torpedoing I pick a german destroyer. If I want to go balance, I go USN, if I want gunboat I go Russian, If I want to japan, I go japan… But in a game of strategy you want to pick the best ship for the role you need, and the best ships are not Japan.
      Yes, every DD has its counter, and struggles the same with the IJN, but they are still the best in at least one thing, most likely in two or more ways to be honest.
      Soon, some DDs will have AA defensive fire, getting rid of the pesky perma stop of cv. Germans have that awesome Hydro to hunt DDs and awesome torpedo reload, and Pan Asia now have those awesome guns made for killing dds and Radar.
      IJN have fallen to a niche, where you pick them when you want to be average. When you play the best you can and pray to rng to have a good team and to not die by detonation. At first its ok, nice DDs, then by each tier you go up, it becomes harder and harder… while the other lines it becomes easier.

    • Why play IJN DDs while with the same skill and play style you can play Fletcher with way better damage number?

    • They’ve been nerfing the IJN DD since Beta testing. Just about every major change WG has made to WoWS has screwed me. I am pretty sick of the game and WG in general.

  13. Hey Notser, it’s almost impossible to ignore that something must have made you especially mad just recently.
    While in general I can totally relate to you being pissed about ubiquitous poisonous player behaviour in chat and them treating less experienced players badly and also its ok to make a ranting video once a while, please dont continue like this.
    If I wanted to see someone talk about others like shit consistently I could watch Flamu instead. You certainly did not insult other players, but cynicism does not suit your videos very well either.
    I like your videos for your contructive play style and your explainatory and entertaining comments. That should be the Notser way. 🙂

    • I feel that it generally is, but we all need to vent sometimes. Like, he’s not wrong that some stuff is really dumb and it sucks, and it feels good to let that out every now and again. Feeling that way is normal, and it’s natural, and it’s okay. So we vent. Gotta stay sane, after all 😛

    • I think as YT celeb you just need to voice an opinion that someone did not like. when he happens to play the same game as you, TKing you is probably the only way to show his discintend. That does still make him a jerk.

    • and how bout you dont try to patronize someone about what he wants to say or not and how.

    • well the fun part about his second last video where he whines about his frustration is how explains in this video how threats players in his team even if they not do something bad. notser is a fucking hypocrit

  14. Gotta love that Pelagic Pirates clan member in chat. Majority of the people I meet from that clan are just out right dicks to other people in chat for no reason.

    • If you encounter PLPT members (in any of our clans – PLPTV, PLPTE, PLPTS) who behave in an unsporting manner or are rude in chat, please get in touch with any of our admiralty. You can find us at

      In this case, the player in question was not a PLPT member, but was divisioned with two members. I want to apologize to Notser for the unprovoked attack. This will be addressed.

    • I am glad to actually get a response from someone from Pelagic Pirates. I’m glad there is a way to notify your admiralty. To be fair with my original post, people who are dicks in chat usually stand out, but I can recall that I have talked to a member from PLPTE after a battle about his attitude in the match I had with him. From what I can see he is no longer in any of the tags you have listed. I would like to also encourage other players to contact clan leaders, or clan officers if people run into an unpleasant player representing a clan.

  15. Seriously wargaming? The chinese Gearing is better than the original US one. Fuck with this powercreep……. Everything getting powercreeped to death, probably only the cruisers left in being competitive against eachother.

    • Equal in gun power and can actually use torps against other DD’s in smoke, which doesn’t alert them until they spot said torpedoes… and if the meta changes to one with more aircraft carriers I’d take the Gearing (or Grozovoi) over a non DFAA DD 100/100 times.

      And even with the Gearing’s gun power and played by a DD main, Notser at half health would’ve lost to that full health Shima if the Shima had gone for guns instead of torpedoes.

      As it is Pan Asian DD’s look like they’re going to be rewarding to DD main players but not a line to grind if you’re inexperienced / unskilled.

    Quick tip for those who really love IJN dd:

    – Pick Radio position finding skill soon after you get concealment. This is hard to do but RPF is literally a MUST-HAVE on IJN DD for the meantime. You might want to spec, your IJN commander skills for that since it limits the chance you’re caught off guard by other ships, especially hybrid DDs like USN, KMS, or the sub-branch of soviet DDs.
    – Remember to ALWAYS TURN YOUR GUN IN ADVANCE by following the RPF indicator because their gun performance is SO underpowered you’ll need to get those baby into firing position should the situation get sticky.
    – ALWAYS check the enemy team ships composition. Ask these 4 simple questions before SAILING INTO THE CAP. 1, Do they have radar ships or Aircraft carriers? 2, Does the enemy DD concealment outmatch yours? 3, Does your teammate show any interest in covering your butt? 4, Can you plan the escape route if things get dirty?
    – Learn to use your CONCEALMENT to your advantage. (This point is a complete garbage if there are CVs around to constantly annoy the crap out of you, BUT with CVs population is on a steady decline, it still works great). IJN DDs in general have best concealment (that holds true until you get to tier 9-10 when other nations start to get equally good at it), which is why getting all your gun firing first on selected target is CRUCIAL. Good concealment means that you can at least get a few salvo off ahead of your enemy, which gives you some HP advantages. Plus, if your teammates aren’t completely oblivious of what’s going on around them, they will help you fight enemy DDs as well. (Don’t forget to thanks teammate who actively tried to save your butt. Spread love not hate.).
    – Decide when to be aggressive, and when to be defensive. I cannot stress how important DDs are to objective play. Of course, Cap wins the game, but dying to early does not constitute to victory either. Common mistakes I always see IJN DD captains do is charging solo into the cap then got deleted in second. Wait and see how many enemy ships are nearby compared to your teammates. And then start asking the 4 questions i mentioned above. (If the number 1&2 got a check, you might want to be on a defensive stands. If not, consider going aggressive.)

    By following the above mentioned tips, you should be somewhat effective to your team, and feel less frustration about how underpowered IJN DDs are currently while waiting for WG to fix them, or even bright them back to their glory day.
    Thanks you for reading. Good luck and fair seas!

    • Thank you for that . A very good read and I totally agree . thank you
      Good Luck and Fair Seas Captain 🙂

    • I used rpf on khaba until they give repair to it, it was awesome against those destroyers sneakin around, once I faced against shima which had rpf too but not helped him. dodged his 3 torp salvo and made him regret that being arrogant against khaba 😀 he got mad and wrote “RADİO NOT FOR KHABA”

  17. LOOL
    I HAD 312 containers collected at 2 accounts and NOT A FUCKING SINGLE SUPERCONTAINER WAS IN IT,NOT A SINGLE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want the longer enginge boost modul,THIS is ALL i REALLY want!

  18. ONLY 90sec. torpreload O M G

  19. 2:36 – well its a kind of mindgame.

    At the beginning of WoWS sending torps in smoke was good, later players obviously learned how their opponents would react in this situation, so they expect incoming torps and go out of the smoke.
    But what if the DD sitting in smoke is thinking, that his opponent thinks hes going out of the smoke, because its so obvious *now*. I guess its a “tactic” too to just stay in smoke and hope to not eat some delicious torps.

    However, i wouldnt have sent these torps as well Notser 😉

  20. The player base in this game “used” to be fantastic. Unfortunately for whatever reason it’s getting way worse in regards to player behavior and action. Notser is doing a fantastic job showing everyone the latest and greatest. These toxic players that shoot their own teammates should be banned, period. Great job Notser, keep up the good work. P.S I’ll be first in line for the Yue Yang, And if any team mate shoots at me I will kill them. The end. I can handle being pink for a few games

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