World of warships – YUEYANG (Pan Asia DD tier 10)

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Decided to give the new DDs a proper testing today and I had a lot of good .
I have to say these DDs are interesting.


  1. China will grow larger… Am I the only one who got the references? 🙂

  2. I bet that fletcher had heart attack

  3. Looks like what I am going to play next. Tired of IJN DDs

  4. good guy Fletcher, he even took the torp for you.

  5. So…it’s a reskinned gearing?

    • Unless they’ve severely altered the soft stats i’m still not seeing defining reasons to get it though. Fractionally lower detection, slight rudder increase, slightly better mid range AA, worse long range AA, virtually identical guns and virtually identical torps bar reduction in range and 2kt speed increase. Lots of little changes that don’t appear to amount to something worth an entire other ship line to grind through for what should be the pinnacle, but clearly isn’t.

    • Deep water torps are very hard to detect and fast but will not hit DDs. Thats a pretty big difference, it also has better smoke and can also switch it for radar. It has better concealment too I think.

    • Manuel Traunfellner

      actually it’s an Allen M. Sumner class DD (USS Haynsworth, DD-700) and the Gearing is based off of that ships…

    • +Manuel Traunfellner Hooray for you, mr banal. Haynsworth isn’t in the game, a game which already makes it pretty clear that it doesn’t follow historical accuracies, so thus your entire statement is irrelevant..

    • Manuel Traunfellner

      Oooh.. I love people… YOU asked a question, I gave an ANSWER to that question. No need for you to behave like you do. And WoWs is an arcade game and no historical simulation! Regarding differences between Gearing and Sumner: Sumner has a smaller displacement and is a few meters shorter in length, with almost the same engine power (tho less top speed) and same weaponry. So, yeah, there’s almost no difference between those two ships. So it’s easy for WG to implement that ship (downsize a Gearing).
      For biggest ingame difference: check @Kevin 420420

  6. Those smoke charges………

  7. kinda have to disagree with you in the cs go statement

  8. Been talking about the XP idiocy with clan mates .. seems all wows xp is rewarding some muppet who parks spawn all game farms dmg does nothing else .. protecting caps , radars ;smoking team mates, tanking dmg ,capping calling targets who cares… special BB potatoes does bugger all but spam at max range like that peanut div ..credits/xp for you 3 despite making no effort to win and watching their entire team die .

  9. Duh. Those guys were running to get Dreadnought! Lol

  10. And how do you know you are reported? I don’t think I ever have been…

  11. reported 6 times … Flambass and Runner OP , WG please nerf. We are speshal … do not have wasd hacks …. hacks are cheating…. we do not cheat, it makes us speshal.      lol

  12. Yue Yang is a city in China, and the ROCN has an entire squadron (division?) of DDs from overseas that all contain “Yang” in their name. Lo Yang is one of them. They are the “Yang” class, and the Yang is the same character as “Sun”. Hsiang Yang, the original T10 PA DD, and Dan Yang (Yukikaze from Kagerou-class) belong there too.

  13. 2:18 Nice throwback to cc generals there…

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