World of Warships – Yueyang Solo

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Absolutely crazy finish to a close game in the Yueyang, definitely a highlight of my ship career. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Pan-Asian Yueyang Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. So when’s the video about the subs?

  2. dude, literally ZERO ad’s , no pop-ups, no 5 second break, you went 20:55 , , WELL over 10/13 mins which seems to be everyone sweet spot, , please, monetise all your content, every 0.01c i could help by watching is greatly given,

    17:39 was our surprise Notser “Outta nowhere” we all wanted sorry boys
    you had one job

  3. “Oh my god! Look how much is cu
    “Oh my god! Look how much is coming!”

  4. big props on the solo warrior, it’s a very difficult achievement to get congrats!

  5. Nice video I love playing destroyers. American but destroyers are great

  6. Lol i was in the mino

  7. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    I’m only at 1:26 so far. But, since you mentioned it, I have my pc audio out through a 16 channel mixer into a pair of studio reference monitors. The tone of your audio feed doesn’t change in the slightest from the YouTube set up to the live stream.

  8. I bet Notser’s name is Mark. Nothing to do with the video, I just bet he’s called Mark.

  9. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    I hope your fingertips heal quickly – you can’t have any fingernails left after that one.

  10. 13:20 — Priority target is main guns, no torps. keep torps selection, not indication on PT.
    anyway…. that would have made my freaking year

  11. And that’s why you always keep fighting until the game is over. 🙂

  12. WoW has too many destroyers, and they have too much of an advantage over other ships, especially battleships. Wow needs to even things up a bit, either by making dds more visible, or making their torpedoes visible at a greater distance.

    I’m sure I’ll get an eye-full from others here.

  13. Hey Notser, I got a Solo Warrior a few days ago on the Roon. It wasn’t as spectacular as your game, but we managed to win with just me in the Roon vs a Yamato and 3 other cruisers. Would you be interested in the replay?.

  14. @13:00 PT doesn’t show if you are aiming at him with torps, only main battery. It says so in the description

  15. I was in the enemy team in the republique.. they absolutely refused to push forward from that corner island in front of that C cap.. in the replay u can see Notser while shooting at me.. I had my guns to the back trying to hit that DM and help my team push fwd.. but sadly my team refused.. Then i just got peppered to death.. good game Notser. And just like I predicted at the start.. This game was a loss for us because of You.. lol

  16. so what ur saying is.. you had the luckiest game ever… and that CC rng?? yeah…. come play my account… seriously….will be proof that WG rigs accounts when you talk major shit about an unbalanced and epic bore of a game its become in less then “3” years….and they want to put in subs ROFL….oh btw…he wont know you are targeting him with priority cause you was torp targeting him….which doesn’t affect PT…right?? Didn’t think that keeping same target locked drops the PT skill after so long of time.

  17. I dropped RPF in favor of Preventive maintenance and Demo Expert for the extra damage. was useless to use it

  18. Congrats on the game mate. It was great to watch.

  19. Wow! Great game, Notser! Even a couple lucky torp hits! You’re a natural!
    It was unusual, at least in my experience, to see most of the BBs sunk before the cruisers & DDs. One of my chief complaints is that there are too many BBs per side in the battles. It usually makes being a cruiser skipper a dicey operation. Again, in my experience.
    I do like how you keep your teammates informed as to what you are doing. I wish more players had that “team player” mentality and communicated in a constructive manner.

  20. How the hell do people hit with torps…….i got a 4% hit status and its impossible to actually hit anyone even with multiple salvos, one in the direction, one in the left and one on the right angle..
    AND still no hits most of the times , firing from 6-7 km tops range

    • Consider firing off the indicator line completely sometimes. Torps fired at the lead indicator rely on the enemy ship staying steady and straight, but people dont always do that for us.

      I ask, what are they doing, what do they want to do and where do they have to go to do it?

      Fire where they want to go.
      It’s a little touchy-feely and I make bad guesses all the time, but I hit about 10% in most DDs, including the Shima.

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