World of Warships – Yugumo Preview Impressions

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on North moves to the western flank to engage the enemy ships moving to A point. The enemy pushes into A point, I try to retreat while also sending torpedoes. I encounter a couple enemies around B point, multiple push forward and overwhelm the position. The team is crumbling while I try to just survive and give us any chance to win the game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Yugumo Replay


  1. How are able to speak the “G” that ‘German’ ? :)

  2. “Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender!” King Leonidas I at the
    Battle of Thermopylae 🙂 I thought u have it from this movie 😀

  3. Notser if you still have the test ships, play the tier VII gunboat
    Shiratsuyu, since it has 2×4 torpedoes and torpedo rearm, so you can launch
    16 torp spreads!

  4. sounds like the new dds are vastly better than the originals

  5. Pretty happy with Yugumo, I have been sort of fearing getting Kagero, but
    Yugumo simply looks like a rather better version of it. Sure she still
    suffers from the issue of going from 3×3 to 2×4, but at least now the other
    capabilities will back her much better.
    Overall, when you go into the changes, the lines appear quite a bit like ‘
    mildly shuffled, but better’ now, which I suppose will please a lot of
    Also glad you address the HE reduction issue. To me it is important to
    point out all the systemic changes (and the HE changes are), but it is even
    more important to point them out in relation to other changes. If you
    ignore it, or miss it, things can look so very different from the reality,
    that uninformed players (who come here to BE informed) might get the wrong

    Oh and ‘THE der Grosse’? The the Great (yes that’s a double definite
    article)? 😛 Can’t help but think of Micky Blue Eyes (not a great movie)
    where an Italian restaurant is called ‘The la Trattoria’ (the the
    diner/taverna/restaurant). Just use ‘Friedrich’, it is much less

  6. your video isn’t loading bro

  7. Pink Flamingo! 〈3

    Ah nice, cant wait to get my hands on them. I love that they lowered the
    gun cool down… It might make some other IJN DD’s use thier gun systems as

  8. Im playing the mutsuki and this is just bullshit.
    It is so terrible. Slow torps no chance to kill someone with my guns un
    ahhh im getting so salty about that >______<

  9. Sorry, Notser but whilst I really wanted to watch this, I found your stream
    to be stuttering very heavily making it very uncomfortable viewing. Any
    chance you could look into what happened? Thanks

  10. 5kills?no kraken u leashed?

  11. Notser for all you do and for all of those whom you inspire, Happy

  12. 10:34 GALAXY QUEST IS NOT STUPID! xD I don’t know the Movie but it sounds

  13. 6:31 that laugh XD

  14. Brian Lock (神通)

    Buff the dam torpedo, that’s what’s I asking

  15. ahh notser so it was you that killed me in that arpeggio good to know

  16. what about faster reload! ? it could be a dangerous gunboat

  17. Nice game.
    Shame you had short-bus-escapee players like that clown in the Iowa sailing
    broadside to half the enemy team. How the fk do they reach tier 9 while
    remaining so clueless, and still keep playing? Will never understand those
    p.s. I thought Galaxy Quest had several genuine LOL moments in it (leaving
    the space dock being one of my favourites).

  18. Вадим Анохин

    235 k damage – not bad…)

  19. no 20km torps?

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