World of Warships: Yukikaze Is Amazing

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Yukikaze is a pretty amazing destroyer. I had lots of fun with the F3s. I definitely recommend her.
PS that’s all skill, no luck involved.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese destroyer Yukikaze.


  1. Is Yukikaze worth if I have Harekaze?

    • HSF Harekaze is a bit better. Similar torps and stealth abilities… but with numerous hulls and guns, good AA… The HSF collaboration turned out to be some of the best premiums in game.

    • Really would depend on whether you can live with the shorter range but much faster torpedoes. I think this is a better ship than Harekaze.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Depends on what you want out of your ship. If you just want a ship for competitive play, no, Yukikaze is not useful, as anyone who uses this thing in CB is better off with a Kagero and Yukikaze cannot match the versatility of the Harekaze for modes like Ranked. If you want to play randoms, Harekaze is a reliable performer, Yukikaze is a fun meme ship. I have both, I like both, but Yukikaze is just a different kind of ship that plays mostly around its excellent concealment and short range but devastating torps. For torp plays, Yukikaze beats Harekaze, but the Harekaze guns are overall just much more valuable, even if the Harekaze has less hp. Worth noting, both Harekaze and Yukikaze have faster reload than Kagero, as Harekaze has stock torps, but also stock reload and Yukikaze seems to get like 90 s or so reload with TAE, emulating the T9 torpedoes with the T9 torp reload mod.

    • Not really, they’re both fun but you don’t need both

    • I would prefer the Harekaze, but this is a close second. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos, very much appreciated my friend.

  2. Gareth Fairclough

    A division of these might end up being called “Bukakkekaze”, I guess?

  3. Gareth Fairclough

    Well played Aerroon, as (almost) always!


  5. > I definitely recommend her.


  6. Yukikaze is life

  7. double jingles moment… subtle hint: north is up, south is down 🙂

  8. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    It’s so funny when you mentioned players not using equipment like hydro radar etc most never use them as they don’t even look at the cool down timer let alone how many charges they have instead hold onto them for nothing haha

  9. She absolutely tear ppl apart at this tier if u run her in a gunboat build with ifhe. Can basically solo entire zones with her concealment

  10. Excellent little ship. What is your commander setup? I use my Shimakaze commander.

    • 1. T1: Priority Target
      2. T2: Last Stand
      3. T3: Survivability Expert
      4. T4: Concealment Expert
      5. T3: Torpedo Armament Expertise
      6: T2: Adrenaline Rush
      7. T4: Radio Location

    • @Aerroon Ah! mine’s the same. i must be dong something right.

  11. A better Kagero? Why not make the Kagero better, WG?

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      It’s a Kagero with F3s and no option for TRB. It isn’t really “better” imo, as 2 km vs bit more speed is a fair trade-off. Yukikaze is certainly the best ship to use the F3s on though. Best MM and you only trade 2 km, not 4 like on Yuugumo or Shima.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis Yup, Yukikaze is definitely the best for F3s.

  12. I wish she had been a bit cheaper. Wasn’t it like 40€? Why make it more expensive than other T8 DDs when you get AL money, WG? And why don’t they make a historical variant available? I guess they feel the need to pressure people into buying these collaboration ships. But in my opinion they’d get more money if they just sold a historical Harekaze and Yukikaze. Hell, I’d even pay (less than a regular premium) for a historical Haruna because she’s my waifu.

  13. With the concealment pushed to the max this ship is a lot of fun because of the torp speeds. My best game so far was a first blood, dev strike, solo warrior, and kraken. I think I had 58 HP at the end of the game. It was really low. I used as much cover as possible and used the level 2 smoke consumable (all of them). I only use speed boost for running away.

  14. Question. While watching your toros on the way to the Bismarck, you mentioned a way to see if they’d hit (or not). Something about the midline on your arc….? Can you explain that more fully? Thanks.

    • Basically, you draw a line from the enemy ship and then another line from your camera with torpedoes selected. Their intersection is where the ship would meet with your torpedoes. If that intersection is within your torpedo range circle, then your torpedoes can reach.
      Here’s an illustration:

  15. I honestly don’t get it. When the offer was available everyone said she was NOT worth getting. Now that the offer is gone she is amazing ? What ? lol (ps, i got her anyway from the pack regardless)

  16. “Zed 46”, you are welcome.

  17. Did you Just call Yukikaze annoying? T_T

  18. Is it bad that i did not notice the bigining was in fast forward?

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