World of Warships Yukikaze Preview – Second Look

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Yukikaze has gone through a change. Apparently it wasn’t operating up to its full potential so it got speed boost added. What do I think? Does the Yukikaze now arise to the occasion? My second look preview of this World of Warships Tier 8 premium IJN DD has some very blunt assessments.


  1. its always a good day when i wake up and watch your yt channle 🙂

  2. Still think she needs a super heal to be in line with her bad assness, they should have made her a brawling knife fighter.

  3. What if they add Hydro on it the only Japanese DD with Hydro

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Why a not a gun boat Kagero? Add a soft heal and better gun stats and leave the torps as they are Make it survive longer, as in ww2

  5. the only point I’d see this working in it’s current form would be campaign/event freebie

  6. Don’t think Reload Booster would be good for balancing. It does nothing for your low-tier Issues if you end up in a game with a bunch of radar cruisers (and/or CVs). If you’re not going into torp range moderately safely, it doesn’t matter if you can spam 8 or 16 high dmg torps.

    On the other hand if you are top tier, the bully part you’re talking about gets cranked up to 11.

    Given T8 usual MM (or the figures WG published in a Q&A some time ago), it’s not a selling point… and it will be ship that gets sold for hard cash, because it is part of the WOWS x AL cooperation, so I’d expect it gets bundled with its unique camo and her 10pt AL captain.

    If they stick with the 8km torp and t8 (which will happen, since it’s a kagero class DD and ), there’s not much they can do about the AA/CV and radar issues. What they could to is either work on the survivability part (say a heal, but that wouldn’t fit the ships history because it was so lucky because it either didn’t get hit in the first place or whatever hit it was a dud…like that mine she sailed onto) or change her in some ways that she is more than a simple Kagero copy. Like giving her the french gun reload booster. Given Kageros crappy base reload even with the reload and low HP she wouldn’t survive a gun duel vs a Benson, LY or any other T8-9 gun-boat DD. But she would sell her life more costly or could finish off stuff w/o trading too many HP.

    Anyway, in her current state I’m not really eager to buy her. Yes I play AL too, but on that tier I already have both Harekaze and Asashio. Asashio is the kind of troll-boat with high risk/reward in regard to what the MM pairs you up with, while Harekaze to me is the most versatile T8 IJN DD as long as you run the 100mm guns.

  7. Goatranch Gaming

    I still say give it 3.5 or 4 sec reload guns

  8. The only thing I would ask for in regards to Yuki is that her premium camo increases enemy dispersion by 10% instead of the standard 4%. That would reflect her extraordinary historical luck.

  9. WG seems unwilling to consider giving these IJN torp boats DWTs like the PA’s DWTs that only ignore DDs. I’m thinking that if the Yukikaze had 10 km (can’t hit DDs) DWTs, that might make for a more interesting tier 8 premium. 10 km isn’t great range, but it’s enough that you don’t have to be deep into a USN cruiser’s radar bubble to use them.

  10. If they add :
    + HP pool
    +Anti air power
    + Same guns as Asashio ( good HE maximum dmg)
    + immune to detonation or any module incapacitation via premium camo bonus

    That would be reasonable to release Yukikaze on the market..since she is a very precious lucky ship, historically speaking

  11. Part of me wonders why WG doesn’t do a tier 8 gunboat DD premium based on the Akizuke, rather than yet another tier 8 torp boat prem DD. That decision by itself would create some uniqueness that would be a good selling point, as long as the DD itself was pretty decent. Yet another Kagero clone premium doesn’t seem worth doing, since we already have the Asashio and the Harekaze (particularly the A hull, which is pretty much a straight up Kagero copy).

  12. Idiots at wargame think the legendary yukikaze that was the only ship of its type to survive world war 2 only needed speed boost. They did the same thing to azuma. Smh. Speed boost is the least important consumable in the game.. Give the thing a heal, hydro, or torp reload booster.

  13. Christian Krakhofer

    nothing wrong with a premium kagero if you really like the ship; a gimped version can still perform very good. remember fujin and kamikaze? its up to the players to make the most out of it, and handholding, spoonfeeding gimicks and goodies is not a long term solution; since at some points its going to be power creep and makes their counterpart obsolete

  14. Maybe a heal or slightly longer range torps say 9km.

  15. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Give it perth smoke..


    Reload main gun booster…


  16. So currently it’s a recommended DO NOT BUY! ship. I’d rather play a Kagero that this or better yet my Harekaze.

  17. Good thing I bought the HSF Harekaze when it was available… no need for the Yukikaze or the Kagero…

  18. Yukikaze-Sama nano da!

  19. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    She’s gonna be incredibly strong as she already is, Mark my words. 76 knots torps that do 17k damage each are no joke. I dont care if theyre 8km, it’s more than enough

  20. Maybe give her the yugumo 12 km torps with a little less alpha but better flood chance for that DoT Damage .

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