World of Warships Yukikaze Tier 8 Premium IJN DD Preview

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Today we are going to take a look at the World of Yukikaze Tier 8 Premium IJN DD in this Preview. Sister of lead , this Azur Lane fan favorite is making its way to the game. In Japan, she was known as the Miracle Ship, or the Unsinkable Ship owing to the fact she was the only Kagero Class that survived. Unfortunately, her in game pre-release wip version doesn’t quite live up to the moniker. I’ve got the low down.


  1. At least make the gun reload 4 sec and better turret travese so we have gun boat ijn with 127mm. If this ship have only 8km torps atleast make it like british dd british smoke and acceleration

  2. What a hunk of junk.

  3. moe pronounce ‘mo-e’ not mo~~~

  4. If WG give Yukikaze miracle like HSF Harekaze swap guns and buff gun reload I would definitely buy it since HSF Harekaze are no longer sell in game but in this case, I will passed.

    • Razo, I doubt that you’d see gun options on a non-anime premium ship. But I do agree in that this premium DD as a hard pass for me, as well. The combo of no Speed Boost and 8 km torps is, to me, a killer. 8 km torps WITH Speed Boost, the DD might be bearable. No Speed Boost, but give it the Shimmy’s 12 km torps, and this DD would look considerably more playable.

    • The reason why Harekaze even got 3 different hull options is because the anime show had the ship “upgrade” her guns twice through out the show. I believe WG tried to mirror it by giving her such “choices.”

      Maybe Yukikaze doesn’t really need such similar thing to maker her desirable. Remember, currently, she’s still WIP.

    • Yukikaze never had 100mm guns tho…. only Kagero guns…. maybe remove detonation and reduce flood, fire, critical modules repair time and increase HP almost reach Shimakaze….

  5. yes, give it torp reload so its more interesting

  6. interesting idea to have only 2 slots on T8 DD. Not sure if this ship will be popular for other than DD unicums.

  7. I Rather have Kagero cause I don’t have money to spend
    I will just work with what I have

  8. Honestly I’m going to skip that one, unless WG creates something that’s unique in the IJN DD tree.

    And I’m saying that as s.o who a) also plays Azure lane and b) has spend more than a few dollars on WoWs doing stupid things like buying nearly all the AL captains and putting them on the ships they are named after. I mean I even reassigned my 19pt Dunkirk captain from Belfast to Mino and then spend ECXP and quite some hours of gameplay bringing her (Belfast) up to 19pt.

    Right now the ship doesn’t really offers much, even a Torpedo Reload booster wouldn’t be so unique anyway. If I want to play a premium Kagero, one can already do it with the Harekaze (which I also own). And I’d rather have stock Kagero torps + 100mm guns than Shima/Zao style F3 torps. If I want a T8 IJN DD with reload booster I can throw my Shima captain on my Asashio. Yes, I can’t torp DDs and CA/CL with that one, but unless one gets lucky or suicidal torping radar cruisers with 8km torps isn’t a good option either.

  9. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    its a rip off of the popularity of the real ship and the ACG fans , nothing less and it stinks

  10. Gotta say that while I usually enjoy IJN DDs, this is one that I’ll take a hard pass on, like the Asashio. This DD is the extreme polar opposite of the Asashio, with both being way off the rails, IMO.

    Would Torp Reload Booster make this a better ship? Nah, it’d just make a turd a better turd. I’d rather have Speed Boost. And even then, it’d still be rather turdy, due to the 8 km F3 torps. If they’d given this exact same ship the Shimmy’s 12 km torps, it might have been a bearable DD, since it might be able to endure its lack of speed boost because of having torps with some decent range. But the idea of giving a Kagero the 8km F3 torps *without Speed Boost* seems insane to me. It seems to turn the DD into a boat on a suicide mission. The one thing I can say is that the fast F3’s ought to be pretty good in DD vs DD duels, but then you’re stuck with a fairly long reload and no speed to speak of.

  11. The Yukikaze was not viewed as a miracle ship, on contrary, she was viewed as a bane. She usually was the few survivors during missions when ships she was supposed to escort got sunk, so aside from her crew, everyone else hated this ship. And that’s what makes her famous in the meme community.

  12. 10 Km would be better, but i don’t have problem to hit ships with 8 Km torps in my Lightning. I agree that it should get an extra consumable (speed boost or torp reload) at least.

  13. sounds like wot money grubin

  14. i love my 8km shima torps. This thing is the right thing for me. I need it. 76km, maybe for the memes with torp accel for 81 kts torps

  15. Funny how a risky build DD just happens to be the Kagero that lived thru the war and was in major engagements

  16. The PirateMongoose

    Just goes to show that the Russians never got over the Battle of Tsushima Strait. They found an IJN ship that survived WWII and they’re bound and determined to watch it sink virtually in every match it gets played in.

  17. I think a heal would make yukikaze better considering no heals.

  18. What Wargaming needs to do is replicate Yukikaze’s phenomenal luck. One simple tweak I can think of is to make her premium camo add 10% to enemy dispersion (as opposed to the usual 4%). That would also allow her close-range play-style to have a little more viability.

  19. I think The torps booster will be added to another Premium IJN DD that coming aswell, The Yuudachi. Yukikaze need better stats tho…. maybe this ship have burn & flood time only 10secs? Cuz Yukikaze’s crew are well trained and familair to the ship, and remove Mag Detonation to Yukikaze to make this ship titled a miracle ship, and also remove any critical problem or shorter the repair time for Yukikaze would be nice aswell… srsly I wan Yuudachi to have pre nerf Shiratsuyu stats XD

  20. I can’t see her staying like this even with the faster torps for the most part players at higher tiers know how to dodge torps (although surprisingly not as many as should know how too), the only way to make this ship work in its current form is be a very good DD player or hang back to later in the battle when people are more spread out and some of the cruiser players are dead.

    Honestly I would expect them to replace the speed boost with a heal that would work for a ship known as the luckiest ship in the IJN

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