World of Warships: Yukikaze with Strefs

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The Yukikaze leads to so many situations. Having essentially T9/T10 torps at T8 makes things interesting.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Yukikaze.


  1. Really underrated ship. Got trashed on at release. But it’s my best DD!

    • @stefanos perivolaris does not have TRB, pity

    • @SebaX with 8km torps ? then the Kagero is what ? super OP ? because it is the same hull ….

    • Lubos Soltes 76 knt torps mate. These are fast ones. You can speed up the Kagero ones up to 72knt and get the reload booster instead of smoke. Though Yukikaze will still have higher speed. OFC I’m not talking about the new torpedo module makes them go even faster.

    • @SebaX so the Yugumo with F3s and TRB just one tier higher is suddenly OK ? interesting …

    • Lubos Soltes this WG logic mate maybe because you would be against T6 having F3 with TRB they thought it’s too powerful. Imho Dunkerque should also receive main battery reload booster to be effective and armor buff to 27mm on the nose cause it’s gameplay is very static. But what we want and what’s WG reality are two different things.

  2. running this with torpedo acceleration provides for some nice memes

  3. Curious why you didn’t use smoke to proect you as soon as you saw Orlan??? You waited until you were creamed before using it. Otherwise, well played.

  4. I missed my chance got get one, I hope that the AL colab comes back

  5. If I was that Mogami, Aerroon would have had a very short game.

    • Are you blind? Killing Aerroon in a DD is next to not happening. It only happens when he wants it to happen.

  6. Not using Nanoda-sama as your captain, absolute blasphemy!

  7. 4:38 “You have friends as well.”
    [Aerroon sighs, says nothing.]

  8. My favorite part is about three minutes in when the Albemarle declares the game lost.

  9. That was a really tight game, real fun 🙂

    And don’t disrespect the Nurnburg again XD

  10. stefanos perivolaris

    U never really used any smoke torp reload it would be better

  11. yeah that bayern wasnt moving full speed

  12. Your div mate forgot Irian has regular deep water torps not Asashio type ones, so he can torp other cruisers. 5:57

  13. The lack of *Nanoda* somewhat irritates me

  14. we need a mod that says “SHIREE” every time she fires her torps

  15. Nice game with Strefs: this helps. Thanks, Aerroon, hope to see you guys on stream sometime?

  16. I actually learned something from how you handle your DD.

  17. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    Pan Euro Torps have nothing on these F3s

  18. Yukikaze best waifu

  19. I with they would bring Yukikaze back to sale.

  20. Destroyer Inazuma

    Ah, the ship named after the mecha anime Battle Fairy Yukikaze and the glorious Taimanin Yukika….waaaaittttttt

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