World of Warships: Yukon – New T7 Canadian Battleship

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Yukon is the newest premium ship. She’s a T7 Canadian battleship with super heal, good concealment, great maneuverability, but poor range.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Yukon Match
14:14 End Screen
15:23 Captain Skills & Upgrades
16:26 Yukon Armor Scheme
17:28 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 Canadian battleship Yukon.


  1. Maybe a Canadian Tech Tree coming soon??… With carriers possibly?

  2. Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember

    Canadian ships be like: Yeeting while apologizing

  3. Finally a ship for me.

  4. I’m dissapointed by the lack of an anime captain.

  5. Battleship with poor range, super heal, good concealment, almost cruiser maneuverability, average-ish firepower.
    9800 doubloons
    Oh, and it’s Canadian.

  6. Aerron’s Yukon and the friendly North Carolina:
    Current Objective: Survive

  7. Ah, yes, I recall the heyday of Canadian battleships….

  8. Canadian Navy: Sinking you, but politely and modest.

  9. Hey hey, you can now start Canadian divs! Happy Canada Day to our friends in The Great White North!

  10. HMCS Yukon is a Mackenzie class destroyer. Canada has never had a bb. Wtf is wargaming doing?

    • the reckless warlock

      true, but if memory servers at some point between ww1 and 2 canada ordered a battleship from england, but never got it. Not too sure though.

    • @the reckless warlock nah, canada was given an aircraft carrier, HMCS Bonaventure to serve as a flagship and to give the Canadian Navy a capital ship. that was in the 1950-1960

    • Trying to make money?

    • Making stuff up and turning a profit. That’s how the Russian Ships work, too. Almost none of them even existed. And those that did weren’t built in Russia for a good part of them.

    • This is WG what doesn’t exist can exist

  11. Being Canadian i was really looking forward to getting this ship with its fantastic camo. After you pointed out its range i thought . . . .not a chance! Nice vid though thx for this.

  12. Canadian here, and today I learned that we apparently have battleships.

    • Tom 'James' Pilcher

      I served onboard Yukon. I found out today it wasn’t a Destroyer Escort but rather a BB.

    • @Tom ‘James’ Pilcher brutal way to get redpilled. All those years lived in lies. Praise weegee

    • Canada seriously considered funding 2 additional queen elizabeths, so not that far from reality

    • Only when the north thaws can the Canadian fleet let loose on the open waters. Until then they play the silent adversary you don’t know exists.
      In all honesty would like to see this ship have more like 18km range more manageable in those T-9 matches.

    • @Taiho Proof? the only time UK try to offer Canada was Q.E-class battlship but Canada refuse them outright unless these ships build by Canadian workers.

  13. The mod that gives info about healing is ” Regen assistant”. Tabernacle!!

  14. Gabriel F. Céspedes

    it has a better rudder than my yoshino e.e

  15. 2:10 Slight correction: 380/381mm guns can overmatch 26mm, not just 25mm.

    • Yes, that’s very true. I still somehow treat them as one and the same.

    • @Aerroon true they basically are one and the same, but as some mid-tier BBs have a lot of 26mm I thought I’d point it out as Yukon would be able to overmatch those ships 🙂

  16. Why would anyone play this instead of Nelson?
    Oh right, they removed Nelson in the last patch, just in time to add this piece of crap.

  17. 10:00 “Kansaw” 🤣
    Not sure if you’re intentionally digging on Kansas or not, but it gave me a good chuckle either way.

  18. A stock hull Monarch at tier 7, another WG scheme to grabbing easy money
    This is just pathetic

    • BTW, when i look at this in more details, here some changes:
      The hull is actually is monarch B hull,
      Gun range is worst 15.7 km, even some cruiser can outrange yukan, the disperion is wonky almost Roma level bad.
      The rudder shift is nearly with Vanguard level

  19. leatherenthusiast

    Something to sell to a wealthy demographic within the game… WG being WG.

  20. In other words, play the Duke of York: has HE, has excellent AP pen angles, has good AA, has good heal

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