World of Warships: Yuugumo – 85 kts Torps

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New patch gives us increased torpedo speed. I obviously had to try this out with F3 torps and reload booster! F3 torps with Torpedo Acceleration and the new Torpedo Speed upgrade.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese Yuugumo on the map Ocean.


  1. Why am I not surprised Aeroon did this. 😀

  2. Oh yeah! like I recommended! Buff IJN torp POI

  3. amagi: que the game for 5min and play for 4 min.

  4. Nachi gives me good luck

  5. I love how you didn’t even mention you’re on Ocean like that’s normal

  6. 14:15
    NEIN NEIN NEIN 😀 😀 😀

  7. And the first meme build of the new patch

  8. The Amagi player created another thread on WOWs forums about how stupid torps are after that kill.

    • but absolutely right. They don’t want us to play with battleships.Torps speed or ridiculous fast dd’s oorrr daka daka cl’s.

    • @Dayko The problem with torps is that average players dont have any map awareness and make themselves easily vulnerable to torps. Torps work best on players who dont know how to play and that is about 90% of the playerbase.

  9. ”European”. Do you mean swedish? ):

  10. we should have an entire dd line like this; fast torps, terrible torp detection, and good damage
    it would be fun lul

  11. I thought i might try out the shima with the torpedo speed upgrade. Got 2 games with CVs in each. In the second game i also faced 2 Stalingrad. It made me remember why i don’t play shima anymore.

  12. I’ve been running my Yugumo with F3s and reload booster which is very viable unless there is a CV. So many radars about right now smoke seems almost a liability at times …

    Running torp acceleration with the F3s is of course stark raving mad and I salute you for demonstrating this, Aerroon.

  13. *imagines the piddily(?) European destroyers with all these upgrades*


  14. Aerroon: “I have to play carefully”
    Also Aerroon: *85KT YUGUMO F3 TORPEDOES*

  15. Y’know, F3s WITHOUT torp acceleration is actually pretty good…

  16. Talking about key bindings i got a few questions:
    1. After pressing z key how do you change camera between torps?
    2. How do you lock armament on bearing?

  17. the keybind for AA on/off hasn’t changed from P, which is the default 😉

  18. **Reported to Lolibote police for cruelty to young Amagi!**

    (I still liked, due to having seen Amagi.)

  19. Do u guys have the azur lane commanders on pc? We just got them on legends.

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